10 Pounds Of Jewelry! Mystery Grab Bag Of Jewelry To Sort Through. Part 1 of 3

Safe Jewelry Boxes for Your Precious Pearls

Pearl jewelry is still the classic accessory piece for the timeless fashionista. These lovely stones look exquisite whether they are strung in a necklace or worn solo in earrings.

5 Timeless Watches That Will Always Stand the Test of Time

Watches come and go. But there are timeless masterpieces that can withstand the test of time. They have been passed down from generation to generation, here are five of the best.

The Enthralling Styles and Features of Pocket Watches

Modern day pocket watches are dashing and stylish to sport for days when you feel like gussying up to a Victorian look and attend those night-long social parties. It has its own air of refinement altogether. Engage yourself in this informative piece of write-up to learn more about the class and styles of these watches.

The Hot Trend in Skull Jewelry

Each season brings a new trend or hot fashion item in jewelry, from different colors of gold, to chunky bracelets, to rows and rows of pearls. One hot trend that seems to have stood many, many seasons and only gets hotter seems to be the trend in finding skulls in jewelry items. Whether you find them on chunky chains or dainty earrings or funky rings, they seem to have a home in haute couture runway walks and every day boardwalk strolls.

How to Choose the Perfect Unique Engagement Ring

It’s 2013 and the age of the classic solitaire engagement ring is long over. Nowadays, more and more couples are turning toward their OWN tastes in deciding their engagement ring rather than remaining tied to societal conventions. In this article, I’m going to talk about how to go about choosing the absolutely perfect, unique engagement ring for you and your bride to be.

What Are Beaded Earrings And How To Buy Custom Ones?

Beaded earrings are an accessory that only a few people know how to make. The designer takes time to first take care of the design and then make it themselves. Each and every beaded earring design are made once and then discarded. This allows the buyer to have a custom piece of jewelry that they can treasure for a lifetime.

Myths About Custom Jewelry – What You Need To Know

I know you, you are looking for your own piece of jewelry that you can call your own. Do you have a design in your head that just doesn’t seem to appear anywhere in the stores that you go to? This means that you can go ahead and perhaps consider the idea of custom jewelry. Custom jewelry are jewelry that are made only once and are customized for the wearer. Anyone can order and the cost is not as much as you would expect. Here are some myths that will clear your mind of misconceptions regarding custom jewelry.

Tips for Identifying the Perfect Piece of Stylish Fashion Jewelry or Fine Designer Jewelry

Whether shopping for yourself or for a gift, selecting just the right piece of jewelry can be overwhelming; however, an educated buyer can shop with confidence and is more likely to be successful when making an important purchase of Fashion Jewelry or Designer Jewelry. This goal of this article is to help consumers understand the difference between Fashion Jewelry and Designer Jewelry.

Monogram Ornaments

Monogram ornaments are those ornaments which have monograms engraved on them or they are made of monograms. Monograms are generally found on pendants or rings and often on cufflinks too. We often find monograms engraved in bracelets too and often the whole bracelet is made of the name of the person who is wearing it. It is like the most personal piece of ornament which consists of the person’s name or initials.

Invicta Watch Reliability – An Invicta Watch Dealer’s Take

Some people have unfortunately purchased a lemon of an Invicta Watch. While there are some lemons in Invicta’s available collection, there are several very good watches you can get. This is an Invicta Watch dealer’s take on the brands reliability and with products customers should consider, and which products customers purchase at their own peril.

How You Can Choose a Blue Diamond

Blue diamonds are not the same as blue gemstones and the former outshine the latter. Blue diamonds are quite uncommon and are enhanced for color over and over again. They are striking when used alone or along with other colored diamonds or stones in necklaces, rings, bracelets and pendants. How do you know if a blue diamond’s value is in harmony with its sticker price? Read on.

Choosing Trustworthy Jewelry Stores

Finding jewelry stores that fit your needs, have what you want, and are trustworthy can be a difficult task. The good news is there are some providers that will give you exactly what you need.

Why Buy Handmade Art Jewelry?

I’ve seen some beautiful diamonds and colored stones during my life, but I discovered fairly early that a not so exclusive gem set in a great design will outshine an exclusive gem set in a boring design. I’ve always believed that resources are provided by nature, how to put them to use is decided by civilization and human mind. The same applies to jewelry. I’ve seen the best of rubies set in an average design and look relatively boring, while little known artists using low quality stones created pieces that looked wonderful.

Sell Your Old Watch With Utmost Returns With a Click

Luxury watches are considered to be a good investment. It is always a smart purchase and a perfect choice to invest. For some it may seem to be sheer wastage in investing, but if you have passion for watches, you will definitely understand that the skill and design of a watch is what sets it apart.

How to Clean Sterling Silver Flatware to Keep or Sell

It’s common knowledge that the price of sterling silver has dramatically increased over the last several years. If you’re lucky enough to own a set of sterling silver flatware, you either want to keep it and use it, or perhaps sell it. A quick look on eBay shows antique sterling silver flatware sets bidding for as much as $120,000!

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