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White Gold Necklace – Epitome of Beauty and Elegance

Compared to the yellow gold, the use of white gold is gaining immense popularity nowadays. Similar to silver jewelry, white gold necklace can complement any type of outfit. Most of these necklaces are made of silver and gold metals. It is available in different designs and carats.

Handmade Silver Jewelry and Silverware From Thailand

Formerly introduced in Thailand by the Indian traders, the original techniques of silver ware and jewelry making have slowly evolved through the influences of various periods of art. Particularly in Northern Thailand – a cultural melting pot for over 1,000 years – silver work originated as a result of Burmese and Shan methods and styles, and developed rapidly afterwards to become a combination of techniques and designs. The ethnic minority peoples (Tibeto-Burmese, Hmong and Yao, the Shan and Tai minorities of Vietnam and Laos) and Chinese silversmiths and craftsmen also have had much influence on Thai silver works.

This Is Not Your Mother’s American Indian Jewelry: Get to Know Maria Samora

A new article in my “Get to Know” series on Native American artists, this one features Maria Samora, a young American Indian jeweler from Taos, New Mexico. She’s wowing the art world with her highly sophisticated contemporary jewelry.

Pre Owned Watches – A Buyer’s Checklist

When deciding to buy a pre owned watch there are a few things the prospective buyer should be sure to check for before buying the watch. In this article we give an overview in the form of a checklist.

How to Buy Pre Owned Watches

When buying a pre owned watch there are a few factors to take into consideration. There are some great deals available but it is also a market area to be wary in if you are new to purchasing used and vintage watches. This article is a guide on how to buy pre owned watches.

Pandora Bracelets and Charms

Pandora is a company globally known for their wide range of jewelry and especially their charm bracelets. After a modest beginning as a local Danish jewelry shop almost 30 years go, the company grew rapidly, and today has distributors and retailers in more than 55 countries.

A Brief History of the CTR Ring

One of the most recognizable symbols of faith among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a simple silver adjustable ring consisting of a green shield and the three letters CTR. The CTR ring was created over 40 years ago as a type of “Badge of Belief” for LDS youth. Today the CTR shield is still found on rings as well as other jewelry, clothing and gifts.

Silver Jewelry – Women’s Best Friend

Jewelry has always been women’s best friend. With a lot of glittering options available including those in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby and others the Jewelry lovers have always been the pampered lot in terms of picking Jewelry for self use or for gifting purposes during auspicious occasions like marriages.

The Role Of Time Intervals

Throughout history, mankind has been absorbed in managing time intervals. Many ancient cultures had simple or elaborate ways of measuring time intervals. Hour glasses, sundials and water clocks are early designs for measuring time.

A Few Alternative Uses For Timepieces

Over the years, timepieces have been used for many purposes, some of which have no relationship to telling you what time it is. Keeping track of the time of day is the first and most expected use of a timepiece, but there are numerous other ways in which a timepiece is utilized by the wearers. You might use a watch to make a fashion statement, to record audio or video events or to time a sports event. Although the use of watches has dropped dramatically in the past two decades, they are still used by many men who treat them as man jewelry.

Everything on One Face

Casio is a full-scale electronics company that began by developing calculators. It is now largely a watch and camera company.

How to Find Quality Jewelry at Cheap Prices

Today’s economy makes it necessary for just about everyone to become smarter, more frugal shoppers, especially when it comes to non-essential items like jewelry or personal accessories. However, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy some beautiful jewelry from time to time. In fact, if you’re a smart, savvy shopper, you can find quality jewelry at very cheap prices if you know just the right places to look.

Reasons to Choose Silver Wedding Bands

Have you considered silver wedding bands? Due to the high cost of gold, silver rings are now a popular choice for wedding bands. New argentium silver is whiter than platinum and does not tarnish like sterling silver. Many popular designs that used to be reserved for platinum or white gold are not being made in silver.

With So Many Choices, Why Buy Handmade Earrings?

There are so many places to buy earrings, and so many earring manufacturers. So, why choose handmade earrings?

Perfect Marriage Proposal With Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond rings are the ideal rings of choice for engagement purposes. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a well handcrafted diamond ring is sure to make her heart skip several beats.

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