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Beautifully Crafted Handmade Amethyst Jewelry for Your Sweetheart

Why do people like handmade accessories? For starters, you know for sure that they’re genuine, made with passion and some of them are even unique. Are you currently searching for great and charming handmade amethyst jewelry on the web? Then you’ll definitely have an endless variety to choose from…

Cartier Pasha Watch Women’s Model 1-018

Cartier Pasha Watch Women’s Model 1-018 is one of the finest Cartier watches for ladies. This is a very luxurious timepiece created by one of the best watch makers in the world. Any woman would be able to satisfy her desire for beautiful and luxurious things by having this exquisite watch around her wrist.

Engagement Ring Shopping Tips for Men

Let’s face it – when a man walks into a jewelry store to purchase an engagement ring, beads of sweat may form on his forehead within minutes. Most men can become easily overwhelmed if they have not been regularly peppered with engagement ring styles, diamond cuts, and favorite designs from their fiancee.

You Are Never Too Old for a Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets were the mainstay of every young woman’s jewelry collection growing up. But after awhile, they fell out of favor, and were rarely seen again. Recently, though, thanks to the “retro” movement and involvement of some big name jewelry designers, the charm bracelet is making a comeback, and it isn’t just for little girls anymore.

Go Green With Eco-Friendly Jewelry

People have finally started to realize, on a large scale, that we are quickly ruining the planet and have decided to do something about it. Fuel-efficient cars are becoming the norm, recycling programs exist in almost every city in the country, and aerosol sprays are becoming a thing of the past. So what about your jewelry? Are you going green with it as well?

Gemstones and Jewelry – Mix and Match To Make Your Perfect Piece

There are plenty of pieces of gemstone jewelry made and on display at your local jeweler. The completed pieces can satisfy the needs of even the most particular customers, regardless of the gemstone, type of piece, or setting. But every once in a while, you envision a combination of stone and setting that you can’t live without, but also can’t find at any store, no matter how hard you try. In cases like this, you may want to create your own special piece of gemstone jewelry.

Wholesale Beads and Jewelry Supplies – Benefits of Buying Online

Locating the best places to get wholesale beads and jewelry supplies can sometimes be difficult for newbies who are just getting started in the at home jewelry making business. Many people will just head to the local hobby shop in search of the wholesale beads and jewelry supplies they need. Of course there is nothing wrong with that approach, but it can end up costing you quite of bit more money over the long term.

American Indian Jewelry – Each Tribe Places Its Core Values and Deeply Held Beliefs to Its Craft!

Knowing such wonderful jewelry makes you relive the interesting culture and meaningful history of the Native Indian Americans. If you want to buy genuine American Indian Jewelry, be careful on where you will buy it. There are already lots of American Indian crafts available in online, with various selections and often offers a free shipping fee. The genuine products may be sold at an expensive price.

Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry to Complete Your Jewelry Collection

If you want to feel a cool and soothing effect then you should wear silver jewelry. Silver jewelry is known to reflect the heat away and give a sparkly and cool look. At the same time silver jewelry is ever popular and elegant…

The Reasons to Buy Sterling Silver Earrings

Jewelry always adds extra magnificence and majesty to a personality. Jewelry is found in various forms. You can wear jewelry in the form of necklace, ring, bracelet, anklet or earrings. Though every type of jewelry has its own charm but the most appealing of them are earrings. Big or small earrings always look beautiful. The reason for the outstanding appearance of earrings is because they are always visible right on your face.

Mardi Gras Beads Are Fun Anytime, Anywhere!

Who said that Mardi Gras beads are only good one Tuesday a year? Though these beads are only often associated with the traditional bead-throwing acts which happen during the annual New Orleans Mardi Gras, you will find that these cheap beads have plenty of other uses as well.

Charm Gems and Jewelry

For centuries, jewelry are not only associated with wealth, power and fame, but also correlated with good luck and love as well. When you browse through history, you can see that aside from the priceless material things like houses, cars, clothing or furniture, you can find that jewelry is the most preferred possession by women of all ages, status and ranks. It is not because they are expensive, but because it is durable and they value more the sentimentality and memories associated with it.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy Amber Jewelry

Now women are always fond of things that add beauty and charm to their already graceful personalities. These things can be in the form of clothes and dresses, shoes and bags or other accessories like jewelry. Amber jewelry is already a very popular jewelry item and has been adorned since ancient times for its translucent, yellowish color.

Why Buy Alexandrite Jewelry?

Alexandrite is a variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl and is known for its color changing properties. Among the many spectacular precious and semi precious stones that our Earth has provided us with, Alexandrite is one of the few which possesses the ability to show different colors in different lights. It is this reason why so many people choose to buy alexandrite jewelry over the more conventional diamond, ruby and emerald based jewelry.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy Alexandrite Jewelry for Sale

Alexandrite is a semi-precious stone. It is used for making fancy jewelry but it is not as common as other stones and gems like zircon and feroza. It is mostly found and mined in some Asian and African countries.

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