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Different Types of Engagement Rings

You are ready to pop the question to her but you will also have to choose an engagement ring to go with it. Engagement rings can be found in plentiful variety and this doesn’t make the selection any easier. If this is your first time, then you probably wouldn’t know where to start from – should you buy gold, silver or a platinum ring and what would you have the designers put into it; should it be diamonds, rubies, emeralds or a beautiful combination?

How To Buy Genuine Pandora Jewelry Online?

Are you thinking of buying Pandora jewelry online? If you are, then it is important for you to be aware of sellers who are out there to mislead you into buying fake Pandora jewelry.

History of Pandora Jewelry

Pandora jewelry originated in Copenhagen, Denmark and after it became established in Northern Europe, it started becoming known in the States. It was in 2002 when Pandora Jewelry first appeared in the North American jewelry industry.

Types Of Glass Beads Used In Jewelry Making

Glass is a versatile as well as a widely used material in the creation of beads. Glass beads date back to the Roman times. It is believed that the earliest glass beads were a form of clay which had a self-forming glassy coating. In those times, this was known as the Egyptian faience beads.

Swarovski Jewelry Cleaning And Care Tips

There are many different types of jewelry available today and one of them is Swarovski jewelry. Swarovski jewelry has unmatched beauty and elegance and this is the reason they are really popular today.

Swarovski Jewelry Buying Guide

Swarovski makes precision cut jewelries, glasses and figurines in the luxury category. Swarovski was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski and the company still creates beautiful crystals which can be used for a variety of purposes such as making into jewelry.

Types of Beads Used In Jewelry Making

There are many different types of beads which are used in jewelry making. In this article, I will talk about some of the commonly used beads in jewelry making which are easily available online or at your local retail store.

Tips On How To Purchase Beads Online

These days, buying beads is no longer as simple as walking to a bead store and selecting from a range of gemstones. With so many sellers of beads available today, there are many places from where you can purchase beads.

How Kazuri Beads Are Made

Kazuri beads come in a huge range of colours and designs, reflecting the flamboyance and creativity of the Kenyan women that produce them. The process of making Kazuri beads is really interesting and in this article we will discover how the raw materials are taken from their natural state and made into wonderful Kazuri jewellery. It is important to note that due to the way the Kazuri beads are produced, there is a natural variety to their size and shape which makes each one unique and special.

Dazzle Around With Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Who doesn’t like to flaunt a very rare piece of jewelry? It is an instinctive for women to let out “oohs” and “aahs,” when they see the jewelry they craved for. The most wonderful part of their behavior is, how they react when they see their friend flaunting the necklace, they have dreamed of possessing.

Purchasing Jewelry From Fashion Jewelry Wholesalers

The fashion jewelry industry has benefited a lot due to globalization. Designs and patterns of fashion jewelry are now designed in one corner of the world, manufactured in another part of the world, shipped to various markets, and sold to various consumers. Fashion jewelry is a vibrant market.

How to Care for Gold Trendy Jewelry

Taking care of your gold jewelry will ensure it looks its best when you wear it. Maintenance is fairly simple and doesn’t take too much time to keep that shine in your trendy jewelry.

How to Care for Your Silver Trendy Jewelry

Finding and buying trendy jewelry is only the first step in having a fabulous accessory selection — you need to care for your silver jewelry, too, or it won’t last. Don’t just try and forget about your tarnished silver necklace! Maintain it and keep it looking fabulous.

Selling Your Bead Jewelry by Consignment

Selling your bead jewelry by consignment is a common practice done by both the beginners and professionals in the industry. Consigning your creations takes more than just going to a shop or gallery and showing them your work. You must remember that consigning is a two-fold deal: the shop or gallery gets the merchandise to sell, and you get your creations displayed and, hopefully, get them sold. It is like 2 faces of a coin – one is the shop that needs to display innovative, unique, and good quality items. The other side is you and your designer bead jewelry. You would want to sell your craft at the best price possible, and be seen by people who would want to buy it so you can make yourself a living.

How To Price Your Bead Jewelry

Making bead jewelry can be a fun way of exploring your creative talent. You can work on it as a hobby, but you can also start a business out of it. To realize profit from your jewelry making business, one important thing is you should know how to price every piece of jewelry correctly. Prices should include the costs of your supplies, your time, overhead, and experience. Let us take for example, you are to create a necklace made of alloy beads. So you head on to your favorite bead shop and craft store to buy supplies such as beads, nymo thread, findings, etc. You also need to buy supplies like gift boxes, ribbons, tags, presentation cards, and bags.

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