Art deco black onyx earrings

Casio 1500 – Sports Watch Review – Casio Pathfinder 1500T Altimeter Watch

The Casio 1500 watch is an awesome action packed number which included Compass, Barometer, Thermometer, Altimeter, Stopwatch, Tide Graph and heaps more. For me, it’s the complete package as I can use it for running, sailing, triathlon and more.

Ballroom Dance Jewelry – The History of Rhinestones

Ballroom Dance Jewelry is primarily made of rhinestones. So you want to learn the history of Rhinestones? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Show Your Love With a Harley Davidson Ring

For over a hundred years, the Harley Davidson Company has been manufacturing heavy motorcycles that rapidly attract loyal fans. Many people all around the world are collecting Harleys. It has become a tradition of its own. Along with the collection of big motorcycles, Harley Davidson also throws a line of collectible items that are much more affordable for its loyal fans than the motorcycles it produces.

Good Things To Know About Copper Bracelets

Copper bracelets are wonderful additions to any jewelry collection for a number of reasons. They are very beautiful, for one. There is a long standing belief that copper can give relief from pain, more specifically arthritis pain. No matter what your reason for buying copper jewelry, there are some basic things everyone should know about it.

Tips For Choosing Bridal Jewellery

There is a saying that a woman’s life begins on her wedding day. It is considered as one of the turning points of her life, and because of this, it is a day when she is supposed to look her most beautiful, elegant, and stunning through her wedding dress, her make-up, the bouquet on her hands, and of course her bridal and wedding jewellery.

Jewelry Organizers That Are Ideal for Large Collections

Most women have had the misfortune of misplacing or losing a valuable piece of jewelry or two in their time. The simple solution to this problem is a jewelry organizer. In this article, we will discuss different types of organizers with an emphasis on those designed for larger collections.

Polishing Handmade Silver Jewelry – Using Sandpaper To Polish Your Jewelry

Once you have made your silver item there are many ways to polish your piece depending on the type of finish you want to achieve. But generally, the best way to achieve a long-lasting, professional look is to polish your piece using sandpaper which you can easily buy from your local hardware store.

The Metal Lunchbox With Thermos – A Handy Resource Guide

There is now a growing interest among collectors (and pure nostalgia junkies!) in vintage metal lunch boxes and their accompanying thermos flasks. Unfortunately, the resources currently available on the web are fairly limited. Here is a short guide on how to find what you are looking for…

Bronze Jewelry Is an Attractive Option

Bronze jewelry is one of the first forms of jewelry that we have evidence of in human history. Bronze was considered an attractive form of metal that found many uses in ancient society. What many do not know is that bronze jewelry is a viable and attractive option to this day.

5 Tips To Buy The Best Gemstone

Buying a gemstone can be a completely thrilling experience especially for women and not without reason for the vibrant colors of gemstones are hard to resist. One look at these glittering beauties and your eyes will remain riveted at their sparkling and colorful beauty.

Purple Jewelry for the Passionate You

Purple jewelry is for the woman ready to be free with her passions in every way. Enjoy this provocative article about the glories of purple jewelry.

Diamond Engagement Ring – The Best Christmas Present Which You Can Give Somebody

Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring? Christmas has turned out to be the second hottest day to get engaged, with Valentine’s Day being the most popular day. So for those who are shopping to buy a Diamond engagement ring, you are in good company.

Baby Jewelry – For the Little Angels in Your Life

Jewelry is a beautiful gift that you can give to the little ones in your life. Jewelry is beautiful, it is special. Jewelry has eternal nature to it; it is something that can be cherished forever.

Heat Treatment of Sapphires – All About

Historically speaking: Heating of gemstones to enhance their color goes back centuries. It is considered a natural type of treatment since the process is basically a continuation of the processes that occur in the ground.

Ethnic Indian Jewelry – Elegant Jewelry for Your Loved Ones

Ethnic Indian jewelry has the vast variety with fusion of style and designs suiting your taste and budget. These days’ different trends in jewelry are flourishing in market. These are loved by guys and gals in assembling their attires.

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