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Two-Tone Silver Jewelry

This type of jewelry is accomplished by combining any type of metal with silver. The metal that the silver is combined with is normally a different luster and color. It is commonly paired yellow gold. The yellow gold ranges in purity between ten and twenty-four karats. It provides a high degree of contrast against silver, which is the lighter metal. Two-tone silver jewelry is a big hit with men as they can find forms of tie pies, watches, and cuff links.

Buying Silver Jewelry – What To Know

When buying silver jewelry the most important thing to consider is the quality of the silver used to make the jewelry. Pure silvery is very soft so metal alloys like copper are added to harden silver. To be considered sterling, or real, silver it must contain 92.5% silver. When silver is bonded to any base metal, it is not real silver and is called silver-plated. Before you purchase any silver jewelry look for markings printed on the jewelry such as:

New Jewelry Trends in China Highlight Tradition and Style

The world is seeing changes continuously in association with advancement and the jewelry industry also works with the same strategy. Conversely, there are some rules that have remained constant, despite the changes in the jewelry industry and are the trends.

Wedding Rings Options, a Guide to Assist Decisions

Jewelry in this contemporary society plays a vital role and most gems bear important meanings. However, among all other jewelry, wedding rings are always in high demand and there is an adorable collection for him and her as wedding rings.

Know the Several Health Benefits With Titanium Bracelets

There are various types of bracelets. Among them, the titanium bracelets are quite a fashionable one. But as they have magnetic qualities, thus, like magnetic therapy they also alleviate the pain of the wearer to some extent. Easy to wear and safe bracelets of titanium can minimize the symptoms of back pain and arthritis.

Gemstones to Increase the Beauty of the Beholders

Gemstones or precious stones are pieces of mineral crystals which can be cut, polished and shaped to beautifully reflect its inherent color and light to the beholder. These crystals are used as centerpieces or adornments for jewelry or other decorative items, such as watches or showpieces. Certain rocks like lapis lazuli, or organic products like pearl and amber are also considered as gemstones. Out of over 130 different types of precious stones available on earth, the current origins of four popular types are discussed below for reference.

Why Amber Stones Have Been So Popular Till Now

Precious and semi-precious stones have been quite popular among many people for a long time. The sellers claim they have got good feedback from their customers.

Pearl Farming History: Know About the Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Pearls have been valued for millennia. Myths and legends were created and kings funded armies with pearls. But for anything that’s been around for such a long time, there are bound to be a few skeletons in the closet.

Facts About Stainless Steel Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a must have for most people, both women, and men. Metals like gold, silver, and platinum have been used in jewelry-making for a long time. For some time, stainless steel has gotten its way to the jewelry market and its products are amazing.

How to Use Blue Amber to Boost Your Natural Beauty

You will rarely come across the blue color variety of amber. But such an exotic coloration does exist. The mines that lie across the Dominican Republic and Santiago are found processing the Blue amber. The latter happens to include hydrocarbons.

Know Some of the Important Properties of a Copper Necklace

There is a new trend of using the copper necklace everywhere. They have been better and have greater qualities. Traditionally these were in use for the same purposes long back. Now, the trend is being revived. Ladies are switching to the copper jewelries for a fashion statement.

Sterling Silver Jewelry, Know the Intricate Details

Sterling silver is the brightest precious metals. It reflects a shine producing a sparkling effect, and this is the reason many prefer wearing sterling silver to gold jewelry. The sterling silver popularity seems to increase with the gold price escalating.

What Is Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Speaking about jewelry, you can find plenty of options ranging from the costume jewelry available on sale, to the investment pieces. There is a wide range in the collection of jewelry and many times it is not easy to point out the difference of sterling silver and regular silver jewelry.

Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry After Going Through These Tips

Sterling silver jewelry is made from pure silver 92.5 percent and has metal alloy 7.5 percent. The common sterling silver metal alloys have a combination of copper and nickel. In sterling silver, the alloys strengthen the silver that it becomes strong enough for jewelry.

Smart Guide To Choose The Right Men’s Silver Cuff Bracelets For Easter Day

Gone are the days when silver accessories were just a part of a woman’s trousseau. Take a look at the fashion arena, and you will surely notice the changes. Today, a man doesn’t shy away from wearing silver accessories, and cuff bracelets seem to be the first choice.

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