Big Gorgeous $50 Jewelry Bag! My 40th Birthday Has Been Spectacular! Unbagging Treasures Part 1 of 3

How to Buy Top Quality Watch Winders for Your Collection

Consider Craftsmanship. While watch winders tend to be “cosmetic” products that are good for display on the shelf along with the rest of your timeless timepieces, you should consider durability and longevity when choosing this product. For instance, look for watch winders that are polished with multiple layers of polyurethane coating that makes them minor scratch and heat resistant. This coating also makes the winders temperature and moisture resistant consequently making them long lasting. However, not all are coated with multiple layers of polyurethane, as some are only sprayed with a single layer. While the difference may not be apparent at first glance, it becomes noticeable when placed side by side with those coated a number of times.

Benefits Of Gemstone Accessories

Gemstones usually refer to minerals or rocks that have been cut and polished so as to bring out their natural beauty. Although, over time gemstones have also been fashioned from organic materials like coral, amber, pearls and ivory.

Plastic Jewelry and Stainless Steel Jewelry Fashion Trends

Stainless steel jewelry fashion trends have been dominating the affordable accessories market for the past decade. Designers feel in love with this metal due to its unique characteristics which makes it such a great material in creating a variety of designs, ranging from high-end pieces to more casual accessories.

The Beauty Behind African Masks

One of the things people enjoy about African culture is the beauty of its cultural art. From authentic African masks and clothing, to spears and shields, the African continent is chock full of wonderful things to look at and show. Often times, people will be struck by the beauty of such art and not know the history or story behind what the people are actually expressing.

Timeless Accessories for Women of All Ages

There are classic and timeless accessories for women that are ideal for all ages. It suits various fashion palates as well. Accessorizing has been second nature for women since time immemorial. Hence, if you are looking for accessories which have evolved through time, there are certain pieces which has managed to withstand the test of time and the ever-changing fashion trends. Take note that the key to a successful fashion style is in knowing what accessories would complement and highlight your best features.

Finding Alternative Sources of Tungsten

Where in the world is tungsten found? This article explains the vast sources all over the world where this element is found.

Analyzing The 5 Most Common Jewellery Myths

Jewellery is mostly assessed by common blokes wrongly, and sometimes in an outright absurd fashion. Our lack of knowledge on the various types of stones might make us vulnerable to embezzlers in the trade. But which knowledge is a fact and which one is a myth?

The Essence of Jewish Jewelry

Expressions of holy language and symbols are commonly incorporated in many cultures of the world, but the Jews artistic prowess seems firmly rooted on these. Traditionally, as also from the angle of fashion and latest styles, Jewish designs are immensely popular. Much of the designs have become distinct segment with use of Hebrew signs, language and motif appeal all over the world.

Bring Home a Piece of Israel With Jewish Jewelry

It is a known fact that whenever a religion or a belief finds its root far back in history, it carries with it a very rich culture and heritage. There is a lot of mysticism and magic associated with such ancient cultures. For those who love jewelry with that hint of mysticism or a touch of spirituality, they could take a look at some Jewish jewelry. These are usually crafted out of silver or some similar metal, engraved with interesting symbols and images that will sure to turn some heads, wherever you wear them.

Medical ID Bracelets Can Save Lives

If you have a chronic medical condition, have allergies or take many prescription drugs, a medical alert bracelet may just save your life during emergency situations. You would find this valuable when you fall unconscious and are unable to answer first responders’ questions about your situation. Thus medical ID bracelets are recommended for people with diabetes, dementia, autism, myasthenia gravis, epilepsy, pacemaker, asthma, rare blood type, allergies and hypoglycemia, among others. They are available in wrist sizes that would fit adults, children and seniors. Sometimes, this jewelry comes with a membership card that can be kept in the wallet. This card states the person’s medical condition, what drugs can be taken and those that cannot be taken, or key health personnel to contact in case of an attack or crisis.

Buying Wedding Rings and Jewelry

Buying wedding rings and jewelry is a special time in the life of a person. This is a big step and should not be made without careful consideration. You should never purchase a set on impulse, but rather find the one you like and then think about the purchase for a few days before committing to the sale. This will help you maintain your budget and get the items you will really like.

Are Silver Rings Better Than Gold Rings?

Silver rings are frequently chosen over gold ones when the person that is going to be wearing the item has an allergic reaction to the gold metals. Some people cannot wear yellow gold and some people even have trouble wearing white gold. These individuals will often buy jewelry that is made from silver so they do not react to their jewelry. Silver rings are the most frequently purchased types of items bought by people with allergies to gold.

The Good Things About Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are common nowadays. Tons of people wear these on a regular basis but they are not quite aware of the fact that wearing one, particularly the magnetic kind, may actually improve the overall health.

Tungsten Bracelet for Strong and Healthy Men

Bracelets, when worn in the wrist, can give an edgier look to the user. Most men love to wear bracelets to enhance their outfit and perhaps be more handsome because this is another accessory they can wear aside from a classic wrist watch.

Men’s Titanium Bracelet: Cool and Healthy

Titanium is a known kind of metal popular for its strength and durability. It is also known for its compatibility with human body parts. This is the reason why this material is used in different surgeries such as bone replacement and other organ alternative.

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