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A Special Occasion Royal Wedding With Royal Collection

A special occasion like a wedding is a special event and when it is a royal one, its every second will be seen by the world. It can be a fashion or trend setter, just as that of Queen Victoria all those years ago.

Royal Memorabilia and Royal Souvenirs Are Products in Great Demand

The tourist industry has grown enormously with the rise in commercial flights whether scheduled or charter and the associated increase in the numbers of people flying away on holiday. Everyone now has access to the places the last generation only saw on televisions and the previous ones perhaps only read about in books.

How the Web Has Increased ShopNBC’s Sales

ShopNBC’s web sales provided a significant boost for ValueVision Media Inc.’s overall revenue in the second quarter of the business year in 2010. Thanks to a recorded jump from $36.7 million in the first quarter to a bullish $49.6 million in the second quarter of 2009, speculators had already been given a hint as to the sea change affected by strong web sales in ShopNBC’s coming business year.

What To Look for When Buying Ladies Authentic Watches

Watches are the accessory that has stood the tests of time, literally. Despite cell phones and other gadgets that can give us the time, people still buy authentic watches. There is just something about a beautiful timepiece on your wrist that makes a person feel good.

Men’s Wedding Bands From Reputable Jewelers

When two people are about to be married, it seems that all the focus and attention is placed on diamonds engagement rings. No one really frets over men’s wedding bands, but in reality, this is just as big a decision. Men who don’t often wear jewelry can find this process overwhelming and may not know the first thing to look for when they visit reputable jewelers.

Cutting Edge Wristwatch Fashions From Movado

When Jean Calvin came to Switzerland in the mid 1530s, he was determined to reform the church in Geneva. But the influential pastor quickly found others issues to occupy his time. As a Protestant reformer, Calvin was uncomfortable with ostentatious displays of wealth.

How Do I Sell My Gold Jewelry?

Gold is one of the precious metals that have maintained top status as a desired material for jewelry from anklets to tiaras. Its prices through the years have remained on the general upswing with little signs of slowing down, mainly because gold is used for many other purposes aside from personal jewelry. With such high market valuation, many individuals can sell their gold jewelry for a good profit.

Luxury Watches Continue To Be A Fashion Staple

All watches hold a feature of a grooved indented ring around the most upper part of the watch that holds the crystal in position. Bezel as it is called in the jewelry industry helps to stabilize the signature gems, plastic, glass or crystal built within.

Show Style And Statement With Your Luxury Watches

Luxury watches make a statement wherever they are worn. The finesse of construction and function joins with the artful and unique design. Be confident when you shop at your jewelers, consider here some of the more common terms.

Artistry and Mold-Making Key to Beautiful Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are becoming ever more popular to commemorate special events and special accomplishments outside the military, where challenge coins originated. Those who want to have custom challenge coins made have many decisions about design, including the use of colors, finishes, types of edging, and presentation boxes or containers.

Why Are Challenge Coins Becoming So Significant

Challenge coins have not been around for that long, though legend dates them back to the introduction of air combat in World War I. While some experts on challenge coins have examples from the 1950s, they really made their first ascent in military culture in the 1980s with Special Forces troops. Since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, however, they have spilled over from the military to military-related governmental agencies, non-military government agencies, the corporate world, and even into general interest organizations.

Know This About Garnet Jewelry Before Buying

Despite the fact that their most popular color remains red, Garnets are actually found in orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, black pink and white. While red is no doubt popular, its Garnet in its blue incarnation which is the rarest and is mostly found in US, Russia and Turkey…

Valentine’s Day And Gold

Why do people need a special day to tell the loved ones how much they appreciate them? For the same reason that we celebrate our birthdays and other important days in our lives. Nevertheless, besides its religious and traditional connotation, this day has become a commercial feast, reminding us much of the way Christmas is perceived nowadays.

Amethyst Jewelry – A Brief History of Amethyst

A deep violent hue is the hallmark of the finest Amethyst, a gemstone of the quartz variety that is thus also associated with rose quartz, citrine, carnelian, onyx, and chalcedony. Amethyst is generally considered to be the most valuable of the quartz varieties as a semi-precious gemstone.

A Simple Introduction of Marcasite Earrings

The article introduces the marcasite earrings from materials and designs. It also tells us how to select the most suitable marcasite earrings.

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