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Buying and Selling Gold Jewellery

Buying gold isn’t that difficult to do. When dealing with gems, an expert eye is needed to determine the quality of the gem. You don’t have that problem with gold. All real gold jewellery will have a carat quality mark. This mark lets you know the purity of the gold jewellery.

How to Spot Fake Pearls

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, pearls are a close acquaintance at the very least. The problem with pearls is that it can be difficult to tell real and fake ones apart. Looking at the price tag alone is not enough to decipher the authenticity of pearls. Unfortunately, there are plenty of unscrupulous dealers looking for easy money who will attempt to pass off fakes as the genuine article.

How To Antique Brass Pendants

Brass pendants are quite popular among girls and women. But, these days, men also love wearing brass pendants. These can be obtained from traditional jewelry stores and they can also be purchased on the internet. There are many different designs, sizes and styles they are available in.

Enamel Pendants – How Are They Produced?

Enameling is a process which involves the fusion of a finely powdered glass to metals or jewelry made out of metals such as gold and silver. There are different techniques used by different jewelry makers, but all the techniques make use of heat to melt the powdered glass. In this article, I will describe how enamel pendants are produced.

Baby and Children’s Jewelry Sizings

Never purchased baby or children’s jewelry before? To avoid disappointment, here’s a quick and easy guide to help you purchase just the right size for your baby or little girl.

About Enamel Pendants

An enamel pendant is a pendant that is made of either silver or gold and painted with a fire-resistant paint. The process of painting in order to create enamel pendants is similar to that which is carried out on ceramic surface.

The History of the Spiritually Significant Tibetan Beads

Tibetan beads have been around many years and they also hold great spiritual meaning. These beads, also known as prayer beads, date back as far as the time around 500 BC. They are called Mala, in Sanskrit, meaning garland, and known as Misbah by the Muslim culture. And the Greeks considered them worry beads. In the Catholic tradition,the beads were used as rosary beads for prayer.

The Beauty of Handmade Cloisonne Beads

There is just something beautifully exotic about handmade cloisonne beads. Since the 15th century AD China has held the name of being the home of the cloisonne bead. They weren’t discovered there though. They were first found in Cyprus.

An Informative Note on Beads

Throughout hundreds even thousands of years beads have been an important mainstay in the cultures across the world. Whether being used in prayer, as spiritual symbols or simply for a beautiful adornment people have loved beads for centuries now.

Add Allure to Your Looks With Blue Topaz Rings

Have you ever thought of adding the allure of gemstone jewelry as a part of your accessory collection? If that’s the case, then you may find the idea of adding topaz jewelry to your wardrobe. A stone that is known to add remarkable beauty to any attire, topaz has an appeal that will add to the look of any attire.

Advantages Of Antique Acrylic Beads As Compared To Other Beads

Acrylic beads are also called plastic beads. One very noticeable feature is that their appearance is similar to that of glass beads. But antique acrylic beads, based on their properties, have superior qualities as compared to glass beads in a number…

Buying Quality Crackle Glass Beads

If you are a jeweler, it is important for you to buy quality material that you need for making your jewelry of your choice. This is because your customers always associate you with quality and as such you have to maintain that standard or risk losing customers.

Crackle Glass Beads Have A Number Of Uses

Crackle glass beads are beads which are created by the use of an old crafting technique that was created by Venetian glass manufacturers. The acclaimed method involves dipping hot molten glass in cold water and this causes it to crack on the inside.

All You Need To Know About Antique Acrylic Beads

Antique acrylic beads are in essence just plastic beads and are sometimes referred to as Lucite beads. These beads are becoming popular these days and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with some of the common shapes being faceted, flower, round, flat, leaf and many other shapes.

Crimp Beads Defined

Crimp beads can be described as small devices that are placed at the end of a beading wire to hold the two ends of the wire together and to prevent the beads from falling off the wire. They are also used to prevent increased slippage of beads in the strand that might eventually end up on the clasp or the jewelry.

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