The Appeal of Biker Jewelry – A Wild Instinct

Sometimes, we have to admit to ourselves that bikers – with their gritty leather jackets, striking motorbikes and Gothic biker jewelry – represent everything our reserved hearts secretly wish for. The attraction of getting yourself uninhibited, going anywhere you wish is common, rising above age, ethnicity and gender.

Growing Popularity of Silver Jewelery

In the past few decades silver has grown in popularity and the main reason is in all probability the cost. It is amazing to see all the new creations and designs made of silver, you can find diamond rings and bracelets made of silver that are rhodium plated to give it brilliance. Sterling silver is not the only metal that can be rhodium plated, white gold is often rhodium plated otherwise it doesn’t have the brilliance that yellow gold has.

Knowing the Purpose of Gold Test Kits

Gold test kits are essential for jewelers and buyers alike. In case you are interested in gold jewelries, it’s just appropriate that you test the gold pieces you purchase. There are many ways to test the authenticity of gold. Electronic testers are generally the convenient and fast way but these are also costly. Thus, a test kit will be appropriate for you in case you only like to test the genuineness of the gold jewelry item.

Why I Love Aquamarine Rings

One of the reasons that aquamarine rings are loved by many people including me is because of their stunning beauty. I think it is the deep blue-green hues of aquamarines that are absolutely stunning, and they remind me of the beautiful blue sky at high noon on a summer day. Simulated aquamarine is rare, since it actually costs more to produce a simulated one than it does a real one.

Tungsten or Titanium – Which Is the Better Choice?

Which would you go for? Tungsten or Titanium?

Handcrafted Jewelry – Which Material Makes Them Great?

This article is a comparison between the two most popular materials for creating handcrafted jewelry, DAS and FIMO. It is an article written from my point of view (as in: the author) and it’s a conclusion that I have from using both types of materials.

Watchword for History’s Most Fabulous, Interesting, and Patriotic Watch

For more than 100 years, there has been one brand of watch that all the other watches strive to strive to be like. It’s a very patriotic watch too.

A Full Finger Armor Ring Makes The Ideal Christmas Gift Idea for Someone Close or Even Yourself

If you are somebody who loves jewelry and is always on the lookout for the quirky and somewhat different to make an impact then I really can say that I have seen just the perfect thing for you. I recently came across some fantastic pieces of finger decoration in the form of an armor ring and to be honest I was blown away by what I saw. It cannot be too often that you are left speechless by a ring now, can it.

4 Famous Pieces of Jewellery and Gold

It’s safe to say that most of us wouldn’t mind being the owner of a particularly large diamond, or famous piece of gold jewellery, famed for its weight, worth and craftsmanship. So who are those lucky people who own some of the world’s most famous jewellery and why are these items so well known?

Numero Uno – Citizen Eco Drive Watches

I honestly never thought I’d ever own a watch that was capable of doing all that the Citizen Eco-Drive could, but my wife purchased this one for me as a birthday gift. You never really know what you’re missing until you try something that is this high calibre.

Croton Watches for Diving

Activities in the water are great, especially diving. However this can sometimes be dangerous which means it is not good to have improper or faulty equipment. If you need a dive watch you want to make sure that it is durable. Its possible your life could depend on it.

What to Look for in a Quality Dive Watch

Scuba diving is an activity that is enjoyed by many people but it can be dangerous. Divers should always follow all safety procedures and never compromise when it comes to quality equipment. This is true even for a dive watch. You may have to rely on a watch to save your life.

The Jewellery Chain Breaks Free

This article talks of how the jewellery chain has broken the shackles of being treated as nothing more than a pendant holder. The ornament is today seen as an individual jewellery item and is bought by many people as a solo purchase.

Jewellery for All Purpose

The article is all about imitation, traditional jewellery and studded rings. Varied beautiful designs are available in the market, which in turns help in escalating the beauty. Such jewellery can be worn at office also and is suitable for marriage and different occasions.

Amazing Watches

Watches designed especially for timekeeping are, unlike the collectible or jewelry ones, focused on the accurate reading of time; how else to achieve this than by means of the visibility of hands, the significant size of faces or the clarity of digits? There is still another category of watches, the so-called geek ones, which, besides keeping time, have various complications, including calculators, digital cameras, GPS or even mobile phones. A strange one in this class is, for instance, a dual-time watch that allows the traveler to read the time at home, even if finding themselves in a far-away place.

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