DIY cardboard idea | Wall decor | paper craft | keyholder DIY

DIY cardboard idea | Wall decor | paper craft | keyholder DIY

In this video, I’ll show you a simple cardboard idea. Hope you like the idea!

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I took parts from cardboard 20 by 20 cm in size as a basis. I glued it with PVA glue so that the base was thicker.
the cardboard frame, which I glued in the middle, is 13 by 13 cm. Its width is 1 cm.
All the parts were pasted over with Kraft paper and allowed to dry.
The main part was covered with spackling paste.
I cut out a stencil from a plastic stationery envelope.
I glued plastic hooks to the base.
The cardboard frame, which I glued to the middle, was additionally decorated with plastic semi-pearls.
I made flowers from egg trays.
The key was made of paper, cardboard and decorative elements from self-hardening clay.
I painted all the parts black with acrylic paint and allowed it to dry completely.
Then I applied paint with a dry brush, emphasizing the texture and details. For this I used two shades of green, olive and finishing gold

Personalized Jewelry is a Fantastic Gift

It is okay to admit that you actually like personalized jewelry–even if you usually tell people that you aren’t really that big a fan of the stuff. It wasn’t so long ago that personalized jewelry could only be bought as a very expensive gift or through a very expensive jewelry store.

Making Jewelry Work

Unless you are far more wealthy than the majority of us and you have no need to limit how much you spend on things such as fashion, clothes, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, then making jewelry work means using the items in your jewelry box to get the most from them. Do they coordinate well together and are there pieces of jewelry in there that are appropriate for all of the social and business events that are a part of your life?

White Gold Jewelry

White gold jewelry is made in classic and modern styles both. It matches with each and every fashion. Before explaining you that why white gold jewelry is the perfect choice, you should know how these jewelry are produced.

A Watch Hierarchy

Unless you happen to be a watch aficionado you likely do not know about the various movements that run watches. Perhaps we know the quartz watch, because periodically we need to have a new battery installed-so we understand that that particular watch runs off battery power so long as the battery is “alive.”

How to Buy a Good Quality Watch For a Lady Like You

Ladies always love to accessorize and dress up. There are a lot of accessories that you can actually use. One of the most popular items that you can buy is a watch.

Diamond Heart Jewelry – A Special Kind of Appeal

The round brilliant cut is looked as the gold standard for diamond cuts. Designed to maximize the potential of a diamond’s brilliance, this cut is also known as the most uneconomical, with over half of the raw diamond discarded to get to this ideal shape. Not to say that it’s the sole shape diamonds should come in.

How to Buy the Best Watch For A Man Like You

A watch can symbolize a lot of things like power and wealth. A man like you must choose the most appropriate one that you can wear anytime. There are various considerations that you have to make. Keep in mind that there are a lot of watches in the market today.

The Sparkling Saga of the Swarovski Company

Not too long ago on a flight back home to Los Angeles after vacationing with my family on the East Coast, I sat next to a very interesting woman from New York. After mentioning to her that I design and make jewelry using Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver she started telling me that recently one of the grand-daughters of the original Swarovski’s had started designing jewelry herself, using none other than the fine Austrian crystals that her family is known for. Fortunately enough I had my laptop on the plane and was able to show my next-seat neighbor my website…

Tips to Clean Dirty Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry commonly comes in shiny, bright, and clean appearance when the first time you purchase it. Over time, you will find that this jewelry tarnishes and dulls due to the contact with skin oils, lotions, dust, pollution, air sulfides, and dirt. By applying regular cleaning, it will help illuminate the each piece of silver jewelry and maintain its natural beauty. There is an inexpensive and easy way to clean your dirty silver jewelry. Just take a look at the following tips.

Tips For Buying a Chronograph Watch

There are many styles of watches that you can wear these days. However, it is the chronograph watch that many men and a lot of women would like to have because they are extremely practical and look fabulous when worn. But with so many different styles of chronograph watches available, it could prove difficult deciding which one to get.

The Celtic Torc

Torcs (or torques) were twisted circular pieces of metal most often made of gold, silver, copper or bronze. They were usually worn around the neck with an opening at the front, although they could also be worn as arm bands and bracelets, or on the head as a symbol of royalty.

The Watch – An Important Accessory For Women

The watch has become an important accessory for most women. It is practical and it can also be considered a great accessory. There is a wide variety of watches out there so surely every woman is going to find the right one for her. The style in watches is always changing just like the style in clothes is changing. So, what should we choose in order not to have to change our watch once a year?

The Retro Watch Guideline

The retro style is one of the trends that can be applied both to clothes and to accessories. So you can easily combine something modern with some retro accessories, for example, and create a fabulous outfit.

The Pulsar Watch

This is actually an American sub-brand of Seiko. The Pulsar watch was the first electronic watch in the world. But in our days, the watches made under this name are mostly analogue. This first watch had a gold case and it was electronic and digital. Also, this watch was considered to be an innovation because it was also the first one that has a LED display.

9ct Gold Brackets – Pros and Cons of Selling

This article will help you to decide whether you can sell your old gold jewellery and still look good. Having to part with gold jewellery can make you feel sad, especially during this economic downturn, but here you will find out how you can still look good and feel confident without your gold jewellery.

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