DIY Paper Coffee Mug For Gifts & Treats – Beginner Friendly Tutorial

Paper coffee mugs are a great way to give treats and small gifts at Christmas or anytime. This tutorial is beginner friendly.

If you are interestested in the teacup tutorial, here is the link

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DISCLAIMER: This video is intended for adult viewers only as some of the craft products used are not appropriate for children. If you are a parent please use your discretion and common sense. Thank you for understanding and complying.

How to Select Gold and Silver Charm Bracelets

Making your choice between gold and silver charm bracelets really depends simply on your personal preference. Both materials are strong, durable and valuable. You should consider whether there are heirloom charms that may be passed on to you from a grandmother or aunt, as this will affect your bracelet, should you decide to add them.

Be Eternally Fashionable With Beautiful Tiffany Jewelry

Fashions are always the eternal topic for everyone. Beautiful Tiffany jewelry is considered the everlasting gift as well as the fashionable necessity for each trend follower.

TAG Grand Carrera – A Standout Timepiece

One of the most luxurious and well designed watches on the market is the TAG Grand Carrera. Just as TAG is well known for its sports car they also are well known for creating sporty watches that are considered the high performance vehicles of the watch world.

The History of Lockets

Lockets are pendant that have a small space between the two pieces that form it. In there one can put either a small picture of his/her loved one or a curl of hair. This is the perfect type of present for an anniversary, a wedding or a Christening.

Creating Your Own Charm Bracelets

The charm bracelet has a long history that starts in the ancient times when warriors use to where them in order to be protected from evil and to attract positive energy. Another word for the charm bracelets is amulet.

Contemporary Bracelets Update Your Look

Choosing what jewels to wear is the hardest part of any girl’s dressing decision. Do you match your earrings to your necklace and go retro 50s? Do you make like the 70s, wear all your bracelets up one arm and pile on beads? Or do you slavishly follow the fashion mags with their penchant for large plastic rings and glittery bangles…

Buy Watches – Things That You Must Know

Buying a watch is not an easy task to do. There are various things that you have to consider for you to be able to buy the best one. Keep in mind that there are tips that you can follow for you to be able to buy the best. Make sure that you remember them all the time.

Moissanite Ring – The Modern Expression of Love

A diamond ring has long been a symbol of love in many cultures and stories but recently it the diamond has become a source of pain and anguish fueled by greed. Is the moissanite ring rapidly becoming the innocent modern day alternative for showing your ethics as well as your undying love for someone?

The Marine Chronometer

Time and space have always been a constant preoccupation for humans. Throughout the history of humanity, there are numerous examples of scholars, scientists or mere dilettantes who have been fascinated with nature and origin of the two. Yet, the passing of time brought alone a shift away from people’s interest in their initial concerns with the subject. They were now more interested in finding ways of conquering time and space and thus gain control over the world they were living in.

Automatic Watches and Watch Winders – A Brief Overview

In recent years there has been a renewed interest in automatic watches, also known as self-winding watches. This article provides a brief overview of what an automatic watch is, and how it can be wound up automatically even when you are not wearing it.

Choose a Nice Watch – Tips and Information

There are a few things that you have to remember for you to be able to choose a nice watch for yourself. Keep in mind that the accessories that you wear reflect what kind of personality and fashion you have.

How to Store Your Gemstone Jewelry Securely

The gemstone jewelry items like ruby rings and sapphire bracelets are not very inexpensive generally. They tend to cost a lot and they need to be stored carefully. This is because these gemstone jewelry items tend to be very fragile.

Broken Stretchy Cord Bracelet Repair Tips

Many people own stretchy cord bracelets that have broken. Many of these bracelets have become the favorite go to bracelet for everyday wear. Whether expensive or cheap, if you love your stretchy cord bracelet it’s worth getting it repaired professionally.

How to Care For Pearls – Top 10 Tips

With proper care your pearls will last a lifetime. Follow these easy tips to keep your pearls looking beautiful so you can pass them on to the next generation!

Fewer Double Dip Recession Concerns For Jewelry Retailers

Jewelers continues to see increased demand for jewelry despite double dip recession concerns. In the fall of 2008, the United States entered one of the worst global recessions to date, snowballing with each passing month.

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