Easy DIY Christmas Jewelry – Great Gift Ideas

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Making your own jewelry can be so easy, even if you’ve never done it before. I made these Christmas jewelry pieces just using some charms and a jewelrymaking set and I will link to both below.

Products used:
InLoveArts 25% Off Discount Code: Janie
InLoveArts https://shrsl.com/34qes
Christmas Theme Pendant Decorations https://shrsl.com/3ad28
Jewelry Making Set (does not include earring wires) https://amzn.to/3lx5W4c
Earring Making Kit https://amzn.to/3IhP9ff
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DISCLAIMER: This video is intended for adult viewers only as some of the craft products used are not appropriate for children. If you are a parent please use your discretion and common sense. Thank you for understanding and complying.

How to Buy the Best Pearls

Everyone wishes to buy a perfect pearl and pearls that are original, popular and widely accepted. For a newbie into fashion industry and men particularly, it is very difficult task to buy the best possible pearl in the local market without any prior information on the pearls, their types and their formation.

Pearls and Their Classification by Origin and Shape

Pearls are the only gems created by a living creature and hence these are called ‘Organic’ gems. When an irritant substance (a tiny material or sand) enters in the mollusk, a pearl starts the formation. This formation period takes 2 to 5 years to get a perfect form.

Formation and Classification of Pearls

Pearls are oldest gems known and are still popular for the meaning they convey and the history and facts behind them. A pearl’s formation contains CaCO3 calcium carbonate and a little water. Pearls are mainly classified into two types.

Cleaning, Caring and Storing of Pearls

Most of us wear pearls almost daily. Due to heavy increase in the pollution, dust and global warming, pearls get easily damaged if they are not cared properly. If the thickness of the nacre is less, then the durability of the pearl is also less.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Pearl Jewelry

Before you start shopping for pearl jewelry, the foremost thing to do is to decide on the type of pearls you need on the jewelry. After finalizing on the type of pearl, then you can go for the various jewelries available with that particular pearl of your interest studded and select the ornaments you like. Though salt water pearls are more popular, they do not come in various sizes or colors.

Benefits of Different Watch Bands

There are different products used in the manufacture of watch bands. These can be generally categorized as plastic, leather, metal and textile materials and all of them have their varying advantages. Following is a brief explanation of the pros of each of these materials.

What is Mother of Pearl?

Nacre is called the Mother of pearl. When an irritant substance (a tiny material or sand) enters in the mollusk, a pearl starts the formation. Nacre is a substance rich in minerals which coats the particle with layer after layer.

Lake Biwa and Akoya Cultured Pearls Information

There are wide varieties of pearls in the market today with the advent of the cultured pearl technology. Pearls we see in the market today are of different shapes, sizes and colors. In addition to the famous fresh water and salt water cultured pearls of China, there are few other cultured gems like Lake Biwa and Akoya which are famous.

The Origin and Meaning of Iron Cross Jewelry

Find out the real meaning behind iron crosses, and how urban culture embraces it with jewelry and clothing. Did you know iron crosses were used throughout the centuries as symbolism of strength and loyalty.

Why You Should Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry

There are some of you out there that want to know why you should choose sterling silver over any other metal. Well here are a few reasons that you should, let us start with rings. Many of you do not know this, but there are some rings that are made of some metals that can not be re-sized.

The History Of Men’s Promise Rings

A new trend now is promise rings for men – but did you know that it stems from an old and fascinating tradition? Before men wore rings to symbolize their romantic commitments, they wore them to signify their devotion to various institutions, among them professional guilds, religious organizations, and groups such as fraternities or colleges.

Leather Watch Bands – Pick Yours Carefully

Most decent and sophisticated men love wearing watches. Watches are purchased by men, after much consideration and thought because there are a number of brands today offering watches in different styles and designs so choosing one for you could be a little confusing.

Should You Be Looking at Antique Diamond Engagement Rings?

The question, “Should I be looking at Antique Diamond Engagement Rings?” Has been discussed time and again by both the groom-to-be and the fiancĂ©-to-be. If you’ve ever seen some of the amazing Antique Diamond Engagement Rings, you probably wouldn’t ask that question because the intricate details of these rings would sell you, hands down. For those who are wondering the answer to that question, keep reading…

Watches For Sale – The Cool Guide on How to Pick One

There are some things that you have to consider if you want to buy a watch. You need to know what type of watch you will buy and the budget that you have. These factors will help you choose the best one that fits you the most.

Screw Back Earrings – Secured Beauty

Earrings are one of the most important parts of a woman’s apparel. No outfit is complete without it. They come in many varieties. While young girls and teenagers prefer wearing cheap plastic ornaments, as you grow older, you find yourself drawn to gold, platinum or pearl ornaments.

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