Fun Fold Bendy Card Tutorial – Easier than it looks

If you love dimensional cards, fun folds, and bendy cards, you are going to love this cardmaking tutorial. It’s eaasier than it looks. Enjoy.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is intended for adult viewers only as some of the craft products used are not appropriate for children. If you are a parent please use your discretion and common sense. Thank you for understanding and complying.

Enhance Your Beauty by Wearing Gold Chain Ornaments

Ornaments have always fascinated humans. When Homo sapiens were hunter gatherers, they created necklaces using the thin bones joined with the nerves and ligaments to wear around their necks.

Some Reasons to Buy Quality Watches

Over the last few years, the idea of actually wearing a watch has begun to diminish. This has largely coincided with the growth of computers and mobile phones, both of which are useful at allowing you to find out the time.

Gold Pocket Watches – Modern Water Clocks?

There is a rich and fascinating history behind gold pocket watches. Sunlight, sand, water and incredible creativity with perseverance were all part of their background.

Designs of Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Rings

There are some pieces of jewelry that have been around for centuries. This is because they are classic pieces that only get better as time goes by. Among these items you will find the sterling silver ring. This timeless item has been used for many different types of ring designs including engagement rings.

The Silver Chain Always in Fashion

Over the last few decades, fashion has gradually become an increasingly larger part of many people lives. This has been largely due to the large coverage of it in the various media sources, particularly magazines, and television.

The Beauty and Charm of Silver Earrings

Hand crafted sterling silver jewelry can be an exquisite addition to any woman’s collection. If you are going to purchase silver earrings, why not choose a high quality jewelry piece that will retain its beautiful features for years to come and be an investment you can be proud of.

Buying Silver Bangles

Silver bangles are suitable in any situation: you can use them to accessorize a dress or wear them every day for work. Silver jewelry is always popular and will never be out of style.

The Construction of a Silver Charm Bracelet

If there is a woman in your life, then you should learn all about silver charm bracelets. These items make an excellent gift, whether for a birthday, Mother’s Day or anniversary present, or if it is just for a friend. This is especially true considering silver is not too expensive and is easy to come by.

The Varieties of a Silver Pendant

Silver jewelry is always classy and is especially popular these days. Wearing it is easy, and a silver pendant can be a great every day piece or that special necklace that makes a strong statement.

Sterling Silver Charms and Bracelets

Jewelry has often been a compliment to one’s style, status, and wealth. Many different forms of jewelry compliment different styles. In recent fashion, silver has often been used for its calm sleek look.

Some Facts About the History of Pendants

The word pendant comes from French and in the modern language it means hanging or during. In the course of their history, pendants have had many functions and some of them are: ornaments, identification methods (religious symbols and so on), amulets, self-affirmation (name or initials), simple jewelry or awards.

What Are Hat Pins and Can We Make One?

In the beginning the hatpins were used mostly to hold veils in place and they were handmade. However, women in Britain and all over the world actually, started to become more fond of these unique hat holders. This is why the demand rose considerably until it managed to outgrow the production. So this is the moment when the hatpins started to be imported from France. They continued to be a popular accessory all throughout the years but their length had to be reduced to a standard size in order to avoid any accidents.

What to Consider When Browsing For the Perfect Time Piece

Nothing can quite compare to the elegant, timeless flare a beautiful watch conveys from the wrist of an individual. Not only are watches considered to be extravagant time pieces, but they are both classic and contemporary accessories that can truly enhance one’s personal sense of style.

Why Are Space Travel Watches Special?

Watches are one of the most common accessories of the modern person. They can be found around the wrist of any school child, teenager, simple employee or manager. Time is of major importance in our days, so using it the best way possible is vital. Some people need to catch the bus on time, others need to finish various assignments before a certain hour, school children need to get to their classes according to a fixed schedule. Everything is timed.

How Do Quartz Watches Work As Accurate Time-Keepers?

Time is a resource which is constantly depleting, never to be replaced nor recycled. As such, it is of great importance to keep track of time.

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