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Oris Watches – Where And How It All Began And The Future

For well over 100 years the Oris Watch brand has been a sought after watch make, with millions of people around the world wearing one of these classic time pieces on their wrist. In this article, we take a detailed look at the history of this Switzerland based master brand, finding out how it all began over one hundreds years ago and looking at the milestones they have achieved along the way.

Various Gifts to Be Presented With in Judaic Gift Sharing!

Judaic Jewish gifts are precious and hold importance to those practicing Christian or Judaism. You can obviously search and look for these meaningful gifts that can be presented to your loved ones.

Why Buy Artisan Jewelry? – Do You Like Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies?

It is a question that I have been asked the question on many occasions. Perhaps this little analogy can give you a sense of what the answer is in my opinion:

Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA

The Swiss company, Romain Jerome, has always emanated a spirit of mystery and passion in its outstanding creations never fearing of bringing to the present world a piece of the past memorable events, immortalized in the unique materials used on its fascinating innovative timepieces. Titanic’s sinking, the landing of Apollo XI on the Moon and other historic events that took place in the world are embodied in a special timepiece that is presented to the world in all its beauty. In terms of spiritual design, Romain Jerome is the most ingenious brand, its ambition and dedication to always stand in…

Let’s Talk About The Diamond

Diamond engagement rings are most expensive and most popular since the epic time and most demanded between ladies as well. Diamond is very expensive nowadays. Diamond is a special jewellery stone which is regarded as a symbol of love, care and as a perfect gift for your special someone.

The Beauty Of Square Topaz Rings

Topaz is a beautiful gemstone most commonly known for its unique amber color; however, topaz is also available in many other colors and is a popular stone for use in various pieces of jewelry. Topaz can occur in a variety of different colors and hues that can also be treated to create even more color varieties. Some colors, when occurring naturally are very rare.

What To Look For in Elegant and Simple Engagement Rings

You are in love! The decision to marry has been made, and the exciting search for elegant engagement rings is on! The array of possibilities is endless and it can be either overwhelming or a wonderful adventure.

Is a Victorian Engagement or Wedding Ring Right For You

Are you seeking Victorian style wedding rings from which to choose one of your own? What an excellent question to ponder! Obviously, if it is in your mind at all, there is something drawing you to the charm and romance of the beauties created in the past.

How To Design Your Engagement Ring Online

We have all discovered the amazing powers of the Internet when we want to do something without leaving the house. It can offer an unbelievable array of choices for today’s shopper. If the question is how to design your engagement ring online, you can go to any of the various search engines such as Google, Ask.

Shopping For Antique Diamond Rings – What To Look For

Antique diamond rings have always generated interest and have a following of professionals all over the world seeking them out. Because of the intricate craftsmanship and the romantic appeal of these treasures, they were only achieved by using master craftsmen who had to take a great deal of time and could normally only be found as one-of-a-kind pieces. Where do you start when your heart is set on finding jewelry from this particular era?

Learn More About Tension Set Diamond Rings

The design of the first tension rings was first developed in the early 1960’s by craftsman Friedrich Becker, of Germany, who was intently interested in finding an innovative new setting that would better represent the emerging modern woman. His idea was to determine how best to allow the light that goes through the gem to be increased, which would in turn enhance the beauty of the diamond. However, with this concept, no little amount of time could be spent on safety.

Learn About The 3 Best Contemporary Engagement Rings

When a couple embarks on a search through the displays of contemporary engagement rings, love is in the air! Couples of all ages respond to the call of the heart and decide to make that life-time commitment to marry. Now it’s time to find that all important engagement ring.

3 Reasons Why Vintage Looking Wedding and Engagement Rings Are Surging in Popularity

The definition of antique and vintage wedding rings is often the same. Beginning with the romantic period of the 1800’s with the advent of Queen Victoria, bands became influenced by Egyptian and Greek carvings as well as those of other exotic countries. The jewelry that is a result of this time period are rare and have an exquisite old world charm.

Engagement Ring Ideas – Designing Your Own Ring

Designing an Engagement Ring can be one of the most rewarding and appealing experiences you will ever have! You may know what you want by having looked at the possibilities. Then again, deciding where to start and what to choose can be fun, educational and result in the exciting and perfect combination of gem and setting for you.

The Top 5 Engagement Ring Styles

Of all the engagement ring styles available what are the five styles that are most often purchased by a couple in love? All of the choices, which five are considered more impressive than the rest? You might be interested to find out.

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