How to make Ddakji | Squid Game | Paper flipping Game

How to make Ddakji | Squid Game | Paper flipping Game


Learn how to make Ddakji. Ddakji is a Korean paper flipping game seen on Squid Game. This easy to make origami DIY Squid Game Paper Flipping Game and toy requires 2 sheets of paper per paper tile. The object of this paper game is to flip your opponent’s paper square using your own paper square. Seong Gi-hun is seen playing Ddakji with a man at the train station.

Halloween pop-up card

Kid’s Jewellery – What They Love to Wear

If you are searching for kid’s jewellery you will find a lot of options available for you to look into. There is a variety of choices for every age group starting from infants to teens. You will surely find the right kind of jewellery that fits your child as well as one that your teens will surely appreciate.

The History of Jewellery

Jewellery has taken many forms since it was originally warn over 5,000 years ago. Jewellery was originally that of shells, animal’s teeth and other objects in prehistoric times. This seems very simple in comparison to our diamonds, emeralds and precious stones of today but these objects would have been equally as treasured and loved as our jewellery today.

Tips in Purchasing Silver Necklaces

It is definitely worth the search if you will be able to get access to the right jewellery. If you are searching for silver necklaces, you will have to consider what your options are and at the same time get a little bit more information on how to make the right decision before buying them. This article will provide you enough information you need to help you decide on what type of necklace to buy.

The Classic Silver Hoop Earring

Earrings have the tendency of drawing attention to one’s face, and can instantly transform your look from ‘so-so’ to ‘fabulous’. Although there are many different types and styles of earrings available in just about every shape and color you could imagine, there is one shape and color that will give any look a dramatic effect and they are the silver hoop earrings. These sterling silver hoop earrings are regarded as the most popular earring type around.

Different Types of Pearls

Pearls come in different colors, sizes, shapes and origin. White colored pearls might be the norm for many many years, but there are actually many types of this one of a kind gem that maybe a common person might not know of.

Common Types of Fine Jewelry

The visual appeal of fine jewelry has never ceased to arrest our interest. As a matter of fact, jewelry pieces were once considered as the basis of social status especially during the ancient times.

Timepieces – A Short Introduction

The watch has evolved a lot since the first time it has appeared on the market. The watch industry has also developed and new and sophisticated types of watches have emerged. One of the most notable advancements of its history is the passage from the pocket watch to the wrist watch. Even if this was not something planned, the development has changed the lives of all of us.

Citizen Watches – Close to the Heart, Closer to the Wrist

While the company has yet to make a strap big enough to fit around a person’s chest, that hasn’t stopped Citizen watches from being “close to the hearts of people everywhere.” For nearly 100 years, Citizen watches have produced timepieces that seemingly fit and support lifestyles led by people all over the world.

Customize Your Look With a Beaded Lanyard

Jewelry is a great way to create an individual and customized look. But, let’s face it. Necklaces don’t really have much of a purpose other than for aesthetic appeal.

Guide on How to Choose Good Quality Watch For a Lady

You definitely need a guide on how to choose a watch that you can buy. A watch is one important accessory that you need to have as a beautiful lady. It will surely enhance your look and will help you keep track of your activities efficiently. Try to remember the tips mentioned above.

Choose the Best Watch – Tips You Need to Know

There are a lot of ways that a watch can be used. It is always an important accessory that can help enhance your look. It is also good in helping you keep track of the time. But you need to remember that it is never easy to choose the best watch that you can use. There are some tips that you need to know.

Top Accessories That a Man Must Have

Accessories are not only for ladies but also for men. There are a lot of accessories in the market today that can be used by men to enhance their look and style. You just need to be careful in choosing the one that you want to buy for you to be able to use them fully. There are some tips that you need to know for you to be able to know what accessories you need to have.

How to Buy a Watch – The Best Guide That You Need

Always remember that you need to have some guide in buying a watch. Watch is one of the most important things that you need to have. Try to choose the one that will fit you and the one that you can afford.

Choosing Jewelry Watches Might Be a Hard Thing to Do

Jewelry watches have no clear definition but as we all may imagine these types of watches are surely gold plated and have some precious gem stones here and there. These types of timepieces are expensive and can be rather breath-taking so it is clear that they can represent one of the best options for a gift.

Wristwatch Guide – Tips on How to Clean

Watch is one important accessory that must be kept clean and functional. You have to know that watches accumulate dirt, oil, sweat and a lot more as you wear it from time to time. It is very important that you clean the watch as often as possible. There are some tips that will guide you in cleaning your wristwatch.

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