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Dazzling Earring Sets for an Elegant Night Out

When it comes to selecting an outfit for a night out on the town, many women start with their dress. They pull out their favorite party frock and design the rest of their outfit around it, including the shoes and the accessories. But what if you started with the accessories?

How to Spruce Up Any Look With Silver Jewelry

Are you sick and tired of your old boring outfits? When you go out shopping for new clothes, do you still coming home feeling like you have just purchased more of the same?

4 Popular Jewelry Clasps

When it comes to jewelry making, people will meet a lot of choices, such as, earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings, and hair accessories etc. Well, if you want to complete a perfect necklace or bracelet, clasps are needed. Generally, clasps are designed to connect the different ends of a piece of jewelry together. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. Now, I’d like to share several popular jewelry clasps with you. With so many choices, I’m sure you will find the one you like best.

Various Bracelets for Women

Women’s jewellery has evolved over time with new and different types of jewellery coming on the market year in year out as well as returning fashion trends. One of the main pieces of jewellery for a woman that has seen returning fashion trends many years later is bracelets. Bracelets come in all different styles and sizes.

How to Find Unique Costume Jewellery

Costume Jewellery is now more popular than gold and silver, this is because it is accessible to anyone and most importantly the variety of styles out there leaves us with so much option it leaves our head spinning! Owning a piece of jewellery use to be something that only the rich and beautiful could attain. Often these jewels were expensive and very rare to find.

Costume Jewelry Wholesale Shopping – The Guide You Need to Get the Best Bargains

Costume jewelry wholesale shopping is something even fashion magazine editors, costumers and other professionals in the world of fashion have to do once in a while. Now, ordinary people who are simply looking for a good way to get a low price on extra glamorous jewels are beginning to follow in their footsteps. People who are new to shopping for wholesale costume jewelry might feel a little bit lost when it comes to finding a good selection, as well as knowing what they should expect. This guide will give you the tips that you need to make that next shopping trip a success.

What Is The History of Handcrafted Necklaces?

Seventy-five thousand years ago in South Africa, the earliest humans wore handcrafted necklaces made from mollusks strung together. Mollusks were hard to come by in an arid region, so they must have come at a great price, and wearing them would have been to convey wealth. Thirty thousand years later, the Cro-Magnons of Europe strung animal bones, rocks and berries for use as amulets or adornment. Sea shells were scarce, so they were highly prized and coveted. The early societies in this area fashioned shell-looking beads out of human teeth to convey status. Today, necklaces are as much as symbols of status as personal fashion statements.

Mens Silver Cufflinks – The History of a Typical Cufflink for Men

The mans shirt as we know it and mens cufflinks, first made their appearance in the mid 16th century. The sleeves, or wristband of the shirt, came with small openings that were tied together with string – or ‘cuff strings’ as they became known.

Making Beads for Handmade Jewellery

For centuries, men and women have adorned themselves with precious metals and jewels. Today the modern jewellery designer uses a variety of materials, that may include, glass beads, gemstones, polymer clay, resin and textiles, to name but a few.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry – The Little-Known, Secret Back Door to Affordable Elegance

Wholesale fashion jewelry shopping is an increasingly common method of getting very special deals on jewelry that people notice. Whether it’s that super trendy brown and turquoise bracelet, or those high fashion earrings you have been eyeing, buying fashion at wholesale is a good way to get it without paying an arm and a leg. Most of the time, brick and mortar stores won’t be able to give you the best discounts on fashion jewelry.

Your Girlfriend Wants Vintage: A Crash Course In Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry or vintage jewelry includes many eras. Different eras have different designs. A general rule is the older the piece of jewelry the more valuable it is.

First Wives’ Jewelry Club – Tastes and Trends of Presidential Spouses

With First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis back in the news with a never before released interview and new book, Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy, we’re reminded of how influential First Ladies have been on culture and fashion. Here’s a look back in time at some of our country’s most iconic First Ladies and their penchant for eye-popping jewelry.

Wearing A Designer Chronograph Watch

If you are looking forward to buying a luxury watch with apt features, a chronograph watch can be the best choice. Available in an array of features and designs, these watches are very popular with those who can afford them.

The Zenith Defy Xtreme Tourbillion – A Watch You Will Never Forget

How do you spell envy?? Try ZMDXTBTCM! Or Zenith Men’s Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Watch! Cashing in at just under 100k (YES, that’s one hundred thousand dollars) you may think this man toy a tad on the pricey side, but break out those credit cards boys and move around those college funds-this is a piece of eye candy no man can live without.

Choosing Earrings for Extra Special Occasions

Think about it: If you’re wearing a ring, but not waving it in front of your face, it might get overlooked. The same could be true of a bracelet. And if you have your back to someone, they likely won’t appreciate the fabulous necklace you’re wearing.

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