I Got Stabbed By Glass In This HUGE 24 Pound Lot Of Jewelry From Arizona! Unboxing Part 1 of 8


3 Ways You Could Recycle Old Jewelry

Jewelry, most of it anyway, is made of metals that are non-biodegradable, so the likelihood of them wasting away into the earth is nil. This means they should be disposed of the right way, and if not, well, we could always use them again and again. Some of them are just so precious, but not functional, while others have sentimental value, as much as they might not be worth that much.

Things to Consider When Buying a Luxury Watch for Men Online

I would like to introduce a simple yet comprehensive review of the main considerations when purchasing a mid-range to high-end luxury watch. The reasons we buy a timepiece are all different, and luckily, there are watches that accommodate almost any lifestyle whether you are a CEO of a conglomeration or a renowned extreme-sports athlete! From desktop to dirtbike, there are watches that will complement your lifestyle and your needs.

Logo Earrings: Why Women Like Them

If you are a woman, you most likely have at least one or two of these in your drawer. Most women cannot do without their jewelry. These items depict their style and character clearly, making them part and parcel of a woman just like her makeup and handbag do.

What You Need to Know in Starting a Watch Collection

In starting a watch collection you are faced with the question of whether to collect modern or vintage mechanical watches. Understandably the answer would depend on your personality and preferences.

Review Of Chopard Classic Racing Superfast Watches With In-House Movements

Chopard has come a long way since its inceptions. They have launched different collections one after the other. Classic Racing Super-fast Watches with In-House Movements are the latest one.

Different Types of Jewelries for Men and Women

Jewelries are loved by everyone. Some people use jewelry to display their wealth, and some people use it due to their affection. Jewelries are a symbol of class, elegance, love and much more.

How to Clean and Care for Your Silver Jewellery

Silver is the most common precious metal and has long been a versatile and beautiful addition to the nation’s jewellery collections. However, many silver pendants, rings and other pieces are extremely fragile and require great care and attention to maintain the soft lustre that this metal is known and loved for. Cleaning your silver jewellery is a vital part of its upkeep but owners of silver amethyst jewellery and the fashionable silver snake chains are still unsure about how to care for their pieces.

Vivienne Westwood – The Complete Design

Famous for bringing punk and new wave to the mainstream, one of Britain’s most iconic fashion designers, Vivienne Westwood has designed for some very high profile clients including The British Monarchy. Her Ladies Watch designs provides the unique finishing touch to every ensemble.

Build Your Own Birthstone Engagement Ring

The best way of making a permanent place in a woman’s heart is with a gift of jewelry. Besides when you love her, want your feelings to be known to her and wish to take your relationship to the next level, what can be a better way of doing it than with a beautiful engagement ring that will make her heart melt? This is one variety of jewelry that every woman holds close and treasures for it marks the beginning of a relationship of love.

What Is Amethyst?

Amethyst is found in various shades from light pink to the more common deep purple, indigo and violet colours. The crystal is a popular addition to silver amethyst pendants and bracelets, but despite its striking appearance, many people know very little about its potent healing powers. Silver amethyst jewellery is particularly popular at the moment and its deep purple colour and cluster details are becoming the hottest trend amongst the fashion pack but what exactly is amethyst and what’s so special about this beautiful crystal?

Major Reasons of Silver Price Fluctuation

Sterling silver jewelry prices depend on the market value of silver. Silver is a commodity traded on the markets and as such its price is subject to a variety of factors. Make sure you know how silver is priced so you won’t be caught off guard by the volatility of the silver market.

Vintage Watches Are Making a Comeback

The three most expensive things in America today are real estate, vehicles, and, believe it or not, watches. However, unlike its bigger, clunkier, and more complicated counterparts, a luxury watch is simple, portable, and small, yet can epitomize the sole existence of a human being. Now slap on the word “vintage” before that watch and we have a home run as far as status symbols are concerned.

Photographing Jewelry – 5 Tips on How to Take Great Pictures

Jewelry is often difficult to photograph as it is made up of highly polished materials or colored stones that either reflect or refract most of the light they receive. All great looking jewelry photographs have some things in common, and we would like to share them with you.

The Many Faces of Turquoise – Is It Genuine or Not?

Turquoise is enjoying a revival in jewelry. Turquoise is perhaps one of the most difficult stones to tell apart from imitations, so please read our recommendations in order to be prepared when shopping for turquoise jewelry.

Buying the Right Silver Necklace or Chain

The design, type and size of the necklace or chain will play an important role on whether or not it looks good on you. Use the information provided here to prepare you for the next time you go shopping for a silver necklace.

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