It’s Eric’s Birthday!! Let’s Open A New Heavy Box Of Jewelry From Minnesota! Part 1 of 3

What Is Moissanite Jewelry?

Moissanite is a rare diamond-like mineral that is very much like any precious stone and gem in the market. This unique mineral was first discovered by the scientist Henri Moissan while he was examining rock samples.

Pearl Bridal Jewelry: Cultured or Natural Pearls?

One of the bridal jewelry staples on this planet is the magnificent pearl. Anyone who would wear it according to the ancient Greeks is guaranteed marital paradise. What type of pearl might you choose for your wedding? Here’s a mini 411 on cultured as well as natural pearls.

A Guide To Buying Gemstone Jewelry

The ruby belongs to the corundum family of stones. Its beautiful red color is a result of the presence of chromium.

Good Luck and Protection With Hamsa-Hand Of God

First let us see the different names for the Hand, you will hear people call it Hamsa, Hamza, Hand Of God, Open Hand Of God. The meaning of the word Hamsa is the number “Five” from the Arabic language, and “HAMESH” which is also the number “Five” in the Hebrew language. The shape should look just like an open hand with five fingers there for it called a Hand.

How to Clean Vintage Jewelry

You have bought a gorgeous vintage sterling silver brooch but it is tarnished and dull, how can you bring it back to its former glory – that’s if you want to?!

Jewellery for Mother’s Day – Tips to Select the Best Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give the woman who has given birth to you? If you haven’t got any ideas in the weeks approaching Mother’s day then you should consider buying your mother a piece of jewelry. Most women will be very glad to receive such a gift, especially if you have put a lot of thought into selecting it carefully. The gift you purchase doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; you can find rings, lockets, bracelets etc. in different price ranges to suit your budget. In fact, you don’t even have to wait for a specific day of the year for giving your mother a beautiful present.

Types and Varieties of Jewellery in India

Jewelry in India is an integral part of Indian culture and lifestyle especially for women. It holds an important part in the journey of a girl to woman.

Why Clear Watches Have Become So Trendy

If you have already had the opportunity to browse clear watches then you may already have an idea of what they look like. If you have seen them then you probably already realize why they have become so popular. Just when it seemed there was nothing new that could be done with timepiece accessory wares, the trend became to go with clear.

A Guide To Lapis Lazuli Used In Jewelry

The actual name Lapis Lazuli comes from the ancient Persian language. When translated into English the meaning is “Blue Stone”. Today, some of the best specimens are those sourced from Afghanistan, though it is also found in parts of Chile, Egypt, Italy, the US, and Russia. It has been suggested that the best deposits have been fully mined, though occasionally new quality stones do enter the market.

A Guide To Labradorite Jewelry

Labradorite was first discovered in Labrador, Canada, in 1770. Small fragments of the stone were also found among the artifacts belonging to the Red Painted People of Maine. The better quality spectrolite variety was only discovered during the Second World War in Finland. Deposits have also been unearthed in India, Newfoundland, Russia, and Madagascar.

Tips For Choosing Affordable And Attractive Accessories

How you wear color is one aspect of looking your best. Many people choose costume and fashion jewelry pieces according to their favorite colors. However, making sure you choose according to the colors that suit your skin, eyes, and hair is best to get a perfect look.

Tips To Pay Less For Jewelry Accessories

The term “wholesale” in the past meant items purchased with the intent to resell in a commercial establishment. This could be necklaces purchased from the artist, for example, by a jeweler’s establishment with the intent of marking up the purchase price so that the owner of the business would make a profit. The amount of profit made could be related to the volume of sales, the amount of shop overhead or type of jewelry sold by the establishment.

Allure Your Fiance With Custom Engagement Rings

Is your engagement round the corner and you are enthusiastically making preparations for the same? When you talk about engagement, it’s definitely one of the most memorable and awaited days in life.

The Unique Origin Of Larimar Jewelry

Anyone who owns Larimar jewelry would like to know how the jewelry is being made. Well, it is important to understand that the ornament comes from a rock called Larimar hence the name Larimar jewelry. Larimar rock is only being found in the Dominican Republic, a country in the Caribbean.

Yoga Jewelry

Yoga jewelry is usually made from semi precious stones and makes use of organic and natural materials like woods such as bamboo, natural fibres and equally it tends to favour symbolism from India where many of today’s types of Yoga have been introduced to the Western world from. For many practitioners, once they begin to experience the many benefits of yoga, they find themselves draw to yoga jewelry. This is jewellery that reflects the inner calm and ancient symbolism of the practice of yoga.

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