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Gemstone Cuts – Gemmology

There are many different verities of cuts when it comes to gemstones. Physical and optical properties influence how the gemstone should be cut. A good example is tourmaline.

How To Sell Your Gold For The Best Price

Finding an honest buyer for your Gold doesn’t have to difficult. You can leverage the power of the Internet to look for reviews, complaints, and ratings on various Gold buyers in your area. If your buyer is reputable they should have a number of positive ratings from other customers in your area. In the end, you want to deal with properly registered business who can give you a fast and fair transaction. Selling your Gold and Silver shouldn’t be a difficult task, and you should get a fair value for your items.

How To Collect Watches

If you’re just starting to collect watches, you’ll need to determine what to collect, where to collect, and how much to spend on your new collection. This article reviews the basics for beginning collectors of time pieces and suggests where to begin your background research.

Gift Bulova and Longines Watches To Loved Ones

There are different popular brands in the watch making industry. Among them the Longines Watches has managed to make a special place for itself. Among other popular brands Bulova has also gained considerable popularity.

Gemstone of the Month: The Blue Sapphire

September babies, do you know your birthstone? Probably, since you’re a Virgo and known to be detail-oriented. It’s the blue sapphire, one of the most regal of all gemstones. Of course, you don’t have to be born in September to enjoy the deep history and beauty of blue sapphires. The royal stone is worth knowing-and wearing-by any fan of gemstones. Here are 15 more facts about sapphires.

Fundraising With Precious Metals

Fundraising with a silver and gold party would never have been heard of years ago. But hosting a silver or gold party is a no-cost event for the host. Invite people to bring their unused jewelry and you will earn 10% of all the precious metals sold that day. This is a great read if you’re looking to earn money fast in the coming days ahead.

Rhinestone Watches Add Peppy Bling To Your Life

Recently any accessorizing of clothing that brought in a shiny, glitzy look got called bling. By giving it a special connotation a the fashion world validated the look it added to any wardrobe as officially having a title. The glittery look can be achieved by incorporating bling into clothing or adding the sparkle and shine with accessories with the same properties.

TALISMANS – Well and Alive Today!

Most of us think that Talismans are of the past. That they no longer exist. That it is just nonsense from the dark ages. That it no longer has a place among us in this age of technology and computers. But we are wrong. Talismans are well and alive, and among us today…

Tips for Displaying Your Watch Collection

It is important to protect your watch collection by storing it in a proper display case. This article reviews the importance of protecting your collection and display options for collectors.

Jewellery Party – How To Write And Present Perfect Invitations To Your Party

Are you currently planning to organize a jewellery party because you would like to launch or build your jewellery business? Then make sure that the invitations are written and presented perfectly.

Jewellery Party – How To Plan And Prepare Your Party In Order To Sell Successfully

Do you sell jewellery and are you confident enough that the jewellery will be loved by your potential customers? Then you should have a good foundation to establish your business.

Jewellery Party – 4 Games To Entertain Your Guests

Games are a means of engaging your guests and adding entertainment to a jewellery party. In order to transform them into a selling tool, arrange party games that encourage your guests to touch and interact with the jewellery.

Gift For a Soldier That Can Become a Treasure

Do you need to buy a gift for your favorite soldier and you don’t know what would be the best for them? Then don’t think that you are alone as there are millions of people spending hours just looking for the right gift. But the hidden truth is that, let it be whatever you present, these gifts are going to be accepted cheerfully by them.

Best Ways to Take Handmade Jewelry – Unique Earrings, Handcrafted Bracelets – Photos

We have been taking our own handmade jewelry photos for many years and just as it is with making our handmade earrings and handmade bracelets, it does get easier with time. We hope these suggestions help you to take great photos of your unique handcrafted jewelry.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Crystal Beads

What is the difference between using glass beads and crystal beads? How many types of crystal beads are there? Should I buy cheap or expensive crystal beads?

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