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Types of Handmade Silver Jewelry

When purchasing handcrafted jewelry there are many kinds of jewelry to take into account. There are several different styles to take into account on top of choosing the types of metal you are looking into. Let’s assume you want sterling silver jewelry, but other then that you have no idea what you want.

Battle of the Giants: Murano Glass Vs Bohemian Glass

Today, glass is created in many countries of the world, and many countries are developing reputation for outstanding glass art. But, for many centuries, there were two places that were producing great glass art – Murano in Italy, and several places in Bohemia, what is today Czech Republic.

Men’s Accessories and Jewelery

Guys let’s just admit it, women accessorize much better than we do! Its fact, we’re following slowly behind them when it comes to accessories and jewellery.

Choosing Pearl Necklaces

Along with diamonds and precious metals, pearls have long been considered amongst the most luxurious of natural substances for use in the making of fine jewellery. During the 13th and 14th centuries, the use of pearls became very fashionable in Europe.

Hugo Boss Watches – History

Founded in the year 1924 in the city of Metzingen –Germany and named after it’s founder, Hogo Boss is a fashion house specialized in high-end mens and womenswear. Starting his company during the Great Depression — a severe economic crisis before the second World War — Hugo Boss was soon forced into bankruptcy. Salvation came in the year 1931, when after making a deal with his creditors, Hugo Boss was able to save six sewing machines to start building his company again.

Murano Italy: The Glass Island

The island of Murano Italy, or the ‘glass island’ as it is known in the tourist literature, is one of those places that we discover on our travels almost by accident, but which leave long and lasting impression and fire our imagination. One of the five islands in the Venetian lagoon, Murano was originally settled by the Romans, and later, from the 6th century, by the people of Altinum and Oderzo running away from the Barbarians. Originally a fishing port and a center for salt production, this sleepy little island came on the map of the world in…

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Pearls and Birthstones

For centuries, birthstones have been given as gifts to celebrate a person’s birthday. But how did the tradition of birthstones come about? It happened long before the jewelry industry got involved.

The Meaning of Purity Rings

Purity rings are worn by young girls and boys for different reasons and at different ages. The most common reason for wearing a purity ring is to symbolize that they will abstain from sex until marriage. There has been a debate over the success of rings in the quest for young people to abstain from sex, with one section feeling it does not deter young people from abstaining and another section feeling that it serves as a reminder of a commitment made to oneself to keep away from sex.

Why You Should Wear The Best Watch That You Can Afford

Having the best watch that you can afford isn’t just about getting the time right. It’s about status and personality.

The Aura Around Celtic Wedding Rings

For both brides and bridegrooms, Celtic wedding rings hold a certain level of exclusivity and importance. Not only do these weddings have a unique charm but there are many traditions attached to them and even historical facts.

The Mohs Scale of Hardness

You may have heard this term before when buying gemstone jewelry, and you probably wondered, “what the heck does that mean and why, should I care? I’m just buying a piece of jewelry.”

Celtic Crosses: The History Behind The Beautiful Celtic Jewelry

Celtic crosses worn on a bracelet, ring or necklace are a beautiful way to show your Irish or Celtic heritage, but do you know where the Celtic cross originally came from? Learn about the origin, meaning, and symbolism behind the popular Celtic cross.

Non Diamond Engagement Rings – Determining Ring Styles and Settings

An engagement ring is a sign of love in a relationship or for some people, the sign of commitment and “ownership”. Let’s face it; women usually define how true the relationship is once they have an engagement band around their fingers. That’s how powerful this ring is. Because it’s the universal symbol of a prenuptial, an engagement band must be very special, probably not as grand as the wedding ring itself but certainly grander than any other rings your fiancee ever had.

Birthstone Jewelry Beliefs

It is very popular to wear birthstone jewelry nowadays as it becomes a fashion and people somehow believe that it becomes their personality. Due to the superstition and greed of mankind, stories could be made up to turn advantages to the merchants’ favor. I wish for you therefore to just read for general information. I also hope that you will not be fleeced or conned by such merchants that by wearing them, your desires and wishes can come true.

A Simple Guide on Buying Wholesale Pocket Watches

It’s always a great idea to go classic. The classic items are always the best and could be rewarding in a number of ways. However, as time progresses, their existence is being confined to history.

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