Lea Stein Paris Cat Bacchus brooch pin red black animal jewelry 1990s

Women’s Best Friend – Vintage Gold Rings

Time-tested jewelry gets into the category of vintage; they are the ones which have a very long life in the markets. The craze for the jewelry belonging to the 1920-1950 can still be seen. A very large section of the market is still under the influence of the vintage jewelry.

Finding Jewelry Wholesalers Using Technology

These days, finding jewelry wholesalers is a lot easier than it used to be in the past. There is a lot of technology that you will be able to use to track down the different sellers that you want to buy from. If you are someone who owns a business or someone who wants to go into business selling jewelry, then you will have to be able to find a wholesaler to buy from in order to make the amount of money that you want to make. Here are a few ways that you can use technology to find the wholesaler that you are going to buy from.

PomPom Series of POMELLATO

From the beginning of POMELLATO in Europe, POMELLATO has won the fame of “king of ring” in the jewelry world. POMELLATO will always provide delicate and stylish jewelry for the world. And now, in order to celebrate 40th anniversary, it releases the latest PomPom series of rings for you to enjoy luxury and dazzling jewelry once again.

The Symbolic Meaning Of Arrowhead Pendants For Men

An arrowhead is the sharpened tip that is placed on an arrow in order to make it much more deadly or for it fulfill a special purpose. Traditionally arrowheads had been made from stone and organic materials, but in modern times other materials were utilized. Arrowheads are also valuable archaeological artifacts, which are a sub-class of the projectile points.

Men’s Engagement Rings – What to Look for

A quick outline of what to look for when buying his/her engagement ring. From all styles and size options!

A Topaz Ring Buying Guide

Topaz rings are often associated as the birthstone ring for people born in November. These days however, topaz rings are becoming more and more popular not only as a birthstone ring but also as an anniversary present, a birthday gift or even as an engagement ring.

The Art of Wearing Costume Jewelry

There are many ways to wear beautiful jewelry without shelling out a lot of money. The most simple way you can save money is by purchasing costume jewelry as opposed to buying real pearls, gold, silver or diamond jewelry.

The Hidden Meaning of the Claddagh Topaz Ring

The Claddagh ring was first used by the Irish people in the Claddagh Village of the Ireland. This traditional ring of the of the villagers was usually worn as a wedding ring or given to a special someone as a symbol of an unending love.

Different Types of Wholesale Jewelry That Are Available

When you are looking for wholesale jewelry you will find a lot of different types available that you can buy. No matter what your reason for wanting to buy wholesale there are some great options available to you that will satisfy your needs. There are a lot of people who want to be able to start their own jewelry business who buy jewelry this way, but the average person can also buy jewelry for wholesale prices as well. Here are a few different types of jewelry that are available for you to buy wholesale.

Making Money Selling Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Are you thinking about trying to make some money by selling wholesale fashion jewelry that people are interested in? There are a couple of considerations that you will want to make if you are going to have success and make the type of money that you want to make. There have been a lot of people who have found a wholesaler to buy jewelry from but they have not been successful because they did not have a plan and did not know the things that it takes to run a business like this one. By taking the time to get this valuable information, you will be able to have an idea of some of the key ingredients that are needed to be successful in the jewelry business.

Options For Buying Wholesale Jewelry For Your Business

Are you going to buy some wholesale jewelry to sell in your existing business? There are a lot of great options for you to be able to buy the jewelry that you want to sell to your customers. Depending on the type of business you have, you may already know which types of jewelry you can sell and which types not to even try to sell. However, if you are someone who is not sure on which ones to try to sell, this information will help you know about some of the options that are available.

Finding Wholesale Jewelry Pieces That Sell

One of the keys to making money selling wholesale jewelry is finding pieces that sell. If you cannot find the right pieces then you are going to have trouble trying to find people to sell them to. This is one of the biggest mistakes jewelry sellers make and is one that you want to try to avoid making if you want to make some good money.

2011 The Latest Hello Kitty Jewelry

Hello Kitty is a lovely cat character that was born in 1974 in Japan. And it became famous rapidly and unimaginably. Hello Kitty was firstly used on purse and then it is used in many fields, such as clothes, handbags and jewelry, with its popularity in the world. And they will make you cuter.

Complete Your Bridal Look With Beautiful Fashion Wedding Jewelries

Though the rings usually occupy center stage at a wedding, there are other fashion wedding jewelries that must be considered. From earrings to necklaces to tiaras, these pieces offer the perfect complement to a wedding dress and veil.

Costume Jewellery and Fashion Accessories: Industry Report 2011

The Jewellery and Fashion industry has remained reasonably buoyant throughout the last two years despite the global downturn. I’m going to detail the reasons for this and discuss the prospects for 2011 and beyond.

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