Let’s Thrift Again! Plus a Small Haul. What Can I Find To Sell For A Profit Online?

Do Rings for Men Indicate Superstitions?

Did you know that men’s rings sometimes indicate superstitions? It all began in Ancient Egypt when men started the wedding tradition of wearing the wedding band on the left hand’s ring finger. This was done because the heart has a vein that connects to the ring finger and the Egyptians believed that wearing their wedding rings there would make both partners love each other more.

Owl Jewelry: How to Use This Growing Trend to Complete Your Look

From elegant and classy styles to fun, casual styles, owl jewelry can help you to look your best. This article describes all of the most popular types of owl jewelry available today and details the significance of each to help you choose the best one for your desired look.

Charms for Necklaces? That’s Right, Charms Aren’t Just for Bracelets Anymore!

If you’re addicted to collecting charms then you will love the fact that many fashion jewelry manufacturers are making charms for necklaces and earrings now. That’s right, charm addicts, now you can mix and match your charms for different fashion accessories.

Opals – Fire and Beauty: What to Look Out for When Buying Opal Jewellery

Opals are the stuff of legend! These beautiful gemstones have been popular since ancient times thanks to their beautiful play of colour and their opalescence, but these stones have also had the reputation of being unlucky. So why is this? I want to explain a little bit more about this delightful gemstone, a particular favourite of mine!

Wholesale Fashion or Costume Jewelry at Affordable Prices

Buying necklaces, earrings, and bracelets on wholesale is very profitable especially if you buy them online from different discount stores. The manufacturers of wholesale jewelry make multiple pieces of the same piece and distribute it at incredibly low prices.

Old Fused Glass Is New Again

Have you heard the saying “Everything old is new again”? Well this article uses the same theory regarding fused glass.

The Ring of Abstinence

An important aspect of Christianity and perhaps several other religions is the trait of abstinence before marriage. The purity ring is a piece of jewelry that represents dedication to this very trait.

Dominican Larimar

One of the prettiest gems from the Dominican Republic is the indigenous Larimar stone. The particular acid composition of silicate hydrate and sodium, which creates the Larimar stone, exists in a lot of other places, but it’s the volcanic blue color that makes Dominican Larimar unique.

Zodiac Gems and Birthstones – May: Choosing Jewellery Gifts With a Meaning!

The lore and allure of Zodiac gemstones and birthstones is something I want to take a close look at over the coming months, taking each Zodiac sign and month in turn. There has been a long tradition of assigning gemstones to birth and planetary influences, and whether or not you believe in this, it does tend to make a nice theme for giving birthday presents of jewellery incorporating the chosen stones!

New Trends in Discount Watches

This year’s BaselWorld Watch and Jewelry convention closed its doors a few weeks ago, after eight highly successful days. The exhibitors were particularly satisfied, with 103,200 visitors (a 2.5% increase in attendance from last year) and outstanding sales.

Choosing a Watch: Criteria

Choosing a watch, you need to clearly understand why you need it. If you are going to buy a watch for everyday wear, a classic watch is an ideal choice. In case you need a watch for social events…

What Is a Rainbow Zebra Charm?

Charms are all the time present. Even the Holy Bible talks about charms and amulets.

Sell Jewelry Online and Earn Extra Cash!

They quote a price that is way lesser than the actual value and con people by taking their money. After taking the money, they simply disappear without a trace.

Silver Wax Bracelets

Wax bracelets are those wonderful objects that are actually made from a kind of waxed string that is produced by hand. Silver wax bracelets thereby combine these two elements which are the wax string and the silver for the ornament to be formed.

What to Look for When Buying a Wrist Watch

Sometimes a buyer faces the task of choosing watches without exceeding a certain sum of money. In this case, the first desire is to find a watch that would have as many opportunities as possible at equal price. As a result, one often purchases not original watch, but with a large set of advantages: known brand name, chronograph, calendar, lunar calendar. I would like to give some advice on this matter.

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