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Claddagh Rings

Many people have seen Claddagh rings before and not understood the meaning behind the design. There is a memorable and distinct, classic design of a heart between two hands with a crown on top. As with a lot of ancient Irish culture, the history of this ring has been debated. The tale that is the most popular is about Richard Joyce, who was a young fisherman from the village of Claddagh in County Galway. The tale goes that Algerian pirates captured Joyce and his shipmates and sold them in Africa as slaves. A goldsmith bought Joyce and taught him the craft. The slaves were released in 1689, when Joyce went back to Ireland and crafted the first Claddagh ring then presented it to his beloved. Even after they married, Joyce continued in the goldsmithing trade in Ireland.

Bridal Jewelry Essentials for the Resplendent Bride

Buying bridal jewelry is no longer an expensive affair. Many brides prefer affordable gold plated fashion jewelry that can be worn on other occasions as well.

How to Avoid Cash for Gold Pitfalls When Selling Your Gold

After steadily declining in June, the price of gold started to rebound in early July. While gold’s current price (around $1200 per ounce) is far below its all-time high of $1,900 per ounce, in August 2011, gold is still very appealing to both buyers and sellers.

Distinction And Recognition With Masonic Regalia

Freemasonry is a kind of fraternal organization tracing its origins to Stonemasonry. Today, this organization exists in different forms worldwide and the membership count is at about six million Freemasons.

What Are the Things That You Add to Beaded Earrings?

Do you know what makes the different parts of earrings? Most people do not, which is why in this article you will learn what makes up your earrings and specifically beaded earrings. We all have separate desires and wants, beaded earrings makes it easier for us to have all that we want since they are usually unique and very customizable. On top of that beaded earrings does not weigh as much as other earrings, protecting your ear is just as good as trying to make it look amazing.

A Colourful Engagement – When Diamonds Aren’t a Girl’s Best Friend

Ever since the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement with that beautiful sapphire ring, the emergent of coloured engagement rings has grown in popularity but where do you begin when choosing an engagement ring with a coloured stone? Whilst most people opt for the traditional diamond (the most expensive gemstone), a growing number of grooms are choosing a colourful alternative with engagement rings set with a semi-precious stones like Rubies, Sapphires or Amethysts. Gemstones are often more affordable, which is great for cash-strapped buyers that want to propose regardless of their bank balance.

Custom Super Bowl Rings – For The Ultimate Sports Fan

There are millions of fans for every single team out there, and one sport that seems to have the biggest and loudest is that of football. Every year one game is not only watched by the millions of frenzied spectators it is seen by the world.

Starting Your Jewelry Basics With Akoya Pearl

You have always dreamed of having your own pearl jewelry but would not know where to start. You are just clueless with Pearl Basics 101.

Rings of Glory – Getting A Custom Championship Ring Today

If you ask any sports fan today about getting their hands on the ultimate prize of a professional championship, they will most likely assume it’s impossible for them on a personal level. That’s very true for millions of fans out there cheering on their favorite team, some of which paint their faces, wear the jerseys.

How to Find the Best Costume Jewelry for You

Most women think that costume jewelry is something that you don’t really invest in but nothing can be further from the truth. Any kind of jewelry, especially ones that will enhance your looks are investments worth making, primarily because they also help shape people’s first impression of you and help determine whether you achieve your life goals or not. Read on to find out more.

Custom Championship Rings – Showcase The Immortal

Every single sports fan will be familiar with the ultimate prize in professional sports today. Regardless of the team, regardless of the event, every single player in every league is after one solid prize and it often times comes in the form of a ring.

Pearl Necklaces: The Perfect Jewelry for a Bride

In the olden days, it was customary for pearls to be sewn on the bride’s wedding gown as they symbolized purity, innocence, honesty and faith which befittingly described the bride and the couple’s new life ahead. Through the years, pearls have become the jewelry of choice for brides to don on their wedding day not only because of their traditional significance but also due to their elegant and classic overtures.

Pearl Earrings: Timeless Fashion

According to fashion experts, every woman should own a pair of pearl earrings. They are timeless as they never go out of style and very versatile as they can be worn on any occasion.

The Perfect Occasions for Designer Jewelry

Designer jewelry can be the icing on the cake for a number of special occasions. Good times or even bad call for a trinket or a treasure.

Imitation Jewelry: Giving Enchanting Look to Your Beauty

Jewelery plays a vital part in enhancing your beauty as it complements the dress you wear. It adds beauty and style to the outfits worn by an individual. Even a simply designed outfit can look striking if worn with gorgeous jewelry. Today imitation jewelry has become foremost preference for the young ladies and beautiful women. As the price of the gold has highly increased most women choose to wear artificial jewelry. This jewelry is also known as costume jewelry, junk jewelry and fashion jewelry.

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