Lots Of Beautiful Earrings In This $50 Bag Of Estate Jewelry. Beautiful, Sellable Stuff! Part 2 of 3

Ribbon Watch Faces – A Good Addition to Your Jewelry Box

This article is all about ribbon watch faces and bands. Ribbon watch faces look adorable and stylish. The good thing about them is that they can be used with different ribbons. You can easily buy these watch faces and bands online.

Beading Watch Faces – Symbol of Style and Elegance

This article throws light on beading watch faces that have gained popularity among the women in a very short time. These watch faces contain different types of colorful beads in them that enhance their beauty. You can easily buy these watch faces online.

Rings and Things – Fashion Rings

When it comes to jewelry accessories, rings are unique. They can be fun and trendy or symbolize love and eternity between two people. Most people will own at least several different rings throughout their lifetime. Birthstone rings, school rings, wedding rings, and let us not forget that rings are great fashion accessories. Today we look at some of the best fashion rings available and talk about rings and things such as maintenance and care.

The Ordinary Bloke’s Guide to Opal Cutting and Polishing – Part 3

So you want to become a gem cutter? Well, you had better learn about the words associated with the subject first or you wont be able to read the instructions. here are a lot of terms associated with gems, jewelry, opal cutting, etc, that have been selected with the average person in mind.

Tips for Choosing the Right Silver Jewelry for Men

If you are buying the jewelry for yourself, consider your personal style. This will make it easy for you to find one that goes well with your most common outfits. Is your style casual, formal or smart casual.

Prom Jewelry – What You Should Wear to the Prom

Prom jewelry is the most obvious accessory. It can enhance your personal style and make what you wear to the prom stand out. It does not matter if you prefer a simple and classic style or want to be funky and daring; there is prom jewelry available that is going to help you stand out.

What Is Cubic Zirconia?

After people get an answer to the question: what is cubic zirconia? They often want to know why it was first made. Like synthetic corundum and synthetic diamonds, it had its beginning in industrial applications. The first gem was created in Russia; the purpose was not the jewelry industry but laser technology.

Ressence Type 3: An Inception Watch Controlled by Magnets Suspended in Liquid

Introducing the Ressence Type 3. It is perhaps the most interesting new watch in many years.

In Demand at Pawn Shops: What to Know About Selling and Pawning

Spring is here, and many of us are in “cleaning” mode. If you’re in need of cash, you may want to consider cleaning out your jewelry box, and selling or pawning some gold, silver, or diamond jewelry. But that’s not all jewelers are interested in. Read on to find out all that you can sell or pawn, and what to know before you do.

Pick Your Wedding Rings With Care

Even though a wedding is a day of joy for the couple and their families, there are plenty of people who would be coming only to look at the way you dress up. Even though it’s not important to please these people, it’s human nature that you’d want to make yourself look good. It’s not just the people around that matter.

Shinola Runwell: Bringing Watchmaking to the Motor City

Shinola brings watchmaking to the Motor City with Detroit’s first watch, the Runwell. The Runwell is made in Detroit with Swiss components.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Memorial Jewelry

Losing a loved one is not an easy process to go through. Memories come flooding back and are more cherished than before. Taking the time to memorialize someone can help with the grieving process.

The Mysterious Black Pearls From Tahiti

When you think of pearls, you immediately think of the white, round beads usually worn as necklaces or earrings. The term pearl is sometimes used as a color itself as well, describing a creamy, white, almost luminescent object. You wouldn’t really think of a pearl as something that is black. But believe it or not, there are black pearls!

South Sea Pearls: Attractive White Pearls From Australia

Nothing can make anyone look and feel more elegant than pearls. Pearls represent elegance, simplicity and beauty at its finest. It is often regarded as a symbol of wealth as well. Accessories made of pearls are coveted and could instantly make an outfit more sophisticated.

The Bright Side of the Black Tahitian Pearls

The Tahitian black pearls are considered the most beautiful pearls in the world. They are extremely rare because only a small quantity of black-lipped oysters endures to produce the organic gem and on top of that, these oysters are mercilessly sourced to the point of extinction because of their lustrous nacre.

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