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Some Things To Know About The Howlite Beads

Howlite beads are naturally white in color, but they are often dyed to imitate turquoise and lapis lazuli. The charcoal veins in the stones resemble web like structures that are commonly found in turquoise and due to their porous nature, they can be dyed quite easily.

All About Gemstone Cabochons

Gemstone cabochons originated from France and the name refers to a gemstone that has been polished and shaped which appears a convex shaped at the top and then flat at the bottom, they are also raw and unpolished at the back. These particular stones are unique because they are only polished and not faceted.

Introduction To Polished Pearl Beads

Polished pearl beads have always been around for many years and this is due to the fact they have luster and beauty. During the olden days, pearl beads were very hard to find and this made them so expensive but of late they are becoming popular due to their high demand.

The World Of Polished Pearl Beads

Pearls are usually described as the earliest gemstones found by ancient man. Polished Pearl Beads are normally utilized for personal adornment and loved by many people all over the world for thousands of years and they are still on high demands even to this day.

Printed Shell Beads Revealed

Printed shell beads are gaining much popularity all around because of their gorgeous and playful look when combined together. The main difference created by these shells is that they are very colorful and tend to be extremely light as compared to other beads.

Truth About Printed Shell Beads

Since the olden days, beads have always been regarded as symbols of beauty in many cultures and even in some cultures they were viewed as having spiritual importance. Beads are used around the world in a variety of settings, from personal to home decorations.

Hultquist Jewellery – Great As a Mother’s Day Gift Idea?

Hultquist jewellery was established by Anne Hultquist in 1980. She later formed a company called Hultquist-Copenhagen that started making and continues to make all Hultquist Jewellery designs to date. All Hultquist jewellery were originally made using the basic concept of creating unique, fashionable jewellery inspired by a variety of wonderful mixtures of past, present and future cultures.

The Many Sides to Beads

People have loved and sought after beads for centuries because of their attractive charm and appeal. Beads come in many shades, colors and shapes and they truly are enchanting little wonders.

How To Buy Howlite Beads?

Howlite is a naturally white stone that has black or grey spider webs throughout. Most of these stones are dyed to imitate Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise. The stone was named after the mineralogist who found it in the 19th century in Nova Scotia. The name of the mineralogist was Henry How.

How To Buy Beads In Bulk

To start a jewelry making business, all that a person needs is essential jewelry making supplies and beads. If you are planning to set up a business, consider starting from home because it makes the business more economical.

Tips On How To Choose Hoop Earrings

Simplicity and style make hoop earrings an ideal piece which can accent any casual or formal outfit. Hoop earrings are perfect for all occasions and they are available in a wide range of metals, shapes and widths.

Looking To Purchase Gold Hoop Earrings? Here Are Some Things To Know

Hoop earrings are simple accessories which can be wisely purchased with a little bit of know-how. Gold hoop earrings can go with any kind of outfit and can be a great way to create a style statement.

How Can You Buy High Quality Crystal Product?

The prices for crystals are different from one another because their quality varies greatly. If you decide to buy crystal jewelry, you may want to know whether the crystal jewelry is of high or inferior quality.

Make Particular Jewelry With Some Jewelry Beads

Do you like wearing the pearl or gem necklace? Have you ever thought of making a necklace by your own hands? If you want to make a bead necklace or chain, you need to buy some jewelry beads. There are various types of beads on the market. They all look beautiful and particular. You can choose the type you like most.

Watches and Jewels

The pocket watch was first mentioned in a letter from a famous Italian clock maker in 1462 and by then end of the 15th century spring driven pocket watches were appearing all over Europe. Today watches of any quality will be jeweled, since up until the 1720’s all watches were based on the verge escapement which involved a high amount of friction and no jewelling as a result these watches were highly inaccurate. Jewel bearing were invented by Nicolas Fatio de Duillier to prevent the wear of the insides of the watch and make them more accurate time…

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