Miriam Haskell flower brooch

When You Want a Bracelet, Make It

Add a personal touch to your wrist or ankle with a hand-made bracelet instead of going out and settling for a premade one. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Bulova Watches For Sale – How To Find Bargains

Are you looking to find Bulova watches for sale? Now is the perfect time to find bargains on Bulova watches. Why do so many people struggle to find reasonable prices for this popular brand?

What Makes Fork Jewelry So Appealing?

Jewelry made from forks is experiencing a recent resurgence. Following on the heels of the latest retro 70’s fashion trend, fork jewelry today is far more sophisticated than its 1970’s predecessor. Along with a brief history of the fork, this article discusses the many factors that have made fork and utensil jewelry so appealing today.

Entice Her With Fascinating Engagement Rings

Diamond rings are formal agreement between couples and divine certification for spending rest of life together. A lovely and enticing rings show that how special your love is and in fact, your engagement ring is final agreement for living together as a life partner and will stay together in every circumstance of life.

Montblanc to Unveil ‘The John Lennon’ Pen Collection

There are three versions of the John Lennon Pen Collection – black Precious Resin, a more limited Silver overlay pen and an extremely limited Skeleton pen. This incredible collection of writing instruments has been in anticiaption for years, it seemed prefect to launch the collection in commemorance of Lennon’s 70th birthday on 10/9/2010. The collaboration was announced at the annual Academy Awards ‘Montblanc Signature Of Good’ event in March 2010.

White Gold Locket – Questions and Answers

Q&A: Should I Buy a White Gold Locket Who should wear one, What to look for, and Why they’re so special Lockets have always been a timeless piece of jewelry, and a white gold locket can be an especially beautiful option. The locket that you get as a young child can easily transition with you into your older years. However, you do not have to do that.

The Perfect Gift – The Watch

Stop wondering through shops in search of that special gift you want to give to the person you cherish the most. A watch is the perfect solution when you want to buy something valuable and elegant to one of your friends or your life partner.

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Stainless Steel Jewelry

Fashion has indeed advanced to different heights lately. People today are becoming more and more conscious of what they are wearing. They are now checking out the latest fashion trends that they think will work for them well.

Be Stylish, Put On A Gold Pocket Watch

Pocket watches have been around for ages already however; they are still a very popular fashion accessory nowadays. Now, if you are in search of the best items to put on for different occasions that will help you make the jaws of beautiful ladies drop at the sight of you, then these elegant timepieces will be an awesome choice for you to consider. These types of watches were first released in the 1500s.

Pocket Watch – Unparalleled Elegance

Fashion is a very diverse thing as to the reason that the designs and styles used in this industry come in huge numbers. If you are into elegance, then perhaps a pocket would be a deserving fashion accessory for you. Pocket watches are good blends of fashion and function as to the reason that these are good timepieces that will always orient you with time especially if you are the type of person who is always on the rush; and at the same time, this will also aid you in making yourself look more elegant.

Get Classy With A Pocket Watch

Watches are not only considered as functional pieces that help keep us oriented with time everyday but they are also really adorable fashion accessories. To some extent, they are even looked on more as decorative accents that help complete an attire rather than as functional pieces that aid people with their daily tasks. One of the best kinds of watches in the market nowadays that will surely make you look classy would be pocket watches.

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Sterling Silver?

This article provides the reader some tips on how to maintain their sterling silver items. Hope that everyone will love their Silver items even more after knowing how to take care of them.

Jewish Jewelry and G-D’s Love

Love is an abstract concept – we feel it and know love deep within our hearts. Such is the love of G-d and G-d himself. We cannot see Him but we feel his love and his presence in the miracle of creation. We are overwhelmed by each breath we take, by the beauty of nature, by the smiles on our children’s faces and by each time the sun sets and rises. All these are testaments of the divine wisdom and the divine love of G-d.

Buying the Right Kind of Watch

Each person is characterized with individuality manifested through unique personal choices and preferences. In choosing for the right kind of watch, nobody can dictate you what should you buy but any buying idea from others will help you get the right kind of watch.

Designer Watch – The Requisites in Making Best Buys

You will be investing a high cost when you buy designer watches. This is because you paid for a time keeping accessory with enduring quality and trendy style. Thus, it is very necessary to consider some requisites to be taken into consideration before concluding a purchase. This will help you avoid the mistakes that result to unsatisfied buys.

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