More Pretty Jewelry! Opening Another Mystery Bag of Silver Tone Jewelry From The Thrift Store

The Snap Jewelry Concept – Idea That Can Help Maximize Profits

When I started my jewelry designing career, I didn’t know where it would take me. I didn’t even know if I would be able to sell my first set of creations. Times were difficult for me, but I knew I had to start from somewhere.

5 Interesting Uses of Cheap Charms

When we think of charms, the first thing that comes to mind is jewelry. From ages, charms have been used to decorate jewelry pieces such as bracelets and anklets.

How To Choose Acrylic Beads In 6 Easy Steps

I use acrylic beads for various projects. Apart from jewelry making, I sometimes use them in sewing, scrap booking and even crafting. There are numerous uses of acrylic beads and they have lots of advantages too.

Types of Cheap Buttons You Can Consider For Your Sewing Projects

When working on a sewing project, sewing enthusiasts often make use of buttons to add a touch of style to the article of clothing. Buttons are also functional elements used in sewing which can hold different parts of the clothing together.

How To Make A Cute Necklace Out Of Wooden Beads

When I started jewelry designing, I always looked for the most beautiful beads to use in my creations. Sometimes, I would even spend a lot of money on exquisite beads just to make sure that my creations looked elegant and stunning.

Types of Seed Beads Used In Jewelry Making and Crafting

Seed beads are also known as rocailles and these are very small, versatile beads that can be used in a range of beading and crafting projects. They are also used in embroidery projects.

11 Jewelry Making Supplies Every Jewelry Designer Must Have

Jewelry making is a hobby that is not only interesting, but it is one that can be a source of income for you if you decide to sell what you create. Whether you are a professional jewelry designer or someone who is looking to craft their first piece, there is some jewelry making supplies that you must have.

Types Of Affordable Beads For Jewelry Making

If you are a jewelry designer, you know how important it is to craft pieces that will appeal to your customers. Not every customer can afford expensive jewelry, but everyone does want to wear stunning and elegant pieces that comes at affordable prices.

Wholesale Beads – Tips For Buying Quality Beads At Extremely Affordable Prices

When it comes to buying wholesale beads for jewelry making online, the convenience is unmatched. There are many jewelry designers who do not have access to local crafts stores from where they can get wholesale prices on jewelry beads, especially pearl, gemstone or semi-precious beads.

What Are The Wedding Ring Traditions From Different Cultures

In almost every culture around the world there is the prevalence of marriage. The central to every marriage is the union between two people, though there are certain traditions of each culture. These could be wedding clothes, blessing rituals, wedding food, color themes, etc.

Some Interesting Facts About Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are the most sought-after pieces of jewelry and include diamond necklaces, diamond rings, and diamond earrings. Diamond rings are taken as the ultimate symbol of love and are also the practical form of jewelry.

Things You Should Know When Buying Gold Jewelry

Most of us are familiar with the standard gold markings of 18K, 22K, etc., but not everyone knows that gold jewelry is also marked by gold percentage. Hence, you should ensure to inspect all the markings on a jewelry piece before buying.

Remembering Military Families On Veterans Day

Veterans Day is an important day to every American. This is a special day set aside to remember the service of military personnel and the sacrifices that each one has made.

Ways to Announce Summer Discounts on Wholesale Jewellery

Fashion lovers love to focus on every element related to their fashion. They want to make sure that from their clothes to their accessories are well co-ordinated. For this they even make attempts to follow the fashion trends of international celebrities.

Common Earring Making Supplies

Earring making supplies are readily available at any craft store that sells jewelry beads, and jewelry making supplies. Most of us wear earrings, but only a few people actually make their own unique designs.

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