Multi-Part Thrift Haul, Part 4! What Else Did I Pick Up This Week To Sell For Profit on Ebay?

Water Resistance & Swiss Watches

Water resistance is a quintessential part of any wristwatch. The most important thing in this case is the capacity. No watch is waterproof and the water resistance of any watch depends on certain facts like the gaskets, crystal and so on.

Swatch – The Brand Ushers a New Age in Swiss Timekeeping

Swatch watches bring a new era in the Swiss timekeeping through their innovative appearances and designs. Read the content to know more about the watch.

Going the Artificial Jewelry Route

The world that we live in today has literally idolized image; image has literally become everything. You are always creating first impressions. No one expects you attend two different occasions with the same outfit.

How to Preserve the Shiny Finish of Your Men’s Silver Necklaces

Necklaces have quickly made the headlines in the fashion industry and like a watch, men’s necklaces are now the ‘must have’ addition to that your unique and debonair look and better still, they can tell a story about you. While gold has been the darling of many silver is a friend that can fit in any colour combination that you love, also in any design that you envy.

Omega & Olympics – An Enduring Journey Towards Perfection

Since 1932, Omega remained the Official Timekeeper of the Olympics. Known for their precision and perfection, Omega literally tracks every split second of this event.

How Copper Bracelets Become Magnetic Bracelets?

Jewelry ornaments such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets now are perceived to have extra benefit or purpose in the lives of people. Previously, these accessories were great ways to show people’s fashion statement, unique style and even bringing out what they have in mind. Today, these are already useful in terms of health. Some sources state that magnetic therapy has an effect to the body. It can be acquired by wearing magnetic jewelry ornaments such as copper bracelets, hematite necklaces, or magnetic bracelets.

A History of Birthstones and Their Meanings

Having your own Birthstone has an ancient origin and has evolved over the years. We will take a look at where the different views came from and which month is representing by which gemstone.

Necklace Length And Style Options – Find The Best For You

Necklaces have made staple adornments for ages and they keep evolving. They have come from the bead and shell ages to myriad variations available today made even with precious metals and gemstones. The good thing about necklaces is that they can be worn by anyone; you just need to pay attention to the style and length to select the one that is most suitable for you.

Add A Touch Of Beauty To Your Room With A Macrame Dream Catcher

Dream catchers have without doubt become very popular and they are now available in a wide range of styles and patterns. You can find crotchet dream catchers, woven or knotted dream catchers. Macrame is a textile making technique that relies largely on knotting rather than knitting or weaving. It is a French word that basically means knot as it is among the oldest art forms there is. Primary knots in this technique are square knots and hitching forms that can either be double half or full hitch.

The Best Ways to Utilize Biker Jewelry

What makes a real biker is the different type accessories. Such accessories have a way of adding spark to the biker instinct that lies within the individual. It is fair to say biker accessories reflects the true biker within, it brings out the true wild side and attitude of bikers

Omega and Space – An Enduring Relationship

Omega – a renowned Swiss watchmaker, has a long association with numerous space projects. Since their establishment, they have managed to meet the needs of the astronauts.

Make Your Own Live Succulent Plants Necklace

If you are looking to make your own live succulent necklace using live succulent plants, this article will guide you through the entire process. Well, the process is pretty simple for those who have done this before and have got some experience.

Longines Started Exploring From the Philadelphia Universal Exhibition

Longines has got inspiration from various phases of its journey. Philadelphia Universal Exhibition of 1876 is such an event that is considered to be the turning point for the brand. Keep reading to know more.

Ambers Present A Frozen Moment Of History

Amber is a form of fossilized resin formed from trees. They are extremely beautiful in appearance and are appreciated from the ancient times till today. They find a lot of importance on jewelry from the olden days. They are also used in perfumes and in the folk medicines. They are found in several catchy colors ranging from yellow, blue to black and orange.

Reasons for a Young Girl to Wear Silver Hoop Earrings

There are various earring designs on the market today that one can purchase for a young girl. Silver hoop earrings have over the years become some of the most popular and widely worn. This is due to the fact that there are various benefits that a girl can derive from wearing such.

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