Multi-Part Thrift Haul Part 5! The Final Video! Look At All The Neat Stuff!

Longines Heritage Military Watch – Trace the History of Military Styling

Longines Heritage Military Watch has taken its root from the classic collection of the brand. The content traces the history of the past by revealing the core essence of Longines.

5 Tips To Buy A Perfect Pearl Set For Every Occasion

Mixing jewellery pieces to create an ensemble can often get you into a vague situation as far as fashion trends are concerned. Competent jewellery sets are a perfect answer for this issue. With eye-catching designs and gorgeousness all through, there’s a little chance of getting into an erroneous style flaunting a superb pearl set. Here are some tips to pick the right pearl jewellery set.

How To Take Proper Care of Your Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are not only exquisite performing machine but also they come with a hefty price tag. That is why an extra care should be taken to protect one’s priceless investment.

How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel Pendants Jewelry for Your Skin

Jewelry has always been an instrument of expression, for thousands of years it symbolized class. With the benefits of modern manufacturing, it is easier to find affordable jewelry to match one’s personal tastes.

Swiss Watches and Their Relevance in This Era of Smartphones

From the very beginning of the history, Swiss watches are synonymous with luxury and style. In this era of “smart” devices, a major market for Swiss watches is at stake. However, to some enthusiasts, it is just a myth and nothing more than that.

How to Pronounce The Name of These Luxury Watch Brands

The name of the brands might seem difficult but once you know the technique of pronouncing, it becomes easy. The timepieces like its names are classic pieces of art.

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Fashion Jewelry

Stainless steel is well known as an industrial material. It is mainly used to make hot water heaters, microwave oven liners, surgical instruments, building and bridge supports and other objects where strength and safety are a must.

Omega & Technological Advancement in Watch Making

The name Omega is enough to allure watch enthusiasts all over the world.They are not only famous for their stunning watches but also has a legacy in watchmaking when it comes to technological advancement and innovative thinking.

Imprinted Wristbands To Elevate The Promotion Of Your Business

There are a number of reasons to use silicone imprinted wristbands for your business and the foremost reason is that they are much attractive to make the people give attention. Secondly, they are robust and comfortable.

Rado Watches – Stunning Artistry Blended With Perfection

Rado pioneers the Swiss timekeeping world through its majestic collections. With a rhythmical architecture, these timepieces embrace the wrists.

Handcrafted Jewellery – A Unique Way To Add More Style

The modern women love to wear lightweight and low cost jewelries, which will make them look more beautiful. The handmade jewelry exactly fulfills all these criteria and thus, these interesting handicraft items have become favorites of all fashionable women.

Color Trends for Your Summer Wedding Inspiration

Every bride-to-be knows there are a thousand-and-one things to do when planning your wedding. You need to choose a venue, dress, a theme, decorations, a caterer… And let’s not talk about that dreaded guest list. Should you invite your distant cousin twice removed so that your estranged stepmom isn’t mad at you for the next decade?

Classy Summer Outfits: Your Number One Summer Accessory

Raised temperatures in summer call for cool outfits and of course cool accessories. All know that a cute summer dress is a choice for any girl who wants to spend some time outside.

Pearls on Auction: Interesting Finds and Record-Breaking Prices

La Peregrina is the Spanish word for “Pilgrim” or “Wanderer”. The pearl is almost 500 years old and was found by an African slave in the Gulf of Panama. The slave used the pearl to buy his freedom. La Peregrina was passed on to the Spanish royal family, where it stayed for most of the time.

6 Benefits to Wearing Jewelry

Silver Jewelry – Silver has numerous health properties that have been used across time and culture. It is a powerful disinfectant agent that aids in cold and flu prevention, wound healing and skin care. Silver also helps with internal heat regulation and circulation when applied in right quantity and manner, silver also provided protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other electronics.

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