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How Do I Choose A Cocktail Ring?

How do I choose a cocktail ring? I get this question all the time and I can tell you from one jewelry lover to another, it’s not always easy. I mean, there are so many styles and kinds of cocktail rings in so many mediums that the task can be quite daunting. So I will attempt to steer you to choosing the perfect ring for any occasion.

The Cocktail Ring (a Tongue in Cheek History)

The cocktail ring is a must-have for any woman on the go. It’s large stones and sparkling presentation make it the ostentatious ring of choice for socialites of all statures.

Steps to Create Fimo Polymer Clay Jewelry

Different beautiful pieces of Jewelry can be made of several different materials, polymer clay is one of them. Many of us are familiar with polymer clay Jewelry. This is one of the most valuable and fashionable pieces of jewelry that you could buy. Artists have so many options to make a choice. Beads are one of the most preferred typical materials used to make jewelry, but an artist can make glorious jewelry by finding other materials and give a challenging look to his creativity.

All About Best Friendship Jewelry

Why Best Friend Jewelry? One of the best ways to show your love and appreciation to your best friend is through best Friend jewelry. The limits of best Friend jewelry are only as far as your imagination as there are many types of jewelry that you can go for. Type of Personalized Best Friend Jewelry – There are many ways to show your best friend the love and affection that you hold for them. There are many types of personalized best Friend jewelry that you can share with a friend, or multiple friends if you have a group of good friends.

How To Clean Your Custom Jewelry

A how-to guide to cleaning your custom jewelry. Using household products to save you time and money.

Tumbled Stones For Healing, Prosperity, Peace and Love

The definition of a beautiful life is good health, prosperity, harmony, peace and love. Another definition of life is the circumstances that prevent one from living a beautiful life, making it stressful, difficult and loaded with ill-health. Tumbled crystals, tumbled rocks can alter your life to a beautiful life as crystal and rocks do posses an aura, a power that is specifically used for healing and balancing the energy.

Crystal Healing: Is It a Myth or Does It Really Work?

Ancient Indian culture and many cultures in the East believe that rocks do possess a healing power. The human body has 7 chakras, the energy centers that are located in the mid-line of the body starting from the base of the spine till the crown. When it is compared to the anatomy of the body, every chakra is associated with an endocrine gland.

How To Buy Bracelets For Girls

If you are looking for personalized friendship bracelets or just simple bracelets for girls, the tips I have given below can help you with your buying decision. Bracelets are the piece of jewelry that will make your look more beautiful. They also make the best friend jewelry for adults. In this article, I am going to shed some light on the types of bracelets and the factors you should bear in mind when buying them.

Natural Uncut Stones Transformed Into Precious Stone Jewelry

Gemstones are minerals or stones found in nature that need to be cut and polished for use as jewelry. Polishing stones for jewelry is an art as well as skill. The polished stones look beautiful, durable and are used to make jewelry.

Smarter Appeal With Alternate Range of Jewelry Made From Ceramic

In a striking development, demand for ornaments made from alternate elements like ceramic is steadily rising. There are innumerable reasons behind this unprecedented development.

Turquoise 101 by Emmaly Wiederholt

The blue-green rock you see everyone in New Mexico rocking as part of their outfit, men and women alike? Turquoise, also known as the state gem, and might as well be “state look.” Here are a few fun facts about the stone we can’t get enough of:

Some Considerations About Nursing Watches

A nurse’s uniform is designed to be easy to sanitize and practical. For the same reasons nurses cannot wear wrist watches.

Where Should I Buy Vintage Jewellery?

In recent years it has become increasingly popular to purchase items of antique and vintage jewellery compared with newer pieces on the market. One specific reason for this is that these second hand items often offer a unique and somewhat sentimental appeal that brand new pieces simply do not have.

Changing Trends for Unique Wedding Bands

The custom of wedding bands dates back several thousands of years. In the recent times, a range of impeccably designed merchandise made from alternate metals like titanium and tungsten is steadily gaining prominence in the market.

How To Buy Tassel Necklaces From a Wholesaler

Tassel necklaces are simple necklaces that you can easily make at home. While there are many types of tassel necklaces, beaded tassel necklaces are the most beautiful and you can easily make them at home.

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