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Things to Be Considered When Buying Silver Jewelries

When purchasing jewelry, you must first find out details of the quality of material used for making the piece. The rule remains the same for individuals looking to buy silver jewelries. This grayish white metal in its purest form is extremely brittle and soft.

About Resizing Sterling Silver Rings

Rings made from sterling silver other than being extremely beautiful to look at are also highly durable. You can make these two qualities of this piece of ornament permanent by polishing and cleaning it regularly. If you purchase the jewelry from a reputable online or local jewelry store, you will never face any problem with its appearance or fit.

How to Make a Cloth for Polishing Your Sterling Silver Jewelry?

The cleaning solutions used for removing stains from sterling silver jewelries and giving them a perfect shine are often extremely difficult to manage. This statement stands true both for the homemade solutions and the anti-tarnishing agents available on the market. The majority of the individuals end up creating a big mess while trying to polish their silver ornament.

Invicta Women’s 0488 Angel Collection Watch – Review

“The Invicta Women’s Angel Collection Cubic Zirconia-Accented Watch is a sport watch formal enough for after-tennis refreshments at the clubhouse. The polyurethane buckle-style band stays secure during exercise, while the luminous gold-toned hands and rotating bezel make keeping track of time that much easier.”

Eco-Friendly Mechanical Watches for Greener Earth

Button cell battery-powered timepieces, even the alkaline ones, contain mercury which is highly toxic to the environment and must be handled with caution. In fact, regular-sized alkalines have been banned because of this. However, there is a slight delay on its total banning since some watchmakers still use models that rely on them. Disturbing reports show that in the US these tiny power sources contain at least 2000 pounds of the toxic element every year,

Tips on Purchasing Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamonds have gained prominence in the jewelry market, most likely because of the mysterious appearance they can render. The once cheap diamonds are not equally priced as the white ones, and have begun to draw more and more people into buying them.

Handcrafted New Zealand Maori Jewelry

New Zealand Maori carvings and jewelry have become famous all over the world, and have even been worn by the likes of Pierce Brosnan. Maori art is both beautiful and spiritual and means a great deal to both the carver and the wearer.

Invicta Men’s 8932 “Pro Diver’s Series” – Review

Big, bold and masculine, the Invicta Quartz Pro Diver 8932 is an affordable luxury watch with classically styled features. This precisely constructed quartz timepiece for men features a solid stainless steel case that’s 40mm wide, slightly smaller than its 8926 cousin.

How to Take Care of Silver Jewelry?

This article is meant for people who love wearing silver ornaments and want every silver piece they own to stay shinny for years to come. The section below will educate you about the process of taking care of your silver jewelry.

How To Clean Silver Jewelry Items

It’s true that the market is filled with products that claim to keep silver ornaments clean and shinning. However, it has been found that the majority of those cleaning solutions and polishes contain harsh chemicals.

Vintage Costume Jewellery – A Short History

Interested in vintage costume jewellery? Improve your knowledge with our short history, including the main style periods and key designer names.

Fashionable Bullet Jewelry For Men

Men who enjoy new styles or a day spent on the shooting range now have a new accessory to impress their friends and express their passion for firearms with: bullet jewelry. Bullet jewelry for men is not necessarily a new concept, but in recent years designers have put new twists on the idea and ultimately elevated it to new heights.There is now a huge variety of options for men interested in owning distinctive bullet-shaped jewelry.

Fashionable Bullet Jewelry For Women

Bullet jewelry for women is all the rage these days. Whether or not you’re a gun-toting mama, you can feel free to look like one thanks to all the many fashionable designs out there featuring actual bullets, casings, or simply casting jewelry in the shape of bullets. From belts to bracelets and everything in between, women’s bullet jewelry makes a bold statement – and a great gift!

Cubic Zirconia Instead of Diamonds

Cubic Zirconia stones are cheaper today than they were many years ago, whereas diamonds are still very costly for an equivalent gemstone. Each has its own creation process: one being quite lengthy and natural, while the other is quick and man-made. Both diamonds and czs make beautiful, long lasting jewelry, but cubic zirconia jewelry costs less than 5% of diamond jewelry.

Choosing the Right Gemstone for You or Your Loved Ones

Jewellery has always been one of the greatest gifts to give or receive. They can suit every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, you can be sure the receiver will enjoy what you have given them. Ladies love to receive jewellery, from rings to necklaces, jewellery has always been perceived as a very personal gift; usually to show some affection towards the other person.

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