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Custom Jewelry: Is It a Dying Trend or Here to Stay?

Spend a few hours walking around the downtown core of almost any sizeable city these days and you’ll frequently notice a relatively high number of jewelry shops, the majority of which now provide custom jewelry design and creation. Wherever modern urbanites are found, you’ll find them ordering everything from uniquely spelled nameplates to feather-covered watch faces. But that’s enough to make you wonder, is custom jewelry a modern fad for a fickle crowd or is it here to stay? Should you hurry to have your dream piece made now, or can you wait until you don’t have to cut corners to afford it?

Personalized Jewelry – Making a Bold Statement

We all love jewelry and when it comes to personalized jewelry, nothing could be better than a name necklace. This is a special gift that is cherished forever and can last lifetime and is perhaps the best way to make a personal style statement by wearing your own name and showing off your own personality.

A Controversy Over Pocket Watches

Go on any major Internet auction site and it’s likely you’ll see dozens of pocket watches being sold. Some of them are antique gems that collectors are willing to pay top dollar to get. Others are newer, run-of-the-mill watches you can buy a-dime-a-dozen.

Kundan Jewellery – A Stunning Art Facing A Bleak Future

Kundan jewellery is one of the oldest jewellery art forms in South Asia and was an accessory associated with royalty. This article describes this amazing craft and what the future holds for it.

Why Charm Bracelets Are Back In

It used to be that charm bracelets were fashion statements for little girls and grandmas, but they’ve recently started making a comeback in a big way. Women of all ages are once again using them to pay homage to their children, hobbies, hometowns, as a record of their vacations, and to mark special occasions. Charm bracelets are fashionable again, and they’re all the rage. If you’re considering a piece of custom jewelry any time soon, a charm bracelet is probably at the top of your list, you just don’t know it yet! Here are some of the reasons that people are once again choosing to add a charm bracelet to their custom jewelry collections.

How Ankle Bracelets Continue to Be a Trend

One of the best ways to accessorize for summertime is by wearing ankle bracelets. This classic and feminine look is also ideal for any time of year when the attire allows for your skin to be uncovered by clothing or footwear. The best part is that you can never have too many versions of this type of jewelry because different styles match different moods or desired looks.

Betrothed and Bejeweled: Indian Wedding Jewelry

Indian wedding jewelry may seem like trivial bling, but it is steeped in history and tradition. Each individual piece has its own name and significance. Here is a quick breakdown of what goes into a complete set of Indian bridal jewelry:

What Is a Charm Bracelet?

A brief history of charm bracelets. Here you can find out what differentiates modern charm bracelets from those of long ago.

Gold Earrings For Any Occasion

When someone is picking out their outfit for the day, whether it is for a formal dinner or a day at work, they can put the final touch to their outfit with a nice set of gold earrings. He or she can make themselves look and feel more elegant with the many different types of gold earrings. They can dress their finest in white gold earrings, gold hoop earrings, rose gold earrings or even yellow gold earrings. No matter what style they choose they will always look fabulous in these earrings.

Why Are Swiss Watches So Highly Regarded?

Swiss watches do not only represent what human excellence in engineering can achieve, they also show us time can be a thing of beauty. Famed for their accurate timekeeping throughout the world, Swiss watchmakers have long been striving to improve, innovate and excel at introducing ever better, more accurate movements.

Tips to Sell Gold Online and Keep Jewelry Clean

Gold, silver, platinum, and other pieces of jewelry deserve constant care so it does not sustain any blemishes. Here are a few tips for keeping your jewelry clean and shiny, if you are thinking about ways to sell gold online.

How to Buy Cast Iron Antiques Without Burning a Hole in Your Pockets

If you need to spruce up your home and make it look much better, you could decide to buy cast iron antiques. These are pieces of art that are very good at transforming even the drabbest of rooms into very elegant spaces. It’s very hard for one to go wrong with cast iron antiques, since almost any piece can fit in any environment.

Engagement Rings and Royalty

Engagements mean engagement rings. It is all about sparkle, carats and the buzz the ring can create. When it comes to engagement rings and royalty, the connection between the two runs quite deep. It just goes without saying that the ring has to be worth being talked about. Some of the most famous royal rings are:

A Look at Fashion of Diamond Rings

To have a diamond ring, you do not need to be married, wealthy or engaged. This is a luxury that any woman can access.

Why Jewelry Stores Have Few Tungsten Ring Styles

According to Triton Rings, one of the largest wholesalers of tungsten carbide rings in the world, about half of all wedding bands sold in the United States are now made of tungsten carbide. Many people have heard of tungsten rings by now, but probably didn’t realize how immensely popular they are in this country. This is due to their durability and most importantly their affordability.

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