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Tips For Working With Swarovski Rhinestones

Learning the most effective way to work with Swarovski rhinestones when making a project is typically a matter of trial and error for someone who has never done it before. But with these helpful tips, you can avoid some common problems that come up with any project while speeding up the whole process.

Titanium Case for Modern and Fashionable Watches

What should be a case of a modern, high quality and trendy watch? Should one choose stainless steel, titanium, various alloys or rubber and plastic? To date, titanium items are sales leaders. Titanium represents light, silver-white metal resistant to corrosion. Leading Japanese brands – Orient, Casio and Citizen are considered the best manufacturers of titanium models.

Birthstone Jewellery and Its Meaning Unveiled

Beautiful, colourful and precious jewels are the passion of every woman, but gemstones also have a much deeper influence over human lives. From the early days of human civilization men and women have worn gemstones in rings, ear rings, pendants and brooches believing they can change their destinies or at least ward of negative energies. The concept of birthstones also harks back to primitive communities when humans sought power of gemstones to ward of evil influences from their lives.

Fossilized Shark Teeth

Fossilized Shark Teeth are becoming a very popular item for people of all ages to collect. They can provide a fascinating look into the evolution and development of sharks over a long period of time.

Shark Tooth Necklaces

Shark tooth necklaces are one of the hottest trends in fashion today. Over the years, many surfers and city goers alike have been wearing this one of a kind necklaces. They make a great addition to any outfit or style.

Water-Resistant and Waterproof Watches: Facts

Watertight watches can be immersed in water up to a certain depth. Such watches have a boundary depth of immersion, which is safe for them. Evaluation of water resistance is usually based on the results of laboratory tests.

Zodiac Gems and Birthstones – June – Choosing Jewellery Gifts With a Meaning!

This month, June, is part of the sign of Gemini, the twins. The gemstone most associated with this zodiac sign is agate.

Beaded Jewelry With Healing Benefits

According to practitioners of natural holistic healing, the physical body is made up of energy arranged in different patterns and densities. All these are affected even by our thoughts and feelings. The energy patterns and energy densities of each individual need to be in proper balance in order for each person to be in good health. When the patterns are disrupted for any reason, that is where disharmony causes unease. Well being is then compromised. When the imbalance is allowed to persist, chronic illness can set in.

Collecting Gold Charms

A jewelry collection can consist of many different types of pieces, but most like to focus their collection around a certain theme. If you don’t want to limit yourself too much (say as in only collecting gnome charms from the 50s), concentrating on a particular material gives you the freedom of assembling a huge variety of charms but still keep the collection cohesive. And while charms in some materials (like titanium for example) are not widely available, focusing on gold opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Costume Jewellery – It’s Definition And History

Nowadays, it isn’t just the working girl that loves wearing costume or fashion jewellery. It is popular with Hollywood stars too. From necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets, earrings and toe-rings, the range of products are only limited by the imagination. Where costume jewellery is concerned, there is definitely something for everyone. But there is a lot more to costume jewellery than it’s current popularity and contemporary designs. It has quite a history too.

Chai Jewelry

For centuries, Jewish craftsmen/women have used their talents to praise and glorify Hashem by making jewelry. They follow in the footsteps of the Biblical craftsman, Betzalel, who designed and built the Tabernacle using gold, silver, and multi-colored thread. We can’t promise that these artists work under the same Divine inspiration as Betzalel.

Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace: A Simple Symbol of Support

The pink ribbon is a known symbol for breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer awareness necklaces and other accessories for this purpose are also prominent during the month of October which is recognized now as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Sports Watches: Types

What is a sports watch? Today’s world shows a tendency to accelerate and regulate human life. Therefore, people need proper devices, such as sports watches or other tools with same functional features. Products of this kind are designed not only for accurate time measuring, but also a number of other purposes.

Reusing Vintage Jewelry Components

Find new and interesting ways to use vintage jewelry components in your mixed media artwork or jewelry designs using the internet for sourcing. The internet can be a fantastic place to locate those hard to find vintage pieces that make a design that much more special.

What to Consider When Buying Amber Jewellery – A Few Hints

Amber has a great appeal, being virtually unique in the world of gems and rocks because of the way in which it was created. It is formed from the fossilised resin of ancient trees, and although the yellow/orange amber is most common, it also comes in brown, green, honey, red and even blue. Most blue amber comes from the Dominican Republic, and is the rarest of the ambers.

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