Use Power Tools To Cut Your Chain Maille Jewelry Jump Rings

Cutting chain maille jewelry jump rings by hand can be quite frustrating. Many rings will be out of shape and will not close correctly. Fortunately there are now some chain maille cutters in the market that attach to a number of power tools and allow you to cut very precise jump rings.

Fashion Jewelry and More

Fashion comprises of many elements, jewelry is definitely one of the main components. There are a number of fashion shows that have only jewelry showcased in it. People, especially women love jewelry. Diamonds are loved by most women and they treasure them forever.

Have You Heard About Enamel Rings Before?

Vitreous enamel has a lot of superior attributes: it is smooth, hard, chemically immune, hard-wearing, abrasion resistant, lasting color fastness, easy-to-clean, and cannot burn. Enamel rings utilise glass, not paint. Its disadvantages are its inclination to fracture or shatter when the substrate is strained or flexed, but advanced rings are chip and shock resistance because of beneficial thickness control and thermal enlargements well-matched to the alloy.

Lola Rose Jewellery – The Story of Lola Rose

When the Lola Rose jewellery brand was first created ten years ago who would have known that it would rapidly become one of the most well known jewellery ranges on both sides of the Atlantic. Read about the Lola Rose collection here.

Advice on Jewelry Investment

Jewelry can be one of the best investments you make. Not only does it usually go up in value, but you have precious pieces that will have sentimental value as well.

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Fashion Costume Jewelry

Fashion costume jewelry is a great investment that many don’t realize is worth investing it. See why what you may think is expensive junk, is actually a worthwhile investment!

Take Your Wedding Vows With A Titanium Band

Wedding vows are special and moments to be cherished in every person’s life. You can now make it more memorable and special by breaking free of the gold and silver myth, and exchanging titanium rings.

Reason Behind The Popularity of Titanium Rings

Titanium metal was discovered accidentally in 1791. It is the strongest and hardest material found on earth. Due to its amazing properties, the metal was initially used to build space, aircraft machines and body replacement parts.

Popular Traits of Titanium That Make It A Great Metal For Jewelry

Some years ago, nobody considered Titanium as a metal fit for jewelry purposes. We usually heard about this metal while talking about space aircraft and high end technology. But, recently, the metal’s potential has been identified as a wonderful metal for making jewelry items.

Are You Looking For Nickel Free Jewelry? Choose Titanium!

Many people these days are opting for nickel free jewelry. If you too are in the market looking for this type of jewelry then you must definitely consider titanium. It is the hardest natural metal available in the world.

Make Engagement Memorable By Presenting Unique Engagement Rings

Engagement is very auspicious occasion on which all of us try to present something new, exciting and unique like diamond engagement rings so that bride can be impressed and engagement occasion can become memorable and unforgettable. The most exclusive aspect of diamond engagement rings is that its stylish look, simplicity outstanding utility factor of has this ring one of the most alluring gifts which is the most suitable for presenting on the day of engagement day. It has the caliber to balance any fashion.

How To Match Pearl Jewelry To Your Attire And Skin Color

Pearl jewelry will allow the total look if you are able to decide on the most suited variety pf pearl jewelry for yourself. This article presents very valuable guidelines on harmonizing pearl jewelry to outfit and skin tone.

How To Choose Loose Coloured Diamonds

One of the most important aspects of diamond is color. Although the diamonds shine and value increase as it moves towards colorless, there are loose colored diamonds available. Aside from colorless, diamond colors range from slightly yellow to brown. The presence of colors, however, decreases the stone’s sparkle as it limits maximum refraction of light.

Why Choose Aerospace Grade Titanium Wedding Rings?

So, it’s your wedding and you are all set to get that special ring that will bind you with the love of your life forever. When you are out shopping for wedding bands, you will come across the same usual stuff made of gold, silver and platinum.

Titanium Jewelry: Benefits Revealed To Women

Titanium metal is not only the strongest and hardest element known to man, but is also quite body friendly. Since titanium jewelry became the rage, it has been considered as a popular choice for men. This is mainly because the strength and durability of this metal has a connection with masculinity.

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