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The True Value of Antique Jewelry

Jewelry is everywhere, advertised on TV, magazines and billboards. In many of those advertisements the jewelry is as typical and mainstream as the most recent Billboard hit. It lacks authenticity and character, something that should be innate in your jewelry. Jewelry is a form of self expression and one should be adorned with something that is as unique as they are. It should not be massed produced by a machine but hand crafted and individual. Antique jewelry fits this style.

Popular Trends And The Maturation of The Luxury Watch

Sometimes wrist watches are charming because they are truly unique, other times it is because they are tried and true. Which is your preference?

The Gold Standard Worldwide

Gold is rightly considered one of the most precious metals available on the market today. It is by no means a rare commodity but it has a special place in the hearts of most people. People talk of the “Gold standard” and it is typically associated with wealth and opulence.

The Benefits of Popular Alternative Metals and Palladium

Let’s face it; the popularity of alternative metals for wedding bands and jewelry is growing every day. Three of the more trendy alternative materials – titanium, tungsten and stainless steel – are definitely man-made, but palladium is often mistakenly thought of as an alternative metal as well. This perception is untrue, as palladium is mined practically side-by-side with platinum.

3 Cheap Designer Watches For Men From Amazon For 2011

In the current economical situation, many of us thing of save every single penny for the stability of our future. However it’s hard to so, since the cost of living is climbing up day by day in every aspect, yet the income of the low and middle class families have become stagnant, which forces them to abolish their wishes of buying expensive items for themselves or for the matter of gifting.

Do Not Wear Your Jewelry!

If you are here because the title offended you or sounded interesting, well you may need to continue reading! This advice is given to especially jewelry lovers.

Why Should I Use Jewelry Making Kits?

If you have spent some time in a beading store and have made a number of jewelry pieces, you may wonder why you should get jewelry making kits at all. After all, you can get what you need at the store, one bead at a time. The simplest reason is pricing, but it goes beyond that.

Awesome New Fundraising Idea: Gold And Silver Parties!

Belt-tightening is becoming a way of life in our current miserable economy. People are looking for ways to raise cash for their families and for charities they favor. Gold and silver parties are a great way to raise money at a bare minimum cost…

The Golden Age of Fashion Jewelry

If you want to succeed, more than survive this economy, go with what the seasoned customers say! They know. Gold is stable for the moment at around $1721 an ounce. Now the consumer really knows that gold jewelry is too high to be affordable. And Sterling Silver is much too high: predicted to pass $250 The consumer no longer wants high priced items. They still want to look great. They need to look good to prepare for interviews, look good on the job. This is your moment to capitalize on the situation. No need for Huge Outlays of Cash! Count on excellent profits in the Jewelry Business as long as it is Fashion Jewelry. The Fashion Jewelry business always does well whatever the Economic Climate.

Redefine Your Style Statement With Bulova Watches

A Czech Republic immigrant named Joseph Bulova at the ripe age of 24 first introduced Bulova Watch Company. In 1875, he started with a small jewelry shop at Manhattan, in New York City. In late 1919, Bulova first introduced pocket watches, which were in ample demand at that time. Since growing rate was much higher, Bulova set up a plant in Switzerland for manufacturing watch components and its compilation. This was mainly set up for bulk production and a step towards standardization that was never witnessed before in the history of horology.

Emporio Armani Watches – Another Armani Success Story!

The Italian designer, Giorgio Armani, may be approaching his 80th birthday but the man still has his finger on the pulse of today’s fashion and style trends. Not only does he still design his own clothing range but the brand has now expanded into many other categories such as perfume, sunglasses and more recently Emporio Armani watches.

Bulova Watches – Greatest Collection of All Time

Bulova watches are available in different shapes and sizes, and picking the ideal watch can sometimes look like an arduous task. Bulova timepieces have a fabulous range of collections such as adventure, bangle, crystal, diamond, dress, mechanical, strap and many more. These elegant timepieces enhance your wardrobe for all the occasions. Bulova timepiece collection comes in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, titanium and leather. Here, are a few key facts that will help you to refine your search for the perfect watch.

Wedding Bands for Men Becoming More Fashionable

It might be an interesting fact that, until just fairly recently, wedding bands were not for men. Prior to World War II wearing a ring wasn’t all that common with married men. It wasn’t considered a necessary part of the marriage bond. That all changed, of course, during World War II (as many things did). The wives of the men that were going overseas to fight wanted to make sure that their men didn’t forget them. They purchased rings for their man to wear. Read more.

Jewelry Industry Today: Role of Alternative Metal Jewelry

The shift in consumer interest and priorities plus the fact that spending habits have been altered by the economic challenge made many jewelry retailers invest in alternative metal jewelry. The jewelry industry is as dynamic as the consumers who appreciate it. Whether alternative metal jewelry will continue to move forward or not, the fact remains that products, like stainless steel jewelry, has served an integral part in the jewelry industry, helping jewelry retailers survive and even succeed amidst the recession.

A History of Carnelian and Its Jewellery Making Uses

Carnelian has enjoyed nearly uninterrupted popularity as a jewellery stone from pre-historic times to the present day. It was an obvious choice as an early gemstone; with orange to red colours created by iron oxide inclusions, carnelian nodules would stand out and glow in a creek bed or field. As a variety of chalcedony it was harder and more durable than the surrounding rocks.

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