Opening The Box of Jewelry From Arizona. It Just Keeps Coming! Part 3 of 5

Tips For Buying Sterling Bracelets

You might look at that title and think that it is fairly easy to buy sterling silver bracelets. There is not much to it, you just find a store, see something that you like and make a purchase. But, sometimes it is a lot more complicated than that, especially if you want to get a truly unique piece.

The Best Tips For Finding Eyes And Lips Care Products That Will Work For You

If you take the time to shop for eyes and lips care products, you will be surprised at the thousands of brands available in the market. Finding the most suitable product can prove challenging. Some of the products cater for the high-end market, while others cater for the low-end market.

What Determines The Various Shapes Of The Pearl?

The most sought after pearls are the spherical free ones with ideal symmetry. There is a theory that pearls rotate during formation around an axis of revolution to round the edges and reduce the discomfort. The natural tendency of a mollusc with a shell is not to retain the pearl but by movements of the organs and mantle, to gradually remove it. The different shapes are therefore a result of two mechanical forces which are exerted on the pearl. The rounder the pearl, the less physiologically uncomfortable it is.

Wedding Jewelry Trends For This Summer

The summer wedding season is here-whether you’re planning on getting hitched, or just really love jewelry and accessories, here’s a look at what’s hot in wedding jewelry and accessories for summer 2014, according to the experts at Vogue Paris and

Types of Gemstone Cabochons

Cabochons are often made in gemstones that are opaque and textured in stones. These stones are found in many shapes and sizes. The shape of the stone is either natural or attained through polishing. Soft stones make only smaller sized jewelry items, while hard stones and the cabochons make both big and small-sized jewelry items.

Custom Design Jewelry Is Breaking Ground With Computer Aided Design

You may have heard of the hot new trend in custom design jewelry called computer aided design (CAD). This new technology allows jewelers to use a precision drawing program on a computer in order to perfectly replicate any design you bring to them or even combine multiple designs into one piece of jewelry.

What Is A Porcellaneous Pearl?

All ‘creative concretions’ produced by molluscs with shells should be called be called ‘pearls’. The idea that a pearl that does not display the mercurial shine of nacre should be called a ‘concretion’ rather than a ‘pearl’ is absurd. Non-nacreous or ‘porcellaneous’ pearls may appear differently from the outside but they rarely have physical defects. They react to light in a way that creates the most exquisite flame-like effects which is just as spectacular as the shimmer of nacre.

Monogram Necklace: Showcasing Your Personality

A monogram necklace presents the perfect way to accessorize and showcase your personality. This trend made popular by Carrie Bradshaw has evolved and you can find out why these necklaces are so popular.

Know Your Diamond Earrings – Styles To Choose From

Earrings are popular amongst accessories as they are great to wear, easy to gift and awesome choices for you and your loved ones. Yet, diamond earrings are not an easy buy, as you need to know quite a few things before you buy them online or offline.

The Types Of Chains

Ornamental chains – women will hardly wear them without a pendant. But, men can wear them just as easily. Yet, the design of this kind of jewellery is equally important to men and women.

The Finest Investment Choice For The Future

Gold has, throughout time, been precious. It has always been valuable. It has been the medium of exchange. Today, you buy a gold coin online because you know that if you keep it for few years, its value would have grown in the market.

Do Silver Coins Make For A Great Investment?

Gold coins and biscuits are expensive. Yet, they have always been a sensible investment because of their appreciating value and limited supply. But, silver is different. It is cheaper, you know.

The Earrings – The Love Affair With Face

Earrings are truly a love affair that one wants to never end. A girl’s face shines with its beauty, which also hides flaws and shares individuality.

Online Rare Coin Shop Dealers and Choosing One

When the Internet was introduced, the rare coin business was considerably changed. In the past, you can only buy such coins from the regular stores that specialized in them. Nowadays, you can buy them online, just like any other precious items.

Spread the Love With a Gorgeous Diamond Heart Necklace

There are many different ways to buy jewelry and there are so many choices that you have. If your gift is to show someone you love them, why not purchase a beautiful necklace featuring both diamonds and hearts?

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