Our Booth at Tucson’s Gems and Minerals show Jan 27th- Feb 13th.


Our Booth at Tucson’s Gems and Minerals show Jan 27th- Feb 13th. Kino sports complex

Guide on How to Choose a Diamond Necklace

There are various considerations that you need to make for you to be able to choose the necklace that you will wear or buy. Diamond necklace is a valuable piece that needs special attention. Always consider the tips mentioned above for you to choose the best one.

Chopard Mille Miglia – Learn the Difference Between Automatic and Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watch refers to the hand-wind watch while the automatic watch refers to the auto-winder watch. There are very few differences between these two types of watches. In a way we can say that both types of these watches are mechanical as they feature moving parts and do not function with the help of any battery.

How to Find Solitaire Engagement Rings For Affordable Prices

As we all know that love is precious and unique and if you are in love and you are looking for ways to convey your love then you must opt for one of the most precious and romantic solitaire diamond engagement rings. Solitaire diamond engagement rings are the perfect symbol of true love and romance. It also symbolizes unbreakable bond of marriage and remember by presenting solitaire diamond ring to your lady you will never go wrong because it is a tradition which is followed from many centuries and today, also, people are practising it with the same enthusiasm and energy.

Big Face Watches – Your Watch Shows Your Style and Personality

There are various designs and styles of watches available in the market today. Each one of it expresses the unique individual style and personality of its wearer. Many brands offer watches for both men and women.

Swiss Automatic Watches – More Than a Fashion Accessory

The world of fashion is transient; it changes with the seasons and is dictated by the whims and notions of a fickle public. The beautiful dress that is in vogue this year will be scorned and thrown to the wayside all too soon. The face that is enhanced by the current trend in cosmetics will soon appear in a totally different composition, when the pendulum of fashion swings the other way once again.

Hip Hop Watches – The Art of Choosing a Fashionable Watch

Choosing a fashionable watch is not a piece of cake. It is in fact an uphill task and you need to learn this art in order to look more attractive and decent in looks. The brand and the style of your watch will speak about you and your status, and it will tell the ladies many things about you, thus it is important to understand how to select your watch and how to wear it in the right way.

Mandatory – Jewelry Stands For Every Woman

It’s 2010, and women are now, more than ever, deeply entrenched within what used to be a male-dominated society, yet there’s nary a jewelry stand to be found in their home. Women have power now, wield authority in strong political positions, maintain powerful careers as doctors, lawyers, business women, athletes, blue-collar workers, you name it. Women are out there doing things they’ve never been able to do before.

Creative Ways to Use Charms

More and more people are becoming familiar with the impressive number of charms readily available for purchase. The many different styles and designs have made a modern charm bracelet far more unique and original than ever before. Need an example?

The Impressive Beauty of Glass Beads

Are you familiar with glass beads? If not, you will want to take the time to explore the impressive array of styles and designs available. Not only do they offer glass beads in a rainbow array of colors, but many are highly decorative with easy to see motifs and multicolored patterns.

Join a Watch Club and Get the Benefits!

Anyone curious about the world of collecting timepieces or interested on staying up to date about the latest watch trends should join a “Watch Collectors Club”, exclusively for timepieces. Long Island Jewelry or Long Island watch stores would be the place to inquire about one. A horological club fosters the interest of the watch collector and connects members to those who share their passions.

Alex and Ani Bangles For Bangle Lovers

The Alex and Ani has been synonymous with quality and style. Moreover every year there are new innovations added to their product portfolio. This has been their main trump card in attracting new prospective clients. Managing the huge chain of products, there is a special team that caters to online customers on 24/7 basis.

Hip Hop Watches – The Hip Hop Culture Sneaks Into the Mainstream Fashion Industry

During the past few decades, we have witnessed the emergence of hip hop culture. This culture has reached to its highest peak in the recent years. The culture came into existence with the black musicians and singers making their way to the mainstream music industry. Their fashion styles were immensely followed by the youth of the time and this is how this culture has made an important place in the world today.

Big Face Watches – The Evolution of Watches

The way wristwatches are worn today and the way they are made has immensely changed during the course of years. Previously, watches were known as pocket watches when they used to hang down the side pockets with the help of chains.

Chopard Mille Miglia – How to Buy a Watch For Your Man

Buying a watch for your man can be a very difficult task. Although, I agree that it may be an easy task for some of you but I am sure that there are always confusions and ambiguities when buying gifts for the opposite sex. One main reason is that we are never sure what others may like and prefer.

Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

A sterling silver pendant necklace can be purchased in a variety of styles and designs, depending on your tastes. Many people prefer silver to gold, and it is easily known as one of the most popular precious metals when it comes to jewelry. In the past, silver pendants and other objects have been made to exhibit wealth and social status.

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