Sorting Through My 3rd Mystery Jewelry Box! 22.5 Pounds of Pretty Treasures!

History Of An Ashoka Diamond

Diamonds are created deep within the earth under intense pressure from the earth’s core. Diamonds are pressed to the surface of the earth from hot volcanic magma called kimberlite. Most of the diamonds that are found in many mines are industrial grade diamonds. They are small, usually no more than a couple carats in weight. It is very rare to find a rough diamond that is over fifteen carats in weight, however, in the rough; diamonds are cloudy and look like nothing more than beach glass.

Various Reasons for People to Purchase Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry consists of the items like necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, bracelets and others that are highly valued by the jewelry lovers. Gold has been in the use for making jewelry for the past many centuries. Till date, no other material has been able to surpass the popularity of jewelry items made in gold.

Where to Buy Chamilia Beads Online

Chamilia beads are exquisite and a great way to create fabulous bracelets or chains to reflect your unique personality. These charming beads also make excellent gifts for the loved ones in your life who love to wear exclusive jewelry.

Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry – One of a Kind Gifts for One of a Kind People!

When trying to find the perfect gift for someone, shouldn’t it be unique? Shouldn’t it be personal? A shirt says “I had no idea what else to get you,” and a costume jewelry piece that you found on clearance says “IT WAS ON SALE!” Personalize your gift with personality by choosing handmade gifts that “mesh” with your recipient!

Blue Topaz Jewellery

How much do you care for your physical appearance? If you’re a woman, you’ll certainly want to be the most beautiful one every single day. In order for this to happen, you might want to consider buying great quality blue topaz jewellery sets. The main advantage with these sets is the quantity. It’s not just one item there are many and you are free to combine them and mix them up with your outfit. Instead of buying one ring or one necklace, buy an entire set and you’ll save up more money…

What Is So Special About Chamilia Beads and Jewelry?

In the past few years European charms and beads have soared in popularity and one of the most popular and sought after brands is Chamilia. But what is this hype all about, and what makes these products so desirable and collectible? Read on to find out more.

Tips on How to Choose Purity Rings

Purity rings are very popular among young men and women especially in the Christian community. This is mainly because they are put on as a reminder of their commitment to abstain from any sexual relations till they are in a marriage context. It is also a common way to spread the message of celibacy that has been used by various pro abstinence groups and organizations all over the world.

Do Handmade Jewelry Designers Need Any Special Education?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in jewelry and have an aptitude for jewelry design, you may be wondering by now if you need any special education in jewelry making. Although any type of education will help you further any career, there are many people who ultimately become handmade jewelry designers who don’t have a degree. One way you can learn is by taking workshops on handmade designers jewelry making, or silver smithing and other professions that interest you within the jewelry industry.

Top 5 Tips to Selling Your Gold, Silver and Estate Jewelry

With the economy still recovering and precious metals hitting all-time highs, selling unwanted gold, silver and estate jewelry is a very popular way to generate some extra cash right now. Some pawn shops and jewelry stores allow you to borrow against the value of your jewelry. For some, this may be a viable option to a bank loan. But with all the options out there, where should you sell or borrow? Before you decide, know the top 5 tips to selling your gold, silver and estate jewelry.

Buying Watches Online – Advantages

There are various advantages of buying watches online when compared to buying them in a traditional bricks and mortar store but there are also some disadvantages and things to consider when buying a time-piece online. The main advantages are price, range and ease.

Improving Business With Diamond Polishing Pads

When you walk into any high-end hotel, restaurant, clothes shop or even supermarket, you enter with certain expectations. You hope to receive an excellent level of service from smartly dressed staff and you expect the environment to be spotless. These factors make places like this a pleasure for consumers to visit and makes them return time after time.

Jewellery Valuation and Insurance Advice You Should Know

Insuring your jewellery is a wise decision, much like insuring your car or home. The simple process comprises of a proper valuation followed by corresponding insurance. Read on to find out more about the benefits & precautions thereof.

Beads and Charms Are a Status Symbol

In our society the status symbol has always been what you’re wearing, so beads shops carry the day. The word “Diva” means nothing if you’re not wearing the right beads and charms. Beads and charms are worn to specific locals and destinations based on the event and circumstances surrounding the event. If you’re not wearing Kashmiri beads, than you’re probably not wearing hand crafted beads.

What Are Bali Beads?

Bali has been known for its pristine beaches and picturesque scenery that it became one of world renowned tourist destinations in Asia. And because of this reputation, Bali has been considered a place where there is elegance and beauty. Hence, the birth of Bali beads.

Bead Kits Essentials

Nothing in life comes for free; indeed this is true with jewelry bead kits. If you search the Internet high and low, bead patterns, instructions, how-to video tutorials come in free packages, however beading kits do not. The reason for that is because these kits come with the beads and findings needed for the jewelry project.

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