Special Handmade Gift for husband | Gift for boyfriend | Tutorial

Special Handmade Gift for husband | Handmade Gift ideas for birthday | Tutorial

Welcome to Umaish Art and craft. In this video, i am going to show you guys how to make Special Handmade Gift for Husband. Handmade gift idea easy tutorial is given in this video to make your own card. You can give this special handmade gift for boyfriend, Husband, girl friend, parents, siblings, best friends just by changing the wishes and matter inside the card. Very less stuff is used to make this card and no pattern sheets are used.

Black Card stock
white chart paper/ card stock
glitter foam sheet
marker pen
glue, scale, pencil

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What is an Electric Watch?

As we all know, time is crucial in modern society. Our lives begin to look more and more like a race against the clock as we feel there’s never enough time to do all the things we would wish to. Every minute seems to be important when we organize our daily existence and yet it happens so frequently that the 24 hours of a day to seem insufficient to us.

What is an Automatic Watch?

All people know that a watch is an indispensable accessory for any elegant man or woman. A watch does not only help us be punctual for our business dates, but it also says something about our status and sense of fashion. Nothing else shows to the world that we are indeed classy people like a watch from a major brand.

Collecting Vintage Watches – A Few Guidelines

There are a few things that distinguish a gentleman from the others. Of course, the way one behaves and talks is the most important, but one’s appearance is equally important. Truly elegant men wear custom made suits that say a lot about their personality and status.

Watch Winder – The Things That You Need to Know

A watch winder is a useful equipment to keep automatic watches functioning even if they are not worn. These watches function by making use of the motion of the wrist when worn. This equipment is highly useful especially to watch collectors who have lots of automatic watches. There are some things that you need to know about watch winders.

Sports Watches For Men – Basic Information

Sports watches are always beneficial for one who is into sports. Try to make sure that you remember the information mentioned above for you to be able to choose the best one that you can buy. Make sure that you will only choose the one that matches your activities.

Watch For Sale – How to Choose the Best Sports Watch

There are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind before you try to buy a watch that you can use. Make sure that you remember them all the time so that you will be able to choose the most appropriate sports watch that you can use.

Practical Accessories – How to Buy an Economical Watch As a Man

Choosing a practical watch to buy is never easy. You need to consider a lot of things like price and design. Just make sure that you will choose the one that you can fully use. Features must be according to your activities.

How to Buy the Best Earrings

There are various things that you need to consider for you to be able to choose the best earrings. Budget, style, event and many others are important considerations. Make sure that you follow them all the time for you to be able to buy the best one that you can wear.

Tips For Selling Gold Jewelry

Are you thinking of selling your unwanted gold jewelry? This is a must read article with valuable tips about how to maximize your payouts from gold and what to look for when selling gold jewelry.

Designer Watches Struggle to Keep Up in 2010

Designer watches have been the must have accessory for many years now. 2010 is though has seen a shift from the likes of D&G and Diesel to watches like Timex and Casio. Why has this happened?

Reflection of Success – Right Hand Rings

Every culture has its own say when it comes to wearing a wedding ring, they differ on which hand and on which finger to wear the ring. In the Western culture the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the left ring finger, because it’s the only finger that has a vein directly connected to the heart. In some parts of the world the custom that’s followed is that the bride would wear the ring on the left ring finger before the wedding ceremony and is moved to right ring finger after the ceremony.

Watch Buying Guide – 5 Features of a Good Watch

Though it is quite natural to feel spoilt for choice with so many watch-manufacturing companies introducing new designs, price tags, sizes, materials, techniques and features in a wide range of watches, shopping for watches can be a bit confusing for first time buyers. This article aims at providing a watch buying guide for those new to watch shopping and presents a handy overview of the top 5 features of a good watch so buyers know what they should be looking for in a quality timepiece.

Should We Buy a Watch That Doesn’t Represent Us?

Some watches are sometimes better than other ones and therefore it is hard to choose the right timepiece for you. There are certain watches that have a better quality than others this is why many customers prefer to purchase some types of brand watch and not another.

Tips to Wear a Wristwatch Effectively

A wristwatch is one important equipment that you need to wear. This is one good accessory that can help you enhance your look. It is also helpful in keeping track of the time. Try to remember that there are ways to wear the watch comfortably. Try to follow them all the time.

Stamped Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs – Handcrafted Jewelry Making

Stamping designs in sterling silver jewelry must be done prior to stone setting, learn more about the art and craft of handmade jewelry making. Artisan and craftsman RS Wilson brings to you an informative and interesting article about creating handcrafted jewelry.

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