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Different Types of Earnuts To Choose From

These days, earrings are available in many different styles, sizes and metals and so do earnuts. Earnuts, also known as earring backs hold sheppard’s hook style earwires and other types of earrings on our ears.

Taking Care Of Your Leather Cord Necklace

Today jewelry is seen as a valuable, popular and the most elegant type of accessory which are for both men and women. Leather cord necklaces are said to be one of the most popular type of jewelry. Maintaining of jewelry is very important if one wishes to maintain the shine of their jewelry.

Some Things To Know About Foil Glass Beads

These days, many different types of glass beads are made using molds. A mold is a concave shaped, fireproof vessel which allows you to put the molten glass inside. When the molten glass cools, it forms the shape of the mold.

Life Saving Jewelry

One of the most interesting developments in the area of personal health safety has been the use of jewelry as a life saving tool. Who would think that you could join those two concepts of personal safety and adornment?

Safer Online Jewellery Shopping

There was clearly a certain amount of reporting from the public press and also from the on-line world recently that inexpensive pieces of fashion jewelry might be damaging to ladies’ skin. Should this stop you shopping online for jewellery?

Getting The Best Deal On Round Rhinestone Beads

Round rhinestone beads are really popular today because they resemble diamonds. They have the sparkle and shine of diamonds and come at very affordable prices. For this reason, round rhinestone beads are the number one choice for most jewelry designers.

About Round Rhinestone Beads

Round rhinestone beads are one of the most popular types of beads used in jewelry making today. The cuts of a rhinestone bead is similar to a faceted gemstone, and they have all the sparkle and shine of precious gemstones, but do not cost as much as gemstones.

Choosing The Best Earnuts

These days, jewelry such as earrings is an essential accessory for women for almost all special occasions and events. Even women who stay at home love to wear a pair of their favorite earrings every time. But, there are times when women lose their favorite earrings. Have you ever considered why we lose earrings?

Reasons To Buy Beads In Bulk

Beads have become a fashion in itself over the years. Any professional jewelry maker or beading fan needs beads and good quality jewelry making supplies to create wonderful pieces of jewelry such as earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Beads are a must for every jewelry maker and therefore it is always good to consider buying beads in bulk.

About Tibetan Clothing, Caps And Ornaments

The Tibetan culture developed due to the influence of a number of factors. Contact with the cultures and traditions of the neighboring countries have greatly influenced the development of the Tibetan culture.

Creating A Leather Cord Necklace

Leather cords as the name suggests are made up of leather. Leather cords have a number of uses such as in sports equipment, bags and not forgetting jewelry making. The reason why leather is used in jewelry making is that leather is very strong and gives that strong aesthetic look. This is the main reason why one would want to use leather in jewelry.

All About Foil Glass Beads

Beads of any size or shape tend to have an intricate and delicate look that in essence intrigues many people. It is these characteristics that make beads very popular with quite a number of people. Foil glass beads which are types of lamp work beads cover a wide range of artistic and design elegance. Foil glass beads can be bought in a wide range of colors and this wide variety makes them appealing to almost every one.

Key Features of Skagen Wateches

In 1989, Henrik Jorst and Charlotte Jorst founded the luxury watch company “Skagen Watches”; they came all the way from Denmark to United States to follow a dream. Their dream was to own and run their own business, which introduced Danish designs into the lives of people. The aim of these two natives of Copenhagen was to design high-quality objects at an affordable price.

Dismantle and Clean Seiko Kinetic Watches

Kinetic watches gets power when the wrist is in motion, the motion turns the timepiece to work. A kinetic watch was first introduced in 1986 by Seiko watches. This watch converts the kinetic energy to electrical energy. These types of watches should be cleaned in every 5 to 10 years so as to avoid malfunctioning and dirt accumulation.

Making Brass Pendants

Brass pendants are really popular these days and worn by both men and women. Although they are widely available in jewelry stores, there is no need to purchase them when they can be made at home.

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