The Bottom Of The Box! So Many Beads! Much Untangling & Chatting During The Last Half. Part 4 of 4

Sparkle and Shine – Tiaras for Every Lady!

Tiaras are beautiful and glittering crystal headpieces which look like the crowns traditionally envisioned as being worn by royalty. Tiaras generally feature stunning crystal or rhinestone settings which will instantly make any wearer of tiaras feel more elegant.

How Does Omega Know Who Has Won Gold?

Sporting events are all about superlatives: who’s the fastest runner, the stronger opponent, the highest jumper? Watchmaker Omega is an Official Timekeeper who subscribes wholeheartedly to the philosophy of excellence in all things.

How Jewellery Speaks to a Culture

Whilst the word ‘jewellery’ may initially conjure up a rather simplistic idea of something ‘pretty’ or of personal value, the history of such precious items is a long and varied one, providing insights into how a culture works, what it values, and how it chooses to express itself. Cultural tastes and methods of production play a large part in what form a period’s jewellery may take, second only to the materials available at the time, and technological limitations. Expressing one’s individuality is one of our most human characteristics, but it may nevertheless be surprising to discover that…

Basic White Or Basic Black With The Hello Kitty Digital Watch

Digital watches offer both advantages and limitations compared to analog watches – they are more precise, since you can see exactly what time it is rather than just guessing from the approximate position of the hands compared to vaguely positioned numerals. If you like this feature, or prefer the modern aesthetic of digital watches, but also enjoy the frolicsome sweetness of Kitty White, then the Hello Kitty digital watch brings the mild-mannered kitten’s motif to the contemporary wristwatch.

Tips For Starting Your Own Online Jewelery Store

Starting a business, even if you plan to start small, takes you making the right choices. Choosing the inventory you plan to sell to your customers is an important aspect of the retail business. The new business owner should learn to look for whole distributors for getting great prices.

How Finding The Right Merchandiser Can Be An Asset To Your Business And Life

Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, any kind of treasure that is worn, can be bought online from your wholesaler. It is important to buy from a wholesaler who is trustworthy. However, it may also be important that the merchandise you choose can be bought at a price you feel comfortable setting higher to sell to your customers.

Tips On Jewelry And Perpetuating Myths

The one place where both men and women tend to make a mistake when it comes to their buying choices is the tendency to perpetuate myths regarding style. Nowhere is this seen more than when trying to purchase an engagement or diamond ring.

Storing Jewellery in the Correct Manner – How to Avoid Breaks and Scratches

Most people do not realize the importance of storing jewellery in the correct manner until they find out that their necklaces or bracelets have been broken or their earrings have become bent out of shape. Ornaments tend to be very delicate and they need to be treated as such. You therefore need to know how to take good care of them so that you do not damage them. After all, you would have spent quite a bit of money to acquire them and many pieces will also have sentimental value for you.

Get Peace of Mind With Sterling Silver Bracelets

Only a few of us know that metals like silver and gold are used for their medicinal properties and when it is used for this purpose, people are made to wear them in the form of bracelets and it is also believed to bring good luck to the wearer. When it comes to Asian Culture, metals like silver and gold has long been used in the form of necklaces and bracelets and bracelets are believed to heal the chakras in the body. For many years now, different experiments are made to blend these metals together and one of the most potential…

Amazonite Gemstone Beads – Origin, Properties, Uses and Folklore

This article is about the Amazonite gemstone and its origin, properties, properties and folklore. The Amazonite gemstone bead is believed to be a stone of peace and it boosts self-confidence of the wearer.

Peridot Gemstone Beads – Appearance, Origin, Birthstone Feature and Healing Properties

This article is about Peridot gemstone beads and its appearance, origin, birthstone feature and healing properties. Peridot bead is believed to bring sound sleep and relaxation from stress to the wearer.

You Don’t Need An Expensive Machine For Machine Embroidery Design

When it comes to crafting, a lot of people think that you need to have expensive tools or a large bank of time on your hands to create a beautiful finished product. Many people today that are into crafting involving needle work and embroidery love the personal touch that this art form provides, but don’t have the time to put into it.

Top 10 Jewellery Cleaning Tips

There’s no point having beautiful handmade or manufactured jewellery and keeping it sealed away never to be worn. Wearing jewellery will mean that inevitably it will eventually need to be cleaned as various everyday things can make jewellery start to lose its lustre such as natural body oils, perfumes, soap, and cleaning products. Therefore it might be helpful to have on hand some great tips for keeping your jewellery looking as special as the day it was made.

Limit the Time It Takes You to Get Ready With These Organization Tips

In the bedroom, you’ll want to check your outfit one last time before you head out for the day. The Locking Wall Jewelry Cabinet allows you to check your look in its four-foot high mirror, then reach inside to grab the finishing piece of jewelry that you need. Constructed of wood, this lovely unit is lined with felt and it is loaded with hooks, notches and other handy storage areas to keep your jewelry not only safe but easily accessible. You’ll be able to see what you need at a glance, grab it and put it on, then be on your way. There is even a small removable storage tray inside that helps keep smaller items organized.

Want Something Exceptional? Choose Artisan Jewelry

Looking for unique pieces of jewelry? Choose handcrafted designer rings. These artistically-made rings are one-of-a-kind, and they will reflect your own personality and taste. Find out where you can find these pieces below.

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