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Is Cheap Fashion Jewellery Bad for Your Skin?

There are reports in the press and media that cheaper styles of fashion jewellery can be harmful to your skin, how can you be sure the jewellery you buy is of good quality? What are the dangers and how can you avoid them?

5 Fabulous Women’s Jewelry Boxes

Many women consider jewelry a major element in their style and fashion and often, we find ourselves looking for wonderful storage to match the collection. Jewelry boxes come in a wide range of styles, sizes, materials and shapes that all make fabulous homes for your pieces.

Home Parties Are The Rage

Many people today are having home parties to make additional money. Think of a Gold Party like Tupperware, but no one has to spend money. Instead, guests who sell gold leave with money and the party host receives a percentage of the total gold. This is a great read if you’re looking to host a gold party or mail in your gold insured by FedX with a check in the mail coming in the days following.

A 101 For Jewellery Making Wire

No matter what medium handmade jewellery makers work in, nearly all will use wire at some point – it’s fundamental to jewellery making. And whilst most jewellery makers will start out buying wire from the manufacturer, many form their own wire in custom shapes, sizes, and harnesses. With some simple tools and a little know how, it’s easier than you may think.

Tag Heuer Watch Company

Edouard Heuer was the founder of the luxury watch company Tag Heuer back in 1860. The business was based in St Imier, Switzerland, well known for famous watch makers. Many of these brands are still known today as fashionable pieces, but they were originally intended for practical use.

Caring for Valuable Necklaces

If you are the lucky recipient of a very expensive necklace containing precious stones such as diamonds, pearls or opals, you will certainly want to know how to care for it so that is does not become damaged in any way. Generally, it is not the storing of jewellery that damages it so much as what happens to it when you wear it. For instance you might put on your necklace and then decide to give your hair another spray with hairspray, or your hands may have been creamed with moisturiser before you even picked up the necklace.

Berber Stones – What They Are and How to Find Them

Berber jewelry originates from the Berbers, the original inhabitants of Morocco. The Berbers used the jewelry to identify their status in the tribe. The pieces are usually made from silver, amazonite and carnelian stones.

The Wonder of Native American Sterling Cast Work Jewelry

Discussion of the importance of Native American cast sterling jewelry, it’s origins and early attributes. With cast work being one of the first techniques used, it’s further examination reveals it’s cultural and artistic significance.

Men’s Jewelry Box That Is Good for Organizing Accessories

Jewelry boxes are not only used by women they are also used extensively by men. A men’s jewelry box has many different uses and helps keep things organized and in one place. It can be kept on the dressing table for easy access.

A Selection of Jewellery Making Techniques Using Metal

Use a brass gauge or calipers to measure the diameter of the rivet hole. Select wire that is the same diameter as the rivet hole – the wire should fit snugly in the hole. Measure how thick your metal piece is at the rivet hole.

Men’s Jewelry Box: A Smart Way to Store Your Watch Collection

Watches are to men what jewelry are to women. Some men spend a significant amount of money on expensive watches so it is only right that these precious items have a proper receptacle to keep them safe. So if you have an extensive collection, you need a men’s jewelry box exclusively designed to hold your watches.

Italian Charm Bracelets And Rings – A Combination Of Great Exclusivity And Rare Elegance

Italian charm bracelets and rings continue to remain a top end jewelry item and are more expensive than other brands due to their obsession with high end quality and exquisite workmanship. This also makes them quite expensive and often beyond the reach of the common man. Many top brands with their own collection of these charm bracelets have managed to sustain their tremendous appeal over the years.

Have You Considered Bespoke Handmade Jewellery?

Have you considered bespoke handmade jewellery? Firstly, bespoke simply means something that is individual to you and tailored to your requirements. This often means that you are getting a unique item.

What Is a Dive Watch?

The large majority of moderately priced and more expensive watches manufactured today maintain some degree of water resistance rating. The water resistance rating is determined by the gaskets that form a watertight seal between the back and case of the watch, the type of sealant used to secure the crystal to the case and the material from which the case is manufactured. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has created standards by which the water resistance is rated according to the depth and activities for which a particular watch may be suited. They also prohibit classification of a watch as “waterproof”, a standard adopted by most countries.

Quartz and Mechanical Watch Movements Explained

Watch movements are the mechanism by which a watch measures and displays time. They may be either mechanical or quartz, with variations of each. The mechanical movement has been used by the watch making industry for centuries while the quartz movement was first introduced in 1964 at the Tokyo Summer Olympics by Seiko.

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