The Tangles Are Too Much! Let’s Reveal More Pretty Jewelry From This 24 Pound Bag. Part 2 of 8

How to Identify Sterling Silver?

Before teaching you the process of identifying sterling silver let us explain to you what the term actually means. Sterling silver is a metal type that contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of another metal.

How to Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelries?

If you take proper care of your silver jewelries, they will not get tarnished easily. Thus when discussing about the process of cleaning these metal pieces, one also needs to mention how to protect silver ornaments from staining or discoloration.

What 3 Styles Will Help Your Watch Buying Efforts?

Watches have always held a place in our hearts as a special kind of gift. They are a gift to celebrate and remember the important moments of our lives. But with the variety of styles and features available choosing the right watch can be overwhelming. What are the best occasions to give watches? How do you find the perfect watch?

Be Your Own Stylist – Enjoy Loads of Compliments With Right Jewelry Accessories

Whether you love traditional or modern outfits, choosing the right ornaments and accessories are a must. No matter how expensive or beautiful your dress, selecting the wrong jewelry set can spoil everything.

Dealing With Loose Rings

Sometimes a great ring you really love is suddenly too loose to wear. Read these tips to learn how to deal with the problem.

Glass Beads From a Bead Show – Your Perfect Companion to a Stylish Look

The article describes the benefits of wearing glass beads, which are available in bead shows and jewelry trade shows of repute.If you are a person who carefully chooses her jewelries, consider glass bead jewelry an option. Glass beads are wonderful. You can get hundreds of varieties of glass beads in any reputable bead show. The beads shine and sparkle.

Defining and Differentiating Types of Jewelry

Many online jewelry stores sell a mix of fashion and costume jewelry such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that date back in time. Nevertheless, at times the terms antique, vintage and retro can be used synonymously that leads to confusion in the minds of the consumer. This article would be helpful in understanding these terms.

Watch Buying Guide: What’s Your Watch Personality Type?

It clicks. It’s stylish. It keeps you punctual. A watch is the must have fashion accessory that finishes a look. But with so many makes and styles of watches on the market, how do you know the best watch style for you? Should you wear a different style of watch depending on the occasion? What impression are your setting with the timepiece you wear? Here is a watch buying guide quiz to determine your watch personality type.

How To Chose The Best Chronograph Watches For Men

What is a chronograph watch? Chronograph watches were introduced in 1910. A man called Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec invented them in 1821 but no one thought to make it into a wrist watch until eighty one years later.

10 Reasons Why Amber Is One of the Most Mysterious Materials on Earth

If you would ask someone about amber, there are many chances that they would only know about its appliance in jewelry and couldn’t tell more about it, although this material is one of oldest and is used by mankind for many thousands of years already. In this article, you will find few little known facts about amber and its history.

The Manufacturing Process Of Silver Jewelry

Almost every single person visiting this page is fond of ornaments. While some love wearing them the others like to buy ornaments for their near and dear ones. Silver is one of the most sought after metals when it comes to metals for making jewelries.

Making a Christmas Bauble With Rhinestone Beads

Christmas is fast approaching, bringing with it the need for sparkle, color, light and warmth. Unfortunately, the cost of Christmas seems to increase year on year, and buying new decorations is a cost that many of us simply cannot afford in this time of austerity. Although shop bought decorations may look beautiful, the price is usually not as attractive. At the other end of the spectrum, some of the cheaper decorations available look as though they might not even last until the end of the holiday period.

The Difference Between Gold And Silver Jewelry

There are few women who don’t want to fill their jewelry boxes with treasures made from gleaming metals with sparkling gemstones fitted in them. The number of men in love with jewelries made of precious metals has also increased in the last few years.

How To Choose Quality Silver Jewelry?

Are you fond of silver jewelries and planning to buy some? If yes, then the first thing you must make sure before making the purchases is that the pieces you are buying are of highest possible quality.

The Beauty Of Silver Jewelry

Today, silver jewelries are as popular as pieces made from gold; according to experts, the main reason behind this is the low price of the former. However, this very fact is not enough to reveal to you the beauty of silver jewelry.

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