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The Increasing Trend of Wearing Skull Rings

Skulls rings for men are becoming increasingly popular. This article discusses these increasing trends as well as the types of skull jewelry available in the market.

Tips On Buying Jewelry Pieces

There are some pointers to consider when it comes to buying gold. A person doesn’t exactly need to study gemology to check if a particular piece is a good buy. The first thing to look at when buying gold is the karatage. The highest karatage for gold is 24K. This level of karatage is typically soft, so it’s not advisable to test it by trying to bite it, opposed to popular belief.

Tanzanite Jewellery – Including Tanzanite Rings and Earrings

Tanzanite was named after the country where it was discovered, Tanzania. For a while, it was thought this was the only source, but a few examples have now been found elsewhere. To this day, it still does remain quite a rare variety of gemstone used in jewellery manufacture.

Pilgrim Jewellery – The Hottest Thing To Come Out Of Denmark

Denmark – So what do those words conjure up to people, a sovereign state of Northern Europe located southwest of Sweden and South of Norway. This large peninsula contains many hundreds of minor islands often referred to as the Danish Archipelago.

Tips To Choose And Clean Gold Earrings

Ever since the beginning of time, women wore earrings made of different types of metals and materials. However, gold earrings have been in style since the use of gold jewelry. It has become popular with the advent of different dazzling designs and shapes. There are many factors to consider before choosing earrings as it is available in different shapes and at different prices.

Recommended Jewelry Gifts for Mother’s Day

I must make my family happy, since I’m the type of person who doesn’t want for much. When the “mom appreciation” holidays roll around, I’m content with a card and some peace and quiet, but I imagine everybody continues to plan for the day when I’ll say out loud how nice it would be to receive something special for Mother’s Day. You know, to make up for years of diapers, acting as chauffer and bug exterminator. Someday I’d like a nice piece of jewelry to show off, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other moms feel the same way. That being the case, if you’re short on gift ideas, here are a few that may help.

A Rewarding Situation: Buckles, Trophies, Plaques, Banners, and Ribbons for All Your Winning Events

Rodeo and 4-H competitions are rewarding in their own right, but all participants and winners enjoy having a shiny award to showcase their achievements. We at Lone Star Silversmiths offer a wide range of awards, from trophies and buckles, from banners and ribbons, for your event.

Olympic Grillz

At the London Olympics, one of the things to grab attention was swimmer Ryan Lochte, not just because of his stellar swimming, but also because of his iced out grillz. For Ryan, his grillz are part of his uniform, even if the Olympic Committee disagreed.

Handcrafted Bracelets and Necklaces – A Craftsman’s Wonder

Jewellery making has evolved over time from being hand-made to using special tools and techniques to bring out that exquisite touch to a piece of a jewel. Though machines have occupied a larger portion of today’s jewellery making, a significant group of people still stay in the business of crafting jewellery by bare hands and they have always had their hands full when it comes to the number of orders to make such ornaments.

Fashion Jewelry – The True Complement to Fine Jewelry

The art of jewelry dates back to as long as we came in to existence. Human beings have always been attracted to that extra ware on their body in the form of an ornament. Be it the ancient Egyptian ornaments made of copper, leather, metals and even bones or the European bracelets, necklaces etc, jewelry has had been an integral part of our culture; only we have more subtle jewelry replacing the heavy ornaments of our forefathers.

Why Should Modern Women Include Von Treskow Necklaces To Their Jewelry Collection?

This article discusses all about Von Treskow necklaces. Also, this article hopes to enlighten us of how this brand started, the sources of inspiration by its originator and why its offered necklaces should be added to the jewelry collection of modern women.

Jewelry Colors – Beyond the Boring

Jewelry has long been a prized possession in the jewel box and has, for the most part, been the shiny yellow and white shades. With a touch of gemstones, they don’t have to be the same boring colors as they were. Be it the bright green emerald, lavender hued amethyst or the brilliant blue sapphire, gemstones are the order of the day when it comes to colors on jewelry. These crystals take the jewels; say the earrings or the necklaces, to the next level in terms of attraction.

Gemstone Jewellery – The Astral Connection

There is a strong connection between gem stones and the star of a person where every star is linked with a stone which is seen as favored most in terms of luck, charm and a guiding angel. It’s a proven fact in terms of astral science that every stone does influence its own star to some extent on features mentioned above than the other stars.

Businesses Benefit From Buying Jewelry At Lower Prices

Businesses that deal in these wares include specialty stores located in shopping malls. Many malls include stores that appeal to young women. These locations sell bracelets, earrings, costume rings, and other trinkets. Their wares are typically sold for low prices to allow them to sell more inventory.

Dangle Earrings Vs Studs: How to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

Studs and dangle earrings are both appropriate for casual and dressy occasions, but there are a few simple guidelines that will help you pick the best pair of earrings for the job. Your face shape, hairstyle, clothing choice and the type of event itself may all come into play.

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