Thrift With Me! Beanie Baby Riches! Small Thrift Store Bargains for Resale on eBay and Poshmark

Jewelry Organizers That Can Get Your Gems in Order

Say goodbye to tangled messes and cluttered countertops when you purchase a new jewelry organizer for your home. From hanging organizers to armoires and boxes, there’s a diverse array of options to browse through.

Watches With Chronograph: Facts

Greek words “chronos” and “graf” mean “time” and “record”. Chronograph represents a chronometric device that contains mechanism allowing stopping hand and fixing time interval. Chronograph was invented by a Frenchman named Rieussec back in 1821. In 1822, Rieussec received a patent for his product.

Souffle Pearls: Rotten To The Core And Hard To Find

One of the hot new pearls to hit the market in recent years is the souffle pearl. But these wonderful gems have a dirty secret: they are rotten to the core. Moreover, supply and pricing problems have made these lovely pearls exceedingly rare and hard to find. Here’s the inside story.

The Basics of Custom Jewelry – How To Get Started

Many people believe that custom jewelry is not within their budget, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most, if not all, jewelers are commissioned with pieces of custom jewelry that range from basic engraving, to simple charm bracelets, to elaborate engagement and wedding rings. With these simple tips, you’ll find the easy ways to begin designing your pieces, getting a quote, and working with your jeweler to get your ideal finished product.

Tiffany Co Charms: The Perfect Gift For That Special Someone

Having trouble coming up with the perfect gift for that special woman in your life? Whether its for your wife, your girlfriend or your sister, shopping for women can be a challenge. But one gift that never goes unappreciated and is considerably more personal than a gift card is a charm from Tiffany’s.

How To Tell Real Pearls From Fake Pearls

A list of tips and tricks including the tooth test explained and 10 other things you should know to buy pearls like a pro. I’m often asked how to tell real pearls from fake pearls, usually followed by some reference to the “tooth test.” The larger question is really this: how do I make sure I’m paying a fair price for the pearls I’m buying?

Bohemian Jewelry For Your Bride

Bohemian jewelry is slowly gaining popularity these days. It comes as no surprise that even women like to wear this kind of jewelry for their weddings. The best about bohemian jewelry is that is not very expensive when compared to traditional jewelry. Maybe that would attribute to the fact why it is becoming very popular these days.

Omega Seamaster Chronograph: Stylish, Rugged And Reliable

The Omega Seamaster Chronograph range of watches are a stylish, rugged and accurate set of timepieces that not only look good, but feel good to wear. They are the kind of watches you are proud to own. Find out more about this beautiful range of watches.

Jewellery and Watches at Craft Shows and Agricultural Fairs – What to Look For

If you’ve never been to an Agricultural Fair, or even a craft show, then you’re in for a treat! I speak from experience, having spent many years exhibiting crafts and jewellery at both craft shows and agricultural fairs all over Britain. They provide a unique opportunity to see and buy individual items not usually seen in the high street, often from the person who made them.

Make Sure You Care For Irish Jewelry To Keep It Looking New

Irish jewelry is stunning, and you want to keep it in the condition it is when you first receive it. Read the best practices to keep your Irish jewelry looking like new.

Choosing a Diving Watch

Manufacturers offer a countless number of diving watches. However, not all of them succeed to satisfy a professional scuba diver’s requirements. What should one look for, when choosing diving watches?

Why Men Are Interested in Wearing Rings

A lot of people tend to stereotype jewelry like rings as female accessories. Because of this some people find it strange whenever they see men wearing rings instead of the customary male accessory, the wristwatch.

Hottest Trends of Rings for Women in 2011

What kinds of rings women are wearing this year? Rings are trendy and comfortable but also completely subjective. Although retail stores, celebrities and designers try to force their fashion sense upon the world, a woman’s choice of rings will still ultimately boil down to what she likes to wear.

Explorer II – New 42mm for 2011

The latest incarnation of the popular Explorer 2 model. Despite a noticeably bigger case diameter aimed at hitting the current trend of ‘larger seems to be better’ – 42mm to be exact, as opposed to the original at 38mm, the new watch definitely hark back to the legendary ref 1655 of 1971 and, given that this legendary watch regularly fetches prices over £10k at auction and remains eternally desirable, it is perhaps no surprise that they have chosen to go down this route. The most obvious design feature taken from the original is without doubt the 24 hour…

Unique Design Patterns of Skull Rings for Men

When it comes to skull rings there are so many different types of styles and designs that are available in the market. People love to wear skull rings due to different reasons. Some people like to wear skull rings because they want to make a fashion statement about themselves.

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