Trifari 1940s Alfred Philippe Grape Fur Clip pin brooch Sterling Silver American vintage jewelry

Eyebrow Rings Are No Longer a Passing Fad

Eyebrow rings were often thought of as something only kids got. Most parents thought they would outgrow them, and that by 2000, few people if any would have one.

Eyebrow Rings Have Become A Major Fashion Statement

Eyebrow rings were once only found in the punk set. They are no longer a cry of rebellion; they are now a whisper in the fashion world.

Why a Tungsten Ring Is A Romantic Gift

This article talks about why a tungsten ring is a good romantic gift for your lover. Tungsten may not be the best option for others, but let me tell you how nice it is.

Collecting William and Kate Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Following the historic news that Prince William and Kate Middleton are to get married on April 29th 2011 at Westminster Abbey a hoard of Royal wedding souvenirs and memorabilia goes into production. If you’re a patriotic royal watcher, or simply on the lookout for an investment opportunity, now is the time to start researching everything connected to William and Kate.

Feel High For Less With the Invicta Men’s 6620 II Collection Watch

Most of us know that Invicta has more than 170 years of history, since it’s establishment in the 1837 and it’s therefore known as one of the oldest watch manufacturers in existence to date. But all the credit goes to the legendary timepieces born in its factory and the people behind the development laboratory.

Jewellery Necklace Inspired by the Celts

Are you looking for a jewellery necklace inspired by the Celts? Get to know what these pieces have to offer when it comes to chains, designs and purpose.

Designer Women’s Watch From The House of Gucci

Most of the time, it’s a women thing when we speak about fashion statements, and no doubt Gucci has proved it knows a little about that since it’s first encounter with the fashion world in 1921. The company has designed and provided high quality lifestyle products in various categories to enhance beauty and elegance. Though the company also produces products for all the genders, it has a unique approach towards the already attractive gender.

New Trends of Fashion Jewelry For 2011

Everyone likes to put on trendy jewelry. Generally, females are found crazy for having the jewelry of latest trends. Today, people are buying the jewelry according to the occasion and specific purpose like party, beach tour, wedding etc.

2010 Designer Wedding Bands With 14k Gold Celtic and 14k Yellow Gold

A Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo or Armani would stand apart from the crowd choked by sundry. And for that matter, you would bet your life to get that Yves Saint Laurent creation that will make you feel so feminine, different and above all, happy! Of course, we know ‘high thinking and simple living’ was just part of your essay in the school and you absolutely want to be lethally branded.

What Makes Pandora Beads Stand Out From The Rest

Pandora beads which started in Europe and later migrated to the rest of the world, are very popular and in high demand. It is the material that they are manufactured from and the fact that they are almost always made by hand that makes them original. They are typically formed from glass but can include other substances like bark, metal and plastic. Attached to a thin string of metal, the charms and beads you hand pick are formed together to make the perfect piece for you.

Pandora Beads For Beautiful Jewellery And Decoration

The history of Pandora beads dates back to Greek times and the story that is inspired by the myth about when Pandora’s Box was opened is a very famous one. This story surrounds a woman who was created by god and sent down to earth to punish mankind for the creation of fire. She was accompanied by a box which was given to her by god. The most intriguing part of the story is that she was forbidden to open the box. However, her curiosity came to its height and until one day she could resist no more and eventually she opened it. The box had evil inside it and when it was opened all the bad things came out and the only thing left inside was hope.

Chatelaine Jewelry

‘Chatelaine’ is the French (female) word for a woman who is the ‘keeper’ of a castle or country house. This person, therefore, guarded the keys to a home, during Medieval times, and managed servants, the financial budget for the home and kept the associated books of financial statements.

Zenith Defy Xtreme Grande Date Stealth

Zenith Defy Xtreme Grande Date Stealth The Zenith brand has his origins in Switzerland being founded in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot who adopted this name at the age of 22 years old one night when he was looking at the stars. The company is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to innovation and design. The unique design and timekeeping precision are the features that represent the fashionable timepieces of the Zenith brand, being one of the most rewarded Swiss watches and very appreciated and loved in many parts of the world.

Purse Hangers – Newest Thing in Fashion Accessories

Purses have been part of a woman’s attire for generations. It is an important fashion accessory that makes a woman’s ‘look’ complete. But unlike rings or belts or earrings, a purse needs to carried around making it quite cumbersome sometimes. There are many times when you go into a cafe to meet a few friends or are waiting in a doctor’s clinic and you don’t think twice of just plopping your purse to the floor. This is generally the way with just about all women.

Learn How To Negotiate Like A Pro At The Brocante Markets In France

If you plan to visit France and its famed antique and brocante markets here are some tips on negotiating like a seasoned pro to get the best deals even if you don’t speak a word of french. Dress Casually! The commercants at the brocante markets can price any item at any price so the more casually you are dressed the better your chances are of getting a good price.

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