Unboxing A Beautiful Lot of Boho Bohemian Style Jewelry! Almost All Suitable For Resale!

What Is Tungsten?

This article will identify what is tungsten on a high level. It will then describe the atomic makeup on a low level.

Tips For Selecting The Perfect Engagement Ring

The occasion of marriage is a special event in one’s life. Before you commit to a lifelong relationship, you need to pop the question to your beloved with a beautiful ring to sanctify your engagement. One of most difficult tasks here is actually looking for the perfect engagement ring. Here are some tips on how to search for the best engagement ring.

Tracing the Journey of Beads from Ancient to Modern Times

Beads are most commonly used as an adornment in today’s world. From gemstone necklaces to earrings and bracelets made of shell, clay, wooden or glass, beaded jewelry is a beauty or fashion accessory. However, this was not the case historically.

November Birthstone Q and A: Citrine and Topaz

If you were born in November, you have two beautiful gemstones to celebrate your birthday: citrine and yellow topaz. While the Ayurvedic birthstone list only includes topaz, the popular Jewelers of America list considers both citrine and yellow topaz as official November birthstones. Whichever you prefer, test your knowledge of both gems, and learn some fascinating facts about citrine and yellow topaz.

Pearls – Luminous Gems that never fade from the Fashion world

Some pundits believe that the irresistible luminous gemstone, Pearls are symbolic and God’s gift to nature! These lustrous gemstones are formed, over the years, when an oyster ingests a single particle of sand. A gleaming beauty, pearl is associated with virtue, purity and serenity. These properties have endowed the gemstones an endearing quality.

A Quick Guide on Choosing Your Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry can be considered as one of the most priceless and worth-keeping collection of all since it is a work of nature that exhibits a different kind of beauty for its bearer. However, due to the constant destruction on the environment and natural sea wonders, the natural pearls like South Sea pearls have become more treasured and costly which makes pearl makers decide to try manmade pearls.

Sterling Silver Jewelry for Men: What Are the Types and Designs Available

Looking good should be every man’s objective. Looking decent and trendy should not be left to celebrities only. Every man in his capacity has a right to look great. You can look trendy by wearing clothes and classy jewelry. Many men make a mistake by leaving out the jewelry part.

Information About Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces are among the most amazing pieces of jewelry that you could own. Aside from being one of the most luxurious and elegant gemstones available at present, you can also use pearl in creating the most attractive jewelry items.

The Beauty of Magnetic Stud Earrings

If you are one of those who love to collect jewelry items, then the magnetic stud earrings are among those pieces that you should never fail to include in your collection. The good thing about this type of earrings is that it fits perfectly for both men and women.

The Benefits of Using Magnetic Stainless Steel Necklace for Trendsetters Everywhere

What could be trendier these days than wearing a full metallic, stainless steel necklace around the neck? Well of course there are the usual gold plated and silver necklaces, but they tend to dull out fairly quickly if used too often and it also make the wearer look more “showy” than what he or she actually anticipated.

Pearl Bracelets and Magnetic Therapy: A Package of Style and Convenience

Pearl bracelets have always been the pinnacle of jewelry among women today. It provides a level of elegance unseen from any other kinds of trinkets available on the market at present.

Magnetic Therapy and How It Works Through “Lariats”

“Lariats” are one of the most fashionable accessories among the classy and stylish girls everywhere today. It is a type of layered beaded strap over 30 cm long that uses magnets to secure itself in position.

Magnetic Therapy and the Bead Bracelet: How They Can Work Together

For centuries, girls have been using beads as the primary accessory to beautify themselves either for certain occasions or just for the sake of plain vanity. At present, people still use them in fact it is a growing trend all around the world today.

How Magnetic Copper Bangles Can Benefit the Body in Surprising Ways

Bangles might have been a big fashion statement in the past but today, it still is! Girls and Guys often use them as the more “sophisticated” alternative to the usual bracelets that they wear casually on regular occasions.

The Proven Benefits of Magnetic Body Wrap

Magnetic body wraps are among the most popular items in the market at present. These items are effective in supporting your body, promoting magnetic therapy and in providing the right kind of support needed by some parts of your body.

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