Unboxing A Lovely Lot Of Rhinestone and Crystal Jewelry! Amazingly Shiny Items for Resale

Cubic Zirconia Is the New Girl’s Best Friend

Cubic Zirconia is starting to catch on for several very compelling reasons, just to name a few: price of course, moral reasons, versatility (cubic zirconia comes in different colors and shapes), and they are just as beautiful as its expensive counterpart. In fact, most people cannot tell the difference with a naked eye, not even the experts!

The Beautiful Yellowish Semiprecious Stone Citrine Is the Birthstone for November

If you or any of your love ones were born in November, your birthstone is Citrine. Citrine is a lovely see through light golden yellow stone, which belongs to the quartz family. It is particularly used in jewelry making because of its harness scale of 7 that allows jewelers to cut and polish Citrine into magnificent pieces of jewelry.

How Tungsten Was Discovered

What is the history of tungsten and how was it discovered? This article will explain in great detail how this incredible metal was discovered.

Silver – Great For Gifting

When you give someone a gift you hope that they will look at in and remember you. But things like clothes, shoes, toys, etc do not last forever. Silver, however, is a timeless gift. It is classy and valuable.

Christian Jewelry For Women and the Family – Christian Religious Jewelry

  I don’t know a woman who doesn’t love to wear some form of jewelry. Christian jewelry made for women is some of the most precious jewelry that we have. Religious crosses that our mother may have given us or a special necklace that has been handed down to a family member is so very special.

Amber Jewelry Real or Fake – Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Amber Jewelry

When making a decision to buy an amber piece of jewelry, there are a lot of factors to consider. Do you want real amber or fake amber? Do you want it closer to yellow, or a deep rich red-brown, perhaps white or even blue? All this depends on your budget, personal taste and the setting you’ll be choosing. In this article I will tell what is amber (did you know that amber is technically not a stone?) how to tell real from fake amber, a very valuable skill since fake amber if widely sold, and sometime the sellers are less than honest how genuine the amber is, since is is sometime hard to tell, why fake amber can still be a valid choice and pretty much anything amber.

The Appeal and Beauty of Lola Rose Jewelry

Although girls don’t admit it to themselves, it’s true that girls are subconsciously materialistic. At this moment, for those men who wanted to invest ‘much more than usual’ for your better half then buying them a piece or 2 of jewelry is probably the best gifts which you can provide them with.

Understanding the Characteristics of Tungsten

What makes tungsten jewelry so unique? It has many characteristics that other metals do not. This article will identify the different characteristics and explain them in great depth.

Custom Photo Jewelry – The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

With the advent of new technology, it is now easy to share your photo memories through a beautiful piece of personalized jewelry. Inexpensive photo pendants and charms make for a very sentimental gift in the stocking this holiday.

Why Is It Called Tungsten Carbide?

What are tungsten rings and tungsten carbide rings? Is there a difference? This article will identify the terminology and explain in great detail the differences.

Dress Up Your Dog With Trendy and Decorative Accessories

Every dog owner looks out for the ways to make his dog happy and cheerful. Some individuals choose fancy places to take their pet for exercise such as beach or lovely parks and gardens while some pamper their pets with fascinating toys and accessories.

One Unique Watch From Michele Watches

The House of Michele is the creator of many marvelous timepieces. Michele watches are known to be the hallmarks of elegance, glamour and versatility.

Pilgrims, But Not From the Mayflower

Discovering unusual designer jewelry and how one company developed into a global supplier of unique collections.A company that begins small, but with determination and talent, grows to success. Even with this success they still continue to remember and donate to others in need. PILGRIM is a Danish designer brand producing fashion jewelry and accessories.

The Prestigious History of Chopard Watches

The House of Chopard is renowned for producing high end watches and jewelries. To know more about the history of Chopard watches, read the article below.

Akoya Pearls: One Of The World’s Best Pearls

Akoya pearls are perfectly round pearls which are very lustrous and elegant. They showcase the best definition of what pearls truly are. They are smooth and very feminine. No wonder that, when it comes to pearls, Akoya can surely raise its arms as one of the world’s finest.

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