Vintage Avant Garde Jewelry Set 1960’s Cross pin Brooch & Square Enamel Earrings Red Green

Gothic Style Armor Rings Are Like No Other Ring That You Are Likely to Have Come Across

What started out as an accessory hunting exercise for some sort of jewelry to finish off a fancy dress costume turned into the beginning of a bit of an obsession and collection of armor rings. I was blown away by what I saw and it has all kind of gone from there.

Legacy of Tag Heuer Watches

Tag Heuer watches are some of the best luxury Swiss watches to be found anywhere in the world. This is a company that has been excelling at making watches for over 150 years now. So they have a legacy behind that spans multiple centuries.

Artifacts Are Just the Replica of Bygone Days

Collecting old artifacts is not an easy task. You need to be very conscious about various factors so that you can judge between a false one and an authentic.

Silver Rings – Know ’em, Buy ’em, Maintain ’em, Cherish ’em

Silver rings are some of the best collectible items. Cheap yet classy. Know more about them. Know where and how to buy them. And how to maintain them, to cherish them for a lifetime.

Handmade Beaded Bracelets – What’s Your Personality?

We all like to look good but are you aware of the range of designs now available for beaded jewelry? With so many semi precious stones and metals available in so many colors and designs there is always something available to match your personality and your outfit.

A Review of the Rutilated Quartz

The word Rutilus in Latin means red. The name was due to some of the rutilated quartz specimen being red in color. They can be found in brown and grey tones and when merged in other minerals appears in elongated and thins color shots. It is one of the most common mineral on earth and makes up about ten percent of the earth’s crust.

The Perfect Beads To Match Your Outfit – How To Find

Girls are very finicky when it comes in choosing the right outfit and the jewelry that will go with it. They want to have accessories that will flatter their whole appearance. It is important for them to look good and feel good whether they are wearing a piece of expensive diamond or trendy beaded accessories.

Brass Jewelery Cleaning and Care Tips

Brass jewelry pieces are the unique ornaments which have an extremely distinctive look. It is one of those jewelery forms which can play a great accent to all kinds of outfits. Though one thing which has to be taken care of with these ornaments, is the cleanliness. It is rather imperative to maintain the neatness of the brass accessories or else they would tarnish and change color over time. At times, people prefer the tarnished look for an interesting dimension to the accessory but one should also know the correct procedure of cleaning them too.

Starting Your Beads Jewelry Business

Many people are into collecting beads and making beautiful accessories out of it as a hobby. If you are looking for something that can help you with your finances while staying at home and having fun, then turn your bead jewelry hobby into an income revenue business. Making this a business will not be difficult for you since you already have the knowledge on the basics of your hobby. With the right mind set this could be a good start of a successful business venture. And for those who want to venture into this type of business but do not know where to start here are some tips for you.

Pewter Used to Be the Poor Man’s Silver!

Today, Pewter is still used in many decorative things, like collectible statues, replica coins, monuments, etc. Use of pewter was common from the Middle Ages up until the various developments in glass-making during the 18 and 19th centuries Pewter was the chief tableware until the making of china. Mass production of glass products has seen glass universally replace pewter in day-to-day life.

Egg Style Pendants Make Great Holiday Gifts

No matter which holiday you are trying to buy a gift for an egg style pendant is a great gift. Many people are not aware of the world of egg style pendants of Faberge style pendants. Most are derived from the original intricate works of Peter Carl Faberge.

Why Sell Gold Online?

If you want to make some extra cash, one easy way to accomplish this is by selling any unwanted scrap of gold you have lying around the house. There are many methods and places to sell gold, but one of the easiest ways is to sell to a gold buyer online.

The Quality Of Buddha Necklaces

The Buddha Jewelry is known for unique and quality items. Among them are the necklaces of various types. These are quality products that can serve lots of purposes.

Buddha Bracelets And Their Kinds

Buddha Bracelets are part of Buddha jewelry products that are causing waves in Buddhism and in the fashion enterprise. Just like every other jewelry item, known for their uniqueness in the way they are designed. Let’s examine more about them.

Armor Rings Make Ideal Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas – The Perfect Gift for Very Little Money

Celebrating Christmas is such an amazing thing to be able to do and exchanging presents with friends and family is such a wonderful way to not only embrace the meaning behind the festivities but show your loved ones how much they mean to you. The pleasure you get from watching faces light up when unwrapping packages big or small is enormous. Having cheap Christmas gift ideas is not easy though, and seems to get harder every year.

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